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The non-jewish version of WW2, Germany, NAZI and Hitler
01-24-2015, 04:14 AM
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The non-jewish version of WW2, Germany, NAZI and Hitler
I just wanted to let you know of a documentary that I landed a year ago that has really changed my life.
It's called, "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told"
It's basically the non-jewish version of what happened before/during/after WW2.

I have shown it to many family/friends and everyone so far is still in shock of some of the things they've learnt about Hitler and WW2.

I cannot say personally that everything is 100% true but let's just say the dots connect a lot better then the Jewish version we've all been fed in school.

I recommend downloading (and if possible, seeding) the HD version. (8.9GB)

Otherwise, you can watch it on their website or youtube.
Search "The Greatest Story Never Told"

Watch it, make up your own mind, spread it and educate others if you agree it's content and message.
The more people that learn about how powerful jewish propaganda can be, the more people that might wake up and see the truth behind their lies and hoaxes.

They've been hiding the TRUTH about 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Ottawa shooting, Paris shooting.
It didn't surprise me after watching this docu that they've been hiding the truth about WW2, Germans and Hitler.

BTW, I'm 100% Canadian and don't have anyone in my family that's from Germany.
And I'm not anti-semitic, I do not hate jews, unless they are lying, killing or pillaging human beings but that also goes for everyone else.

May the TRUTH set us all FREE!
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04-22-2015, 08:07 AM
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RE: The non-jewish version of WW2, Germany, NAZI and Hitler
If this documentary is so great as you say i would love to watch it , I appreciate the initiative taken by the people to picture effective characters like Hitler. But I would also love to see such initiatives for the people like Barak Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi. People who are still living and legends

runnerquarterly, proud member of Realist News since Apr 2015.
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