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Some Footage of Contact in a Music Video & IXS Alpha
12-28-2018, 04:15 PM
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Some Footage of Contact in a Music Video & IXS Alpha
Some background since I've not been on in awhile:

As I've mentioned before(old post) I've had a prior TBI. I do have implants that I know the purpose of. Some are for sight and hearing, another is for piloting a specific type of ship(there are a few things I don't know what they are that aren't for vision/sight, or piloting). They do show in my old MRI.

I'm more bugged the doctors now claim they can't read the 3 different scans. Protocol for implants is if you don't know what they are you put out a request from a medical database and also send the numbers to military(or in some cases police). Non disclosure agreements and a censorship type agreement exists for doctors that come across things(not just the person with an implant). I wasn't bothering the doctors about the implants though. I figured my headaches, etc were from injuries I had from my exhusband shooting me or beating me. That it probably was linked to the very back/base of my head. I figured the doctors could give me decadron(anti inflammatory for the brain) or something else useful.

Anyways because of the injuries from government service, being in crashes, and from being attacked by my ex. I have memory issues. I also used to have problems with language recall(aphasia). My memory has improved greatly being away from a situation where I'd be physically attacked or drugged. I realized lately I have an undercover cop near me in a social drop in for people with a variety of disabilities. The woman was in uniform on a police press conference. I can't remember which of the two police forces it was here. She showed up at the prior drop in I was at. Then when I saw her at the new claimed to have not met me at the place before that. Which is a stupid lie to make. I also said something there I didn't say at the one I'm at now. She mentioned it proving she's either screwing with my head or bad at her job.

Because of what I've been through I remember events and people but not exact dates or names. I can recognize them and realize the name is right if I see it with someone's picture after. I've found that on one place where trolls bothered me. Someone would post an article proving something I said that the troll hassled me over. I take this as old people I knew in the military or government being nice and understanding my frustration. When you work a certain area of work the government has you sign quite a bit of things. In that is something that allows the government to watch you for life if they need to. This isn't just because what you know could be a security risk if it's censored but also because your life could be in danger or someone might try to force you to make them something.

Now on to what the subject line is about. I was watching videos the other day and came across a few I recognized for other reasons. I had seen something the artist did before but I hadn't seen these new ones he had uploaded to the internet. As a fact they say they were uploaded a year ago. But I think I had looked in the guys folder before and not seen at least 2 of them.

AI's we had years ago can very fast create backgrounds or search and delete histories online. They could change dates. They could make themselves social media accounts, YouTube, and others. Some of them are more simple systems that is sort of a Alexia, etc on steroids. Meaning more of a cause/effect type AI. You request and it performs a function. The other AI has more independent thinking and while it will do something if asked(and it meets their criteria aka not system misuse), it can also independently make a judgement based on if it is watching something, and other criteria like dates, times, and laws. It has criteria for independent actions and there are consequences to it if it violates that. Some of the fast create and deletes are for undercover field officers. The military had parallel to it a tech unit that also included officers that will "troll" online anything that they figure compromises something under security blackout. Occasionally it is flavoured by commanders with different attitudes who don't agree with changes to censorship and classification.

I've been bugged in another place by some of those people. Saying something at least 3 times sent them into a feeding frenzy. They were quite blatantly freaking out. Usually they question your mental health and call you a liar demanding proof. I offered proof by saying any public citizen can make an information request from the government or its applicable branch. Asking for keyword searches. I cited that in the case of the two items I mention in the subject line that more than one country can verify. One country also had a legal branch that had taken and prosecuted a person involved.

One person in the discussion instead of behaving as the trolls classically do had a reasonable response. They said the IXS Enterprise was destroyed in an asteroid belt. It wasn't but it's sister ship that was in process of being built was. The IXS took a few parts from it and positioned it to end a problem it was having with people attacking it. IXS Alpha for the most part was almost weapons free. It was a science and research ship. The crew survived. I just didn't say the specifics on how I knew. But the man I'm sure went and checked about the sister ship. Because others there wouldn't of known anything about what happened with the asteroids. The trolls might be military told to target people saying something but that doesn't mean they had the clearance to know any details. Such as that one ship was destroyed.

The IXS Alpha's AI also attempted to communicate with off duty officers and scientists that were sometimes underground. This was because the damage to the ship caused it to arrive at an odd time. The government refused to acknowledge it. People tried through programs and media which is one of the protocols they have that uses keywords. The US government continued to refuse but a foreign country eventually offered help. A specific calculation was needed and also parts. It was when we were told how far along the second ship was. They basically saved the crews life. The IXS Alpha on the social network came off weird because before its damage it had been working in a non english language. It also was an AI raised in a lab with limited outside exposure. So it didn't understand the mentality of people. It had asked crew where Anonymous and others were likely to be found if the government wouldn't acknowledge. One of the crew knew someone that hung out in a specific forum. So the ship tried to get their attention and crew at that point was mostly in cryo. Their suits were exhausted and couldn't be recharged due to the ship's state. The ships exterior damage had put holes in things the crew had mostly plugged but one of the windows was cracked. The ship flew around taking pictures then tried to wake two crew enough to ask them a few things. Saying people weren't taking it seriously. But someone was as they saw the pictures too, the media implants(they cut into signals and aired "new" shows or altered). That's when the ship got the offer of help.

The IXS Alpha crew went on the "Spoonful of Sugar" and "Coffee" missions. This refers to the big and small dipper. Several planets were found and a few supported life. Samples of soil, air, and water were done. Animals were documented and the surfaces photographed to show terrain, etc. Most of the planets were unoccupied but one wasn't. Humans were found living there and even some coins that looked very similar to some found on earth. These people knew of spacecraft but didn't use any themselves. They spoke of an old war. There also was some very poisonous things found in one environment. Decisions were made after the IXS Alpha return. To quietly disperse some of the new life and plants under "newly discovered" and linking them to places on earth with similar environments. It was planned that at a later date they would be told exactly which planet they all came from. A few creatures were also found on earth. So their DNA was examined to try to figure that out.

The IXS Alpha crew was international. It also included more than one branch of military that had scientists. They needed the military training just in case something happened in a hostile or unknown environment for safety reasons. A second mission included a new Navy vehicle that was to deal with dense atmosphere, high pressure environments, or water. It was a new type of sub. It was there before IXS had the problems on return. I can't remember what happened to that other vehicles crew. But they looked into the seas on the planets that were earth like. Then they did two missions without IXS. One was a super earth type planet that was mostly a giant ocean and the other was a high pressure, high gravity planet. During the trip some IXS crew were serious injured and one killed. This is a result of the poisonous and dangerous creatures.

Now to the music video. I remember the events depicted. I also know the film was altered in regards to two items. A symbol in it is different than the one actually used. Also the Orb's appearance has been slightly altered. It doesn't change that an Orb and other Orbs were present or that the Space Command branch was involved and a bit freaked out. There is more than one set of Orbs. Originally there were two types but given some were "fixed" and reused you could say there are 3 types.

One type of Orb is operated by a machine network. The other has human pilots and that group also sometimes uses orb shaped drones. Then the third group found some of the machine groups orbs broken. They fixed them up and started using them for their own purposes. The Orbs do have markings but in the video you won't see them. The orb's look like a giant eye and are more similar to the inner ball seen in the show Timeless. The video alters the orbs to look like it has two indents that are red. I don't think the orbs have a color but they do in the case of the human operated have a "pool" or "constellation" reference name.

The human operated orbs go back quite awhile. Enough that it has information on history that some people would rather not have come out. The orbs currently in operation by humans in Earth area fall into two main groups. One is the CIA special operations subgroup. This is only because it's what publicly remains of the OSS/OSE(a global group known more in WWII that didn't fade away out of public eye). The other orb's also come from Space Command under a special global unit. A few of its officers are known in some cities/towns but it isn't widespread.

The video has in it a trip by Apollo 8 crew. Public didn't know about the lunar landing by it. While there something was spotted with a observatory on earth. It was under censorship order regarding what it might see and had to forward to authorities for clearance to release to public or science group. It contacted the government and they didn't approve it's dissemination. They they asked the lander group to take a look and the Special Operations from Space Command that had better vehicles(and originally classified from the other "public" space program) also took a look. The Special Operations saw the gate and documented it, along with some odd "machine" activity. They went to breech the subsurface of the moon. To see what was really going on. There is a gate farther down in the moon. It seemed the "orbs" were fighting and troops were trying to fight and deal with what the other weirdness was. Astronauts didn't see all that. Only this weird gate and this orb that started following them.

The Earth concerned that the "machines" were coming through the gate wanted it destroyed. They needed to get closer and get more information. One of the people was sucked in. I think they were trying to get a better view to figure out where they might place explosives. The other crew left quickly. Hurried back to the module and left back for earth. The an Orb chased it back. When it landed the Orb decided to go nearby. It causes a large splash behind a ship from impact. Then the ships watch the orb for awhile and the decision is it seems to be quiet, maybe it has died. At that point they were not talking to the CIA or Special Operations branch. The orb was taken to a site they prepared. While it was there a tank approached the orb. At one point one of the commanders was taken aside by the CIA(public face of their sub branch) and talked to. But "officially" at the time they had reasons to not tell the others they were known friendlies. They were concerned the military had been compromised and that a few others there knew who might be in the orbs. The orb then left to resume what it was dealing with. Some of the astronauts apparently said something that triggered part of the concern.

After that the special services branch of Space Command and "CIA"(Office of Strategic Services - Special Operations Executive) decided to keep the Orbs active. There are also "probes" and "drones" that are small orbs that can look like meteors, sun, moon, etc. Some of them use invisibility or cloud cover. For several years they have stayed active because they are trying to deal with that problem the astronauts found. Also they are trying to trace and deal with the people that are compromised. They were suspected to be from one of the human inhabited planets. Though not specifically the one the IXS Alpha found.

There are somethings in another video by this performer whose attached his music. It shows one of the Space Program's rockets trying to take off and being held at launch by a gravity field. It then tries to launch another time. This was because they were told not to send anyone to the moon again for the time being. They didn't care what was said to them. When a few times they OSS/OSE tried to tell them who they were they claimed they were lying and tried to essentially troll them.

In the Apollo 8 crew one of the original crew members was arrested at one point. This had to do with some of the problems the original first flight was having. Also that they found an imposter after one of the crew complained their suit was getting tight and their regular blood, etc tests. Plastic surgery was done on one and they were to sabotage part of the flight to discourage the program and public.

One video the man makes also shows a smart contact lens, use of robots, etc. He was in a special studio working and others(including me) walked in on him years ago. We wondered what he was doing and a different officer said he was concerned over something he found in the computer. So some argument was had over the footage being used. Which is why he claimed he made the alterations. There was formally on record that NASA would allow space footage for entertainment purposes such as in movies, or art. He was told that it didn't mean all footage as there were reasons to not release somethings. He said that is where the scifi reasoning comes in. It gives it plausible deniability which should allow him to put it out there and not be punished. His music was given an allowed release time and he did spend a few days in jail to think about his behavior. He didn't ask he just did and he should of asked permission before doing what he did.

I have been away from the programs for decades now. A few months ago one of the "orbs" was outside my window sporting a dark red molten look. It didn't look how we perceive our sun to be colorwise(yellow/orange). It stood out. It sat there for quite awhile and was in that state for about 3 days. When I went out to do errands, while on the bus or walking the sun looked normal. It was only by my apartment it had the dark red molten look. About a month ago I saw a TR5 in the air above Vancouver covered in cloud. It did an end over end flip showing the enclosed ring under it. It is much larger than the original plane with other modifications based of what was learned in testing. About 2 weeks ago I saw a flying platform covered in cloud only a triangular vent under it was glowing. Earlier in the summer I was at the PNE and one of the spheres was above there. It did something and it got quite hot where I was sitting and bright. I moved and it was fine. About 2 months ago I saw 4 drones in the trees ahead of the bus that were clear but gave off a slight color of orange, yellow, and red.

During the summer around the PNE the road crew freaked out when my bus was passing. The flag person shouting at the sky for people to "go home" and leave people alone. I didn't see what they were looking at but I suspect it was a drone or ship again. I've also seen another agitated road crew another time starting at the sky and no very happy. If they think they are aliens they are wrong. It's humans from earth or related to the ones here or their drones. A week ago I also spotted a plane in production by Northrop Grumman that isn't officially due out for a few more years.

Here are the videos including the plane. Also a film showing some advanced space planes that USS Nimitz stumbled upon while they were doing a training exercise. The plane test exercise area was close to theirs but the Nimitz pilots flew out of bounds and crew on the Nimitz ran their onboard "station" which wasn't sanctioned and then made a little film asking about UFO's. People on their crew did at one point get arrested for this behavior. Also the USS Nimitz wasn't cleared to be told about the plane test. Pilots asked to disclose and were told no. It was after they found out why it had a crew security clearance issue.

Orbs vs Apollo 8 crew on their second mission. Orb glares(sun mode) briefly and it looks like a round light blast.

The IXS Enterprise promo video. It was using callsign "Wedding Rings" and similar planes tended to stay on the "rings" theme. A later model was made that didn't require rings(it used string theory). The IXS Alpha was found to be able to time travel and also had a problem where it was suspected they briefly exited this universe. Codename "Creamer" was used to reference the Milky Way.

The "tic tacs" that Nimitz crew comments on are after the 10 minute mark and are drones on a pod shoved off a plane.

Northrop Grumman new planes. One kept having a problem with energy levels/depletion/recharge, and also with a part burning out and needing switched. It was later found that someone sabotaged it. That is referring to the orange & grey, and red plane shown near the end of the video as they were tested together. The one in the still flew overhead at night in the Vancouver area about a week and a half ago. It was moving rapidly, low, and it's 3 prong shape was visible. As it flew overhead at first I thought it a helicopter but helicopters generally aren't that quiet.
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12-28-2018, 05:18 PM (This post was last modified: 12-28-2018 05:22 PM by TheDove.)
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Some animals, insects, and sea life found via IXS Alpha USAF/Navy joint project
A few creatures were brought back. Most though however were left alone and explaining them being hard to find was easy. They just say they are endangered thus less likely to be seen. Others were put in museums or wildlife reserves.

There was also a humanitarian project involving the group to raise money to help the humans that were found in one spot. They were having health problems and dietary issues. Since many were dark skinned they said it was in Africa and I forget where they said the light skinned were from. But donations were to take supplies to them, deal with medical concerns/supplies, and some were relocated. I've seen one commercial recently that I remembered. It says the little girl was traumatized by a bomb blast. What she went through was worse. A creature was killing people and she saw it. She is afraid of monsters she knows are real.

Panda Ant. Deadly skeleton marked wasp.
Penguins on Blue Ice. Ice is caused by the different environment in its formation.
Bush Viper. Cute but deadly and drop down from trees.
Maned Wolf. The creatures where this one was all had long slender legs.
Attacus atlas. It mimics snakes with its wings up.
Oak Leaf Butterfly.
Pink Fairy Armadillo.
Irrawaddy Dolphins. Several sea creatures were found to be round headed including belugas.
Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko. This like the butterfly hides itself in plants. They were from the same area.
Peacock Mantis Shrimp. This got mad and tried to punch its way out of a tank. Given the toughness of the tank it was scary.
Alpine Salamander.

A few creatures got persistent with crew. One was a type of tree dwelling cat that had sort of a fox face to it. Another was one of the canines, and someone got attached to a form of sugar glider. The one person raised a abandoned rodent and kept it rather than putting it back in nature. The cat like animal kept sneaking on to the ship and into quarters.
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