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The Sniper Bowl and Smoking for Health: The Weekend Vigilante-2/1/14-Great Read!
02-03-2014, 03:15 AM (This post was last modified: 02-03-2014 03:16 AM by silversurfer.)
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The Sniper Bowl and Smoking for Health: The Weekend Vigilante-2/1/14-Great Read!

Hello from beautiful Acapulco,

Why do some people hate football so much? I asked myself this question today as a few articles on tomorrow's Super Bowl flashed by my screen.

The headlines read:

"Snipers positioned throughout the stadium..."

"An army of law enforcement and military have been fully deployed to protect this year’s big game including Customs and Border patrol helicopters, NY State police protecting the waters, NYPD, FBI specialized units and SWAT and weapons of mass destruction detection teams."

"Thousands of plainclothes police interspersed throughout the stadium..."

"So while fans might be used to seeing the jets zoom over a stadium at the end of the National Anthem, the pilots and aircrew that might actually save lives are on the ground – standing by to dash into their jets with weapons loaded, ready to chase away the bad guys."

... aside from my first thought being, "Wow, wish I could be there, sounds like a fun event!" I then pondered, "Who are these ´bad guys´ that must hate football that they seem so worried about?"

Apparently these bad guys could potentially attack the game with every weapon under the sun up to and including nuclear bombs and chemical attacks. But, the question is, what did the NFL do to them that they hate them so much?

I realize ticket prices are ludicrously high and there are a thousand commercials and time-outs throughout the game... but that shouldn't be enough reason to want to blow up an entire stadium.


So, if you don't smoke or drink and you write an email to me telling me to stop... I should actually be doing the same to you. In fact, I have noticed that the people who don't do things they deem "bad" like smoking or drinking and constantly obssess and worry about health are almost always sick. Whereas I haven't had so much as a cold in ten years.

Almost everything we are told by the media and government (and the "science" industry that is mostly a pawn of the state), as you already know, is usually completely wrong.

The entire field of "economics" as taught in 99% of colleges, as we have shown here for years, is a complete lie. Most of what is taught in medical schools is also totally wrong. Most chemical medicines are highly dangerous and only treat the symptoms and not the root cause of most illness which is almost all due to poor diet, lack of exercise and the stress of living as a slave in a police state.

So, if you are eating nutrient deficient foods that are prevalent in the western world, taking prescription medicines and flu shots and are constantly sick... please don't email me telling me that I should quit smoking and drinking for my health.

I am smoking and drinking for my health. And, not just my physical health but my mental health having the unfortunate pleasure to be living on a planet full of violent, thieving zombies who think I am the crazy one for preaching peace, love and anarchy.

Click above link to read much more.
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