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The Best and last EMF Protection Device You Will Ever Need - Shieldite
06-01-2017, 10:58 AM
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The Best and last EMF Protection Device You Will Ever Need - Shieldite
(06-18-2016 05:43 AM)2D4 Wrote:  The pity is that I was hoping to find out what materials shield from emf of other radiation types, so I can make something myself. Unfortunately this made me no wiser

Hope videos below help!

The Best and last EMF Protection Device you will ever need - Shieldite

Dr. Ross talks about Shieldite the most effective device against harmful EMFs. There is not need to buy expensive devices that don't work, Shieldite is affordable for anyone and will last a life time.

Strongest EMF Protection Pendant - BioElectric Shield

Since, 1990, the BioElectric Shield, EMF protection device, has protected thousands of people from wireless radiation and other negative energies. This electromagnetic radiation protection shield reduces stress, enhances focus, cellular health and Life Force Energy. See how it works in this video. For more information

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone and EMF Radiation

John from shares with you how you can protect yourself from cell phones, wireless, smart meters, wifi and EMF radiation. In this episode, you will learn how to avoid these Electric and magnetic fields and minimize the effects of these external stressors in your life. First, John will give you his free tips on how to minimize your exposure, and then share with you a smartDOT and how it may help with Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms. During this episode, you will discover some symptoms that may be associated with EMF sensitivities.

Last part of this episode, John will interview Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D about several books she has written including: Sunscreen Biohazard and EMF Freedom. You will learn more about how Sunscreens are considered a Biohazard and how they are damaging the coral reefs of the world, and how they may damage your health. You will learn a better way to protect yourself from the sun by eating certain foods. Next, Dr. Plourde will talk about EMF Freedom, and some of the health challenges people may have using cell phones, wifi, computers, wireless phones, having a smart meter on their house.

You will learn what EMF does to your body on a cellular level and how to protect yourself from this potential damage. You will learn about some of the laws in Europe about Cell Phones and Wifi and why kids are not allowed to use cell phones and wifi in certain countries.

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