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*!;_;!* SkyRifter Sorryz ..,
01-05-2013, 06:00 PM (This post was last modified: 01-05-2013 06:13 PM by Sky-Rifter.)
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Heart *!;_;!* SkyRifter Sorryz ..,
*!^_^!* I amz backs, But i am going to be alot more silent, ..

Don't be surprised if i am just not speaking alots of the timez.

My Step-daddy just gets over aggressive, he worries aboutz me alots.

-I told hims to please be careful - He names calls alots, i knows, ...

Sorrys abouts it, but he really trusts me, looks up to me, so i hads to tell him, he didn't have to go through all this trouble for me,

If you guys gots in fights with him, he did that on purpose - he was ticked i could not respond anymore etcz.
He thought you guys perhaps banned me the most, i could not log back into REALIST news, so he took it wrong,

Please forgives his Reptile anger lolz.*<3 Kz.

I can'tz be worrying about events much longer - It;s my Destiny to shape things to come, to influence webbot etcz. for the good of the future, not the bad,

- Have grown far more gracious for other beings, and those that attacks, welcomes to, but keeps in mind, your being judged by incoming events to pass.*

^This is the YEAR 2013 i begin drawing my Powers from, and fully activate ..
I cannot be stopped my fate is too great, because of my existence the world of White and Black - their board game is threatened greatly,
The game of the Gods has been demolished, because of my existence they will have to start from scratch - for what i am going to do up until 2017 etcz till 2047.

The year i first came here, disguised as 2074.

The Alien grey headed avatar Member here could explain that one, the best.'

I am only testing the goodness of all your hearts, even by my bizarre posts; they are but experiments to test your hearts/souls if they are worthy for the battle sky must lead you all into,

Being a truther is tough , buts in the end there is a great reward waiting at the end of the long darkness/ the tunnel for you all.

I intend to get you guys all there peacefully, into promise lands, to take back what the NWO took from you,

for they had betrayed even Skyz in the past.*

Destined to end the darkness - SkyGirl is. I swore i willz too.'
Skyz amz like a machine at it.

Movie prophetically warned I was coming for you all.

Even these NWOrder movies explain what it takes too defeat them,

&z like a Sage - to follow their instructions to achieve victory..

I enjoy philosophical discussions amongst my finest peers.* I'm very eccentric, highly-sincere.
I hate discrimination against other members, I Willz fight for your rights.*<3

^CLICK For Random Objections.*!^_^!*
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