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Starta ICO reports, new project opportunity and TokenRockets
10-20-2017, 08:20 PM
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Starta ICO reports, new project opportunity and TokenRockets
I still got my starta tokens since they been at %50 value so here is the email I got today. Interesting.

Dear Investors,

Thank you for participating in the Starta ICO on July 4th. We value your backing and work hard to grow the value of our token and execute the planned roadmap. In September we kicked offhe new batch with hand picked 11 tech start-ups from the entire Eastern Europe. We’ve prepped Q2 and Q3 reports on previous portfolio companies and soon will announce how you can receive access to those reports.

Today, Alexey Girin, GP of Starta Ventures posted a column on CoinIdol about our existing progress in the blockchain field, you may read it here -

Last, but not least, we’d like to introduce a project from Starta + TokenRockets who are preparing the ICO soon - Snovio. All Starta Token investors will receive a distribution from successful ICO of Snovio as well as all other TokenRockets startups as they are part of Starta Accelerator Program. Details were announced previously in our Token Rockets press release.

The crowdsale of Snovio starts on October 31st, and now Snovio is in the process of the pre-sale for big investors.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Snovio:

Great execution. The team has managed to get 100 paying customers from around the world within 4 month since the first sale in May
Market potential. Lead generation is a multi-billion dollar growing market
Solid team. Experienced team with the ability to build the successful business

Snovio is changing the existing successful business to the blockchain based model, that should bring the company to the new level of the business development and stand out in the competition.

If you are interested in adding Snovio Token to your porfolio or refer it to somebody else, they are offering special terms for Starta ICO backers, please send your interest request to Eugene, he’s responsible for the IR at Snovio.


Starta Team

Thornz, proud member of Realist News (Jsnip4) since Apr 2017.
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