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Simply WOW: $10,000 Bitcoin Investment in 2010 Now Worth $200 Million, Gold $9,900
05-14-2017, 05:45 PM
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Simply WOW: $10,000 Bitcoin Investment in 2010 Now Worth $200 Million, Gold $9,900

On May 13, StockTwits, the world’s largest financial communications platform for the investing community, revealed one of its users’ growth chart comparing various currencies, bonds and assets. In it, a StockTwits user by the name of Charlie Bilello noted that a $10,000 investment in Bitcoin made in July 2010 would have earned investors a $200 mln return.

To be exact, a Bitcoin investor who purchased $10,000 worth of Bitcoin in 2010 would have earned $201.56 mln.

In contrast, an investor who purchased $10,000 worth of gold in 2010 would have experienced a negative return of $9,981.

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05-30-2017, 06:54 PM
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Simply WOW: $10,000 Bitcoin Investment in 2010 Now Worth $200 Million, Gold $9,900
I am shocked, for those that bought even $100 worth back when it started they are now financially set. I wish way back in the day I had of thought it would go someplace bu so many people said it would stay worthless. I turned my back on an investment that now would have my life made

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