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Thank you for all the Responses from my last post... Why Am I here? Great Infi Shared
02-08-2014, 11:42 AM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2014 11:46 AM by silversurfer.)
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Thank you for all the Responses from my last post... Why Am I here? Great Infi Shared

I read this post of yours, and could completely related. I wanted to share, but my post was too long (13K, can only be 4K). I’m going to email to you in hopes something in here is useful. I trust you’ll keep my email private. Use anything in here, and if you want to reference me I’m “Doug in WA”. Know you are an inspiration to many. The point of life is “to live”. Just be here now.


Bravo. You have taken such an important step, putting this out there. It's a critical step Sherrie...building community.

People usually need either a) support or b) solutions. As many other comments have already been directed to support, my main emphasis is going to be on solutions, purpose, and focus on sharing what I see here.

In my own life, when I have felt as you do, it was because I was missing a higher purpose that involved other people. Allow me to explain.

I've been a sponge for information for the past few years. Have maybe read too much. You hit a point on the path of learning where you begin to realize it is no longer about you learning, but you teaching.

On this path, it is easy to see all the problems, and be overwhelmed by not (yet) understanding the solutions. At some point, with enough knowledge, you begin to see the root causes of the problems clearly, and therefore 'simple solutions'. However, the 'simple solutions' may not be 'easy solutions' (simple to define, much harder to actually change).

I see a several dynamics going on.

1) Unity Consciousness. Alignment, Coherent power, energy, time, attention
2) The Game - "Laser Focus"
3) Expectations, defining what you truly want: Money or Happiness? Or something else?
4) Solutions vs. Problems

Let me address a few of your questions in explaining these items.

Dynamics 1 & 2:

Q: "How do we stop and change what is going on?"
A: Focus on the solution. You need a replacement, not a revolution. As Buckminster fuller said, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Q: "How is this being allowed by God and isn't what they are doing against Universal laws?" The way they poison our food, water and air, how is that being allowed?
A: They are aligned. They are not harming you directly. They are using the false religions of money and authority to get *others* to act, thus shifting Karmic repercussions to others.

The main mechanism for success is that a few wealthy individuals are acting cohesively. Call it 'the conspiracy' by definition, but yes, there are those who are working together. Using their wealth, power, influence, time, energy, attention to move things in a direction they desire. This type of aligned/unified action is favored by God. They are working *together*.

Most folks have not figured out there’s a game going on, with their livelihoods at stake. It’s a war for your mind, your life, your soul. The game is simple really. I call it “Laser Focus”. People have the potential to be a focused energy weapon of change. Only right now they are too scattered, too incoherent, and the light from any who shine just blurrily shoots in every direction, and is often snuffed out through attrition, infighting with others still asleep, or inability to find support. Meanwhile, a few powerful individuals at the top are incredibly focused. They have aligned their time, money, energy, power into a tightly focused beam. Like tugboats, they are pulling the titanic in a certain direction (one that centralizes power into fewer and fewer hands), and because they are unified and committed, they are doing a great job of the rollout.

It truly is a war for our lives, only most don’t recognize it because it happens slowly. Through incrementalism (so nobody notices), they are slowly boiling the pot with us (the frog), and we never jump out. Sharing this with people rapidly is quite painful for the sleepers, but is the only way to save their lives – to wake them up quickly, to turn up the heat so fast they say ‘ouch’ and then jump out of the pot.

The game is one of tug-of-war, and the underlying rule is the summation of {power, time, energy, money} in a coherent direction. The solution is a human 'laser' - the focused energy of group actions. To the extent we can align hundreds or thousands in a common cause (Truth, becoming self-reliant, restoring liberty, overcoming globalist centralized control), and thus focus our time, energy, and money into unified action to offset and reverse the power on the globalist side, we can win. There are many of us, and few of them. Even though they are wealthy, they are few. But that’s partly their strength, because it is easier to get cohesion and alignment with just a few, than with many. They are also experienced, many of them having done this for generations, trying, refining, passing to their offspring their acquired knowledge. Our advantage is the internet, the accelerating awakening of humanity, and the fact that all loss of liberty and displays of tyranny simply help awaken the sleepers. If we can get in their faces, get them on the move, on the defensive, having to act more quickly with less planning and rehearsal in shorter periods of time, they start to make mistakes. By making them turn up the heat faster than can be ignored through incrementalism, it becomes painful to more sleepers, more obvious to many. As scary as it sounds, getting the tyrants to act like tyrants and turn up the heat (Truth, exposure, saying NO) is a great way to defeat them, because it awakens sleepers and allows them to align cohesively and in a focused 'target', having maximum effect.

Q: Is there a universal law that by them showing us things in movies and in the media we then allow those things to happen against us?
A: Yes. It's 'cosmic informed consent' (my term, no idea what they call it). They are required to reveal their intentions to you. Think of it as an 'offer to contract'. When you do nothing, even if the offer is in a symbolic language you don't understand, or a mass-movie you didn't see, humanity was notified, and a somebody somewhere became aware of their intentions, and did nothing. "No response" is taken as acceptance of the contract, and they are allowed to proceed. Kind of like a public notice in the local paper, after a certain amount of time of no responses, the notifier is allowed to proceed. Sadly, most people are symbol-illiterate (the main language of universal consciousness, as well as the ruling class), or too occupied with the football game to realize they are losing the game of life, etc.

Dynamic 3:

Q: Yes, I believe having money (an energy) is a good thing. I understand how I have repelled it in the past through 'feeling guilty, that it is bad, it doesn't make you happy, and so on', which is how we have been trained to think about it.
A: You are focused on a symptom (money), not the cause (being happy). I suspect what you really want is to be happy, not money. You want all situations that lead to happiness, including sufficient money to pursue that happiness. Do you really care how much money, if you let the universe bring you happiness? Do you care how much money, if every time you desire something, circumstances materialize to allow that? I had a friend recently who lost a job, account ran dry, and needed $200 to pay a bill. His mom gave it to him, and he deposited it into his account to pay the bill. But he forgot he had an auto-withdrawal set up that whisked that $200 to the IRS. Now he was back to nothing in the account, and his mom was now out-of-town on vacation. He thought about this, realized he was still alive, still happy, still had loving children, still had friends, and decided to just 'roll with it'. In this relaxed and accepting state, he went to pick up his mail. In the mail was a package, from a friend he hadn't heard from in years, with a book, and in the book...$200. Blew his mind. This is the type of synchronicity that will occur when you accept 'happiness' (or 'purpose' or 'feeling valued' or whatever real goal you desire) over requiring a certain amount of money. Another example. I was thinking how much fun it would be to have a mountain bike, so I could ride with my two children on the trail. "Wouldn't it be fun if I had a bike?" Next day in the dumpster at my apartment, there was a mountain bike. I took it, but realized it would need some parts to fix. "I wonder who I can get the parts to fix this?" Next day, another bike in the dumpster, with many of the parts I needed. I was able to put together a full bike, and buy the few remaining parts I needed. I didn't need the *money* to buy the whole bike. What I wanted was to "ride a bike with my kids", and it was given to me, and with a little investment of my own, I am now doing so.

You want what you can do with the money, not the money itself. Define what you want to do, put your attention, energy into that, and ALL the requirements to empower those dreams will arrive.

Dynamic 4:

This is the way out. As Buckminster Fuller figured out, "build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete". Examples?

System: Monetary
Solution: Timebank. People give 1 hour of service in an area they are expert or enjoy, earning 1 credit. They can then spend that credit to purchase 1 hour of another's service.

System: Centralized utilities (water, sewer, electric)
Solution: Earthship homes. How about a home designed to take care of you, provide for you? Designed. Entire utility bill for a year is <$100. It's completely off-grid, has self-contained heating (solar passive gain, warms in winter, cools in summer), solar electricity, rainwater harvesting, indoors greenhouse and fish pools for food, self-contained bio-organic sewer processing system. It provides everything you need to live, year in and out. You might need more food than it provides, but otherwise it does it all. Building materials are very inexpensive - discarded rubber tires and rammed earth for thermal mass and extreme strength, and I've heard of folks building there Earthship for as little as $25K (Canadian) with all locally-sourced materials. Imagine what you need if your house gives it all? If you had no mortgage, no utilities, and owned a place free-and-clear? Why would you need a job? Maybe a token amount for some consumables, food, gas, etc. But then what? How would you use your time then? Maybe the timebank, doing what you love. Most people would then turn to helping others. As an added bonus, when you control ALL systems that sustain you, you become much harder to 'shut down', so become a force for change.

Also, as proof of Bucky's "make the existing model obsolete", if I showed you two comparable homes, one conventional, with centralized (single-point-of-failure) sewer, power, water, a mortgage that if you lose your job might mean full loss of the home to the bank, provides no food, water, energy, then contrasted with a second home designed to have essentially no utility bills, and provides for each area of need in your life. Why would any person choose the former? I bet with enough people realizing the benefits, they wouldn't. Voila. Instant fix.

System: Property tax/Estate tax
Solution: Once you have a self-sufficient, provides-for-you home, the ONLY thing between you and perfect sustainability (meaning you can sustain it over generations, pass it down to your heirs, etc) is taxation on your property, either annual fees, or when you die, as they can steal more and more until you can no longer pay, thus force you out. Recognize taxation is theft, refuse to participate, build a big enough community who say 'NO' to overthrow local, county, state support of property taxation, and restore true allodial title to the land (similar or same to which you recently wrote about, the land patents).

System: Energy/Power
Solution: Hydrogen, solar heating. There are people who have almost completely eliminated heating via propane, and switched to passive solar heating. Also, there are numerous folks doing hydrogen harvesting, which is a clean-burning fuel.

System: Government
Solution: Self-reign, understanding of, adherence to Natural Law. A couple great references here are Mark Passio's (see podcasts section). Also check out these:

1) (10 mins) “I’m allowed to rob you” -
(fallacy of the constitution)

2) Larken Rose's The Most Dangerous Superstition" - Incredible book spelling out the lie of authority

3) "The Law by Frederic Bastiat." Written in the 1850's, but a timeless document. He makes his case in the first two pages, the rest of the pages are expose of the various forms of collectivism and analysis of various collectivist authors of his day. He lays out the proper role of government (defensive, via aggregate individual right to defense). Anything other than defense requires Plunder and is immoral and wrong.

Finally, I'll leave you with an inspiring little booklet, that gets into much of what you wondered aloud about. It's a little booklet called the End of All Evil. The key message is you have infinite worth.

Posted by Sherrie Questioning All at 9:33 AM
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Labels: Love, spirit, struggles of life, timebank, why am I here
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