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South China Sea and the drone…..
12-17-2016, 05:18 PM
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South China Sea and the drone…..
South China Sea and the drone…..

The story that follows is only a matter of personal opinion and real facts could easily be proven BUT you must good at math that includes many variables.

China’s biggest problem in the present day and future is, without a doubt, SMOG. There is literally nothing they can do to mitigate the pollution that is affecting the population. Even if the entire country stop polluting at this exact moment it would not change the dangerous amounts pollutants in their breathing air.

Since China is obviously aware of their inability to change the amount of pollutants one begs the the question of what is the solution. In my opinion, meaning, if it where me and I could not change my current location, what would I do? China can not relocate but it can relocate its SMOG. Which is what I believe China is it attempting to do. China has built a small island in the south China sea to possibly aid in relocating the SMOG. This next part is where I believe a chemist would be of use. N=prt may not be the correct equation but I do believe it follows the basic idea. Newton’s ideal gas law.

In short, I believe China created the island to aid in adjusting the temperatures off shore in an attempt to relocate the smog in the direction of the sea. Which is why the US sent an unmanned oceanography ship to gather data regarding temperature, wind patterns and topography of the area. I think the US is aware that China is trying to move the pollution and is concerned. Why?When the smog is moved it will eventually approach our shores. I also believe China didnt “steal” the ship but borrowed it to collect the data the US has gathered. They wanted to see if the data the US ship collected agreed with China’s current data.

If you are interested in researching this subject I googled current wind patterns, density of air/temperatures and smog, and the missions/purpose of US navy oceanography ships.

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