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Schumann Resonance - DNA as a holographic projector
07-13-2013, 03:21 PM
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Schumann Resonance - DNA as a holographic projector
How The Schumann Resonance Effects psychic abilities, mind & body as the planet(s) in our Universe move lower in frequency to Zero Point. Growth must take place in our planet(s) for this to be completed….

(Most of us already know this but it bears repeating now and then): This clearly reveals we are not the body as taught, but light beings all inter-connected consciously and the body being a hologram we experience matter in, which of course is a step up from being just a light body….

And if we think about our experience as test subjects in this dimension we can quickly surmise we are more powerful then all the ET’s as we re-integrate back with our higher self, in the sense we have the experience they yet lack. So, one problem to conquer is a matter of balancing our dark and light energies that we have experienced over time, 50/50 (working thru all those emotional problems and fears, resolving and letting go).

Dark energies can be very positive, if used in positive ways rather then negative ways. Being a copy of the creator we cannot deny we hold the same energies dark & light.

Why God can’t even predict a date for any event or any event itself as everything is in constant flux continually changing with the input of our thoughts, emotions and actions, all added to our collective consciousness by the second… and is why we can change the ending of a future prediction if known in time. Velon (Annunaki), History & what is about to take place….
starts at about: 20:00.

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05-01-2018, 05:43 PM
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Marina Jacobi - THE EVENT with guest Neo Glimmer - 4-11-18
Neo's experience with the extra-terrestrials. The new code for the fifth deminsional structure reality. Breaking down the code for the old artificial intelligence timeline. FUNDAMENTAL INFORMATION...

Marina Jacobi - The Event (PART TWO)

Continuation from the video of Event Part One. Deeper discussion into the codes of the matrix. And Q & A.

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