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Robert David Steele 01/16/2019 — FALSE FLAGS AROUND THE WORLD - ARE YOU AWAKE YET???
07-30-2018, 03:03 PM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2018 03:05 PM by Thinker.)
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Meet Lisa H. Barsoomian – The Wife of Whom? D.C.'s Power Couple (Rod Rosenstein)
To Every American, Your President Donald Trump Is Giving You Transparency That Is Going To Be Hard To Swallow - Those before him didn't want you to have it and now you can understand the attacks on your sitting president.

Obama: The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide (OBAMA JUST TOLD YOU THE TRUTH AND IS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE HE'S TALKING ABOUT

From Reader Kyle TY!!

It's ALL in the Family!!

SOTN Special Note: A close study of Deep State’s D.C. power couple shows you how it’s done. First, the C.I.A. recruits a young attorney just out of the ‘prestigious’ law schools like Harvard (Rosenstein) or Georgetown (Barsoomian). At that point, they become a CIA operative who is beholden to The Company (as the CIA is well known in intel circles) before any other loyalty. Then the recruit is handed a picture perfect resume that provides them with all the best legal jobs and/or political appointments. Once they are in government service long enough to prove themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are offered real important jobs like United States Deputy Attorney General (Rosenstein).

Meanwhile the wife — Lisa Barsoomian — is providing sensitive legal defense work or running interference as a special NIH attorney, but who is really doing legal work for everything but the NIH. Also a deep cover CIA operative, she can accomplish things as an SES employees that regular GS workers cannot even hope to do. All the while, even Rosenstein’s boss at the DOJ, top dog Jeff Sessions is also SES and therefore a shoe-in to follow the dictates of his Deep State handlers.

Meet Lisa H. Barsoomian – The Wife of Whom?

Lisa H Barsoomian a US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, she’s a protege of James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Barsoomian with her boss R. Craig Lawrence represented Bill Clinton in 1998

Lawrence also represented

Robert Muller three times

James Comey five times

Barack Obama 45 times

Kathleen Sebelius 56 times

Bill Clinton 40 times and

Hillary Clinton 17 times

Someone out there cares so much that the internet has been “purged” of all information pertaining to Barsoomian.

Historically this indicates:

April 2018 - Rod Rosenstein's Wife: A Mystery Woman Of Conflict

Doug Hagmann breaks down why Rod Rosenstein's wife is a major conflict of interest for the FBI, the Justice Department, the Bill Clinton Administration, and the Obama Administration.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-04-2018, 12:32 PM (This post was last modified: 08-04-2018 12:33 PM by Thinker.)
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Paul Craig Roberts Interview Deep State Plot to Overthrow Trump - Wake Up America!
THIS A KEY MOMENT IN WORLD HISTORY: Deep State in Total Panic & Fully Exposed

Who doesn't want a president for the people, but a president for the "rule of law" and wars for a new world order?

Former CIA Director John Brennan and others are "threatening the killing of Donald Trump" when they accuse him of treason, so says our friend Harley Schlanger, "and I think this is a key moment in world history where Americans have to get behind their President and defend him from these people who are trying to pull a regime change in Washington." Attacks against the sitting president of the United States are attacks upon the people, nation, and freedom.

Paul Craig Roberts Interview Deep State Plot to Overthrow Trump

My talk with Paul Craig Roberts former US treasury assistant secretary and Wall Street Journal Editor. We discuss the plot to overthrow Trump, and that Comey, Clapper and Brennan should be immediately arrested for treason against the President. We also talk about Putin, Julian Assange, and our global casino mental asylum that has become dangerously normal.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-05-2018, 02:41 PM
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Paul Craig Roberts Interview Deep State Plot to Overthrow Trump - Wake Up America!
How many mind controlled candidates are going to be used in order to stop the truth and Donald Trump from exposing members of deep state who have conspired against him and the people of the United States.

This is not a game John Brennan, everybody knows! O-Anon wants you to follow the symbols that will lead you to all the answers. Secrets aren't secrets anymore...everybody knows!

Who or What is Q?

As an alternative source of "What's going on" vis-a-vis the Main Stream Media (MSM), does Q represent a path towards #TheGreatAwakening that so many Patriots and Truth-Seekers are searching, believing and following?

Can we handle the Truth?

Is Q the Red Pill? Sessions with a thumbs up???

QAnon 8.4.18 We Have The Server[S] [We Have It All] YouTube Is Scared

You won't find the truth on mainstream, or a journalist who is allowed free thought. News outlets reporting on Hollywood and babies and continues to keep Americans in the dark. How many even know who "Q" is? Who needs Hollywood, the best live reality show is going on 24/7 all over the United States in every city, state and Federal government agency. The division and the weeding out those who make or have betrayed their companies is happening. From the military to your not striving for truth and honor, you will be outed and removed of duty.

Everybody knows and they're watching you!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-11-2018, 04:48 PM
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How does a traitor or person who commits treason act? All one has to do is to hear the words and see the actions of three men, who have not supported Donald Trump, or the United States of America.

Who do Comey, McCabe, Strzok work for if they aren't working for the president, people, or U.S.?

'So many in the FBI have been hurt by these CLOWNS and LOSERS!' Trump hammers Comey, McCabe, Strzok and his 'lovely' lover Lisa for damaging the bureau - but becomes a Twitter laughing stock for referring to their 'text massages'


Content of characters shining through..


The enemy of the people and those who know where the missing $9 trillion from the Pentagon went.

Treason Charges Being Readied Against Obama Era Officials

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar claimed the House intelligence memo released Friday shows “clear and convincing evidence of treason” by law enforcement officials, and warns that “treason charges” are being readied against corrupt Obama-era officials. Rep. Paul Gosar, in a statement, blasted the FBI’s use of a surveillance warrant to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The Arizona lawmaker cited the document in accusing former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of breaking the law. “The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason,” Gosar wrote in a statement. Politico report:

Gosar said he would urge Attorney General Jeff Sessions to seek “criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation.“ Treason under the Constitution is punishable by death. The White House’s decision to release the memo came despite strong objections from the Justice Department and FBI, whose top officials expressed serious concerns over the document’s accuracy. Comey, the former FBI director whose firing prompted special counsel Robert Mueller to be brought on to oversee the federal probe into Russian election meddling, slammed the document in a tweet Friday.

“That’s it? Dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the House intel committee, destroyed trust with Intelligence Community, damaged relationship with FISA court, and inexcusably exposed classified investigation of an American citizen,” Comey wrote. “For what? DOJ & FBI must keep doing their jobs.” But social media rounded on Comey, pointing out the glaring holes in his argument – and reminding him of the perilous legal position he finds himself in. Rep. Jim Jordan nailed it:

“That’s it? Top brass at FBI/DOJ take “salacious & unverified”(your words, not mine) partisan funded dossier to get secret warrant from secret court to spy on private American on rival campaign. Doesn’t bother you? Bothers me. And more importantly, it bothers the American people.”

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-16-2018, 02:53 PM
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Is James Comey a "Tall White"? Internet Reacts to Director's Strange Testimony
Former FBI Director James Comey testified on Thursday, naturally giving life to many interesting news headlines around the nation. However, in the online UFO and conspiracy community - and even some other corners of the Internet - everyone was talking about the curious terminology Comey used when being interviewed by Senator John McCain. As Comey was analyzing some of Trump's communication style, he stated "I've had a lot of conversations with humans over the years" before being quickly cut off by McCain:

How many stories are there about Comey being an alien?

Are evil forces attacking your mind? Rudolf the tall white Alien. No. 411

Its Time to face the truth. If your life is unfulfilled, marginalised, short-changed who is to blame? Rudolf of Germany explains.

Snowden WARNING! How Deep Does The ALIEN Conspiracy Go? "Tall White Greys Agenda

How Deep Does The ALIEN Conspiracy Go? "Tall White Greys Agenda" 1/22/17 NSA Whistleblowers: How Deep Does the Conspiracy Go? Snowden Warning! Stargate/Galactic Portal in Gibsonia, Pa. Sky full of craft everyday. When will disclosure come? How many will be arrested trying to reach the Stargate/Wormhole behind the L**e's? Cameras and security beefed up when your shopping at the T**g** and getting some chicken wings. Underground city? Investigative journalists, Star Wars belivers, and those who have been and experienced contact with other life forms knows the truth. Why are they keeping everyone out of the woods called "Tesla's forest? Are alien craft going in and out of the Stargate/wormhole?

Putin knows the truth, and how much does he know that Trump doesn't? How much information did Putin share?

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-18-2018, 03:50 PM
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Catherine Austin Fitts on How Underground Bases Are Collateral for Pension Funds
Pentagon missing trillans??? - Catherine Austin Fitts just made her first appearance in several weeks on Dark Journalist this Friday evening to promote the latest issue of the Solari Report, “Who’s Who and What’s Up and What’s Up in the Space Economy”. I’ve set the start point after her story about the many hoops she jumped through to be confirmed as Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1989 under newly-appointed Secretary Jack Kemp during the GHW Bush Administration.

The conversation turns to how she never conceived of a Secret Space Program until repeated episodes of space stations having problems resulted in HUD having their budget ransacked to cover the costs.

“There seemed to be a relationship between space and HUD…they were in an appropriation basket together.” She later referred to this as part of the “Space Tax” and also learned that Oliver North called HUD the “Candy Store of covert revenues.” Over time, she was informed by others of the Secret Space Program, which she was only able to confirm the only way she knew how – by following the money.

She notes that:

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-19-2018, 04:10 PM
Post: #47
RE: Catherine Austin Fitts on How Underground Bases Are Collateral for Pension Funds
Brain Drain Program Your In & Don't Know It - Take the Test?

If you can answer five out of ten of the questions, your brain is expanding and if you can only get one or two, there is hope, and if you don't know any of the answers, then it is time to turn off your television and wake up!

1. How many presidents came before George Washington?

2 .What city in Africa has over 300 Oblisek's in it where many from around the world were taken?

3. Are giants real and have been hidden by governments?

4, Are there underground cities built by tax dollars?

5. Do stargates really exist on the planet?

6. Do you know the history of 432hz and its connection to the mothers on Youtube who show videos of his music calming their babies or putting them to sleep?

7. Do you know what Executive Order 11110 was?

8, Do you know who Admiral Byrd was?

9. Do you know who Wilhelm Reich was?

10. Have you ever heard the speechof Native American Chief Seattle speach to U.S. government?

So, many secrets kept from the masses and now Donald Trump wants to tell the people and many don't want others to know. There are those who don't want to share or be equal with others. A world filled with many beings and those that want control over all. Humans the worker bees who don't really know what their hive is really all about. College degrees that limit the mind to a framed certificate to say one knows, but what do they really know? Most can't answer the questions above or information that should be common knowledge, but isn't.

Why aren't you being informed?

Think about it!

Traveler to the Inner Earth: Billie Faye Woodard - USAF Colonel

Below is an incredible first-hand account from a US Air Force Colonel about the inside of our Planet. Trump transparency has whisleblowers coming out everywhere.

The Technocratic Global new world order Government of the Future Is Here???

Time to wake-up and check yourself, because your action are now going to be judged and returned to you by the next level of change coming to a planet full of many races. Billionaires with their own agenda leaving any peopel of color out? A space nation without culture??? Who paid for it? Did anyone inform the president?

Just like humans, there are good in bad in every race of "BEINGS" on and off planet Earth.

Art Bell - James Gilliland ECITI Ranch - Coast to Coast AM Classic

COAST TO COAST AM. Contactee James Gilliland discussed recent UFO activity around the world and at his Gilliland Ranch, where numerous eyewitnesses have documented ongoing contact with a variety of alien races. Gilliland, who claims to have been in direct communication with extraterrestrials for the last 15 years, said global UFO activity will continue to increase until their existence is undeniable. According to Gilliland, the spiritually- and technologically-advanced benevolent aliens that are visiting us have overcome disease and warfare, are capable of instantaneous travel to anywhere in the universe, and are here to help us in our 'awakening.'

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-19-2018, 04:58 PM
Post: #48
Former worker of Area 51 Talks about the Extraterrestrials, Stargate & Cube of Orion
Why won't the Pentagon share information about Area 51 to Trump, and how long the space program has really been running. How many other "BEINGS" in government have been introduced to the president? How many non-humans are employed by the White House? Former worker of Area 51 Talks about the Extraterrestrials, Stargate & Cube of Orion. Dan Burisch, born in California in 1964, studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and did a Ph.D. in microbiology in 1989 in the state of New York, Trump wants disclosure and those who attack him don't. What do you want to know? The truth??? Humans are "NOT" the only "BEINGS" on planet Earth!


Looking for a a reptillian in human form? They've been in charge of a church in Miami Beach and stole $80 million dollars. Follow the money and you'll find non-human entities. Disclosure coming!!!

963Hz + 528hz ❖ Healing Angelic Music ❖ Frequency of Gods Deep Healing Meditation Miracle Tone

When you add the Sun's frequency, then you start to generate skin cells, and all living things will feel it too. Birds will sing and your plants will double in size. Living to love, loving to live, unconditional love is all we have to give. The sun isn't selective, why should you be? Return harmony love back a planet that hasn't seen it in decades. Frequency is everything and the sun is number one!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-21-2018, 04:13 PM
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Q-anon Cites Expanded Version Of Comey/Lerner/Rosenstein/Mueller Conspiracy!
The history of politics is becoming the topic for world news and the American people, who thought they knew it, but don't. Learning there are eight presidents before George Washington has been the biggest wake-up call for most U.S. citizens. Many can't understand why the eight one-year term presidents before George Washington isn't being taught in any of the educational institutions in the U.S. Why does the U.S. government want this truth to be hidden? Could it be that the eight and even G.W. were all masons? A club that never gave up their power to reign and own a nation??? What do Americans really know about the history of their country?

How many know that the Native American Indian had to apply to become a citizen of their own country??? How many know that most of the medicines used today by Big Pharma, come from plants that indigenous have used for centuries? Plants are free!!!

Why have the Amish of the U.S., who live without electricity, pesticides, fluoride, or vaccines thrived and have been living decades with few health problems?

Trump transparency is showing Americans, how many money making ventures have been created not for the better of mankind, but to destroy it. History of every individual and company is now revealing to the masses of the world, who wants to make the world a better place, and who hates and wants to destroy it. Do you really know the company you work for or the owner??? Do you support the destruction of races, nations, and planet Earth???



Enough time has passed for so many in the world of politics, that they "ALL" come with history. Is it good or bad? Have they served for the people, or for self prosperity? The time has come for everyone to not rely on the news to tell them the truth, but for their own research to tell them if the politician they want to select is good or evil. Actions and history are telling the truth, not the mainstream media that seems to support enslavement and lies over freedom and truth.

It smells like conspiracy and treason. Everyone needs to read this. Slowly, and patiently, because it’s very important......

From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

A Grand Jury had been impaneled.

Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity”.

Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation were declared.

Now you would think that an honest investigator would be able to figure this out. Look who took over this investigation in 2005: None other than James Comey; Coincidence? Guess who was transferred into the Internal Revenue Service to run the Tax Exemption Branch of the IRS? None other than, Lois “Be on The Look Out” (BOLO) Lerner. Isn’t that interesting?

But this is all just a series of strange coincidences, right? Guess who ran the Tax Division inside the Department of Injustice from 2001 to 2005? No other than the Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Rod Rosenstein.

Guess who was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during this time frame?

Another coincidence (just an anomaly in statistics and chances), but it was:

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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08-22-2018, 04:37 AM (This post was last modified: 09-04-2018 10:58 PM by Thinker.)
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You’re Surrounded Mr. Mueller, Give Yourself Up; Truth is Becoming Too Big To Hide
Anyone who’s ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle knows that the process is tedious in the beginning. First, we place all the similar colored pieces in small groups, try various configurations and then we see how two groups might fit together and so on. At a certain point, the progress becomes faster until finally, a picture starts to emerge. Thanks to the painstaking efforts of lawmakers such as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the release of the DOJ Inspector General’s report in June and the tireless pursuit of documents by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, a picture of unimaginable deception of breathtaking proportions is emerging before the eyes of an astonished electorate.

The once slow headway in the search for the truth has gained momentum. Democratic lawmakers, officials and most of the mainstream media are still in denial and don’t seem to realize yet that too much of the truth has already been revealed for them to go back to their original narrative. The truth has become too big to hide. A comparison of the carnage at the very highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ to the complete lack of evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump following over two years of investigations should tell Robert Mueller that it’s time to extricate himself, as gracefully as possible, from this fraud. He needs to admit defeat in his attempt to undo the results of a fair election.

Seamus Bruner of The Epoch Times has just put together a list of 25 DOJ and FBI officials who have resigned in the last year. Some of them:

“He's A Traitor”, Newt Gingrich DROPS A Bombshell On Mueller Investigation

Back in May of 2018, Gingrich was right about what he said on Fox news about Mueller, who now truth says didn't do the job he was supposed to. Failure to investigate Hillary Clinton and the attack on Trump, finally showing the American people the truth. Corruption is protection corruption and not the people or nation of the United States...time to go!!!

Flashback March 2018 - FIERY Robert Mueller Can't Answer Trey Gowdy's Questions So Gowdy Asks About Officials Using Hookers

You be the judge, and decide if the truth was told by Mueller. Why is Mueller anti-Trump? is it because the truth is going to destroy everything the new world order has done to this point for a one world government? Only Hillary Clinton in the White House could stop the flow of information to the people. Americans waking up to the corruption and lies to protect it at their expense. Trey Gowdy waiting for justice for the people, continues to expose the liars!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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09-01-2018, 08:55 AM (This post was last modified: 10-03-2018 01:56 PM by Thinker.)
Post: #51
Why is it that when someone gets caught doing the wrong thing, they fight like they were in the right. Why are men and women in jail for crimes that the Obama/Clinton administration continue to be exposed to doing, that are crimes and no charges??? Lying under oath, has it just been given a green light by the Department of Justice? How can so many politicians in the Trump "Drain the Swamp" campaign lie and get away with it. The "six" articles on Robert Mueller, seem to suggest that past actions have done just that.

Does income and position give a man or woman a free pass for crime???


How long will it be the "I like them" and they get off with crimes against humanity??? How long will the lies trump the "TRUTH?" How many criminals/friends has Mueller let walk??? How many are in the pay-to-play game, and how many that didn't take the money are ready to talk???

How much "TRUTH" has to be exposed, before justice happens? Those who have committed crimes for a long time, had years to correct their mistakes, but greed only had them steal and decieve the people more. Trillions of dollars are missiong from the American people, and the reason for so much debt.

Is Mueller protecting those who took it???


Well Americans, the first of many witnesses who know it all are coming out and the "Drain the Swamp" campaign just moved to a whole new level. Trump "TRUTH" is being pushed into every corner of government, and for those who are found to be without it, are being fired. A change in the United States has come for the better, and no matter what the mainstream news continues to say about Donald Trump, the "TRUTH" continues to expose their lies about him. Bruch Ohr's testimony should be a wakeup call for the Democrats and Republicans, that there is a "NEW" government that has moved in and liars will not be tolarated!!!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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09-04-2018, 10:50 PM
Post: #52
Trey Gowdy Getting Evidence From Those Who Want to Testify for Immunity???
Well, mainstream media is on its wayout as the "TRUTH" is coming from everywhere, but on television. While many in America are glued to a television with sports or chasing a singer/rapper, more and more are tuning into the best show in the USA. The Donald Trump "Drain the Swamp" is heating up and information is pouring in from every place except where it should.

Rod Rosenstein’s Wife, A Top Lawyer For Obama, Clinton!Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

The Trump investigators are getting their ears full of whistleblowers who want immunity. Many who are guilty of crimes against children and the people want to tell on someone else, so they can walk. How will American take the evidence that their president Donald Trump is getting on a daily basis do with it?

What it will take to "Make America Great Again" is the "TRUTH!"

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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09-11-2018, 12:43 PM (This post was last modified: 09-11-2018 12:48 PM by Thinker.)
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Obama Signed 923 Executive Orders in 40 Months & Every American & Veteran Should Know
I was a child on Guam, saw the men returning from the Vietnam war. To young to understand the meaning of war, and the process of those who would be allowed to return home, and those who were sent other places. A war was the beginning of American wars that have change the lives of all Americans and the nations involved. Has there ever been a war that Americans have fought that did something good??? How long have Americans been living this way??? For far to long!!! Donald Trump is in the White House and for some there is a reason to celebrate. A "REAL" change has come to the borders of the U.S. and for many it has been a shock, and for others like myself, and glimmer of hope that there can be light where it has been so dark.

During my lifetime, All Presidents have issued Executive Orders, for reasons that vary, some more than others. When a President issued as many as 30 Ex. Orders during a term in Office, people thought there was something Amiss.

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: Obama has signed 923 Executive Orders in 40 months! What did Congress do in those 40 months?
(The House – considerable. The Senate -nothing, not even a budget nor allowing any House bill to be considered.) A whole new order must prevail in Wash. DC as a result of this next election!

Now look at what the is clearly a mindset of an anti-American, who is dreaming of the good old days of slavery and trying to bring them back for EVERYONE:

-EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.-

EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

-EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

-EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

-EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

-EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows:

Donald Trump, who promised change, is doing the best he can to give Americans the transparency that many in Washington are fighing against him about. The only people who don't want to disclose the "TRUTH" as Obama has said, are people with something to hide!!!


Secret Space Program Alien Psychic Wars with Corey Goode- Wake-Up to the news that no one in government wants Donald Trump or the American citizens to know...there are those that aren't all humans in your government and military. No one wants to tell the president about some of the staff he works with and now the focus is on a senior staffer.

Is he/she human???

Disclosure will help many to understand that the pedophile problem on the planet isn't being generated by humans, but by another race, every citzen should know about, and especially the president of the United States!!! When will Donald Trump be briefed on Antarctica, Wright Patterson AFB, the Underground facilities that take up millions of gallons of water and electricity? How long will a nation be governed by lies? It's time to "Make America Great Again" by putting people in positions of leadership, that have a history of making a difference for good, and not evil!!!

Corey Goode, has risked his life to expose information that he feels every solder and citizens should know. I stand behind Goode, Wilcock, Church, Jones, Icke, Adams, Mumbi, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Joshua, Mooji, and so many others who continue to bring the world together by sharing thier knowledge and wisdom. It's time for "TRUTH."

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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09-14-2018, 12:34 AM
Post: #54
Bitter Obama Breaks Months of Silence to Trash/Bully Trump Showing the True Colors
What is showing and continues to show from the 2016 elections, is that the Democrats don't know how to suck up a loss and congradulate the winner...Trump. When Obama won twice, the Republicans showed honor by giving him the respect for his position as the president. Republicans now have shown that they can be winners after a big loss and the Democrats...Obama showing the true colors. Instead of giving a speech to the students at the University of Illinois on how to walk away a "WINNER" without the win, Obama has shown America and the world what and how a "Bully" works. Using language to attack a sitting president and more or less telling the students not to respect Donald Trump. What Americans need to look at to see that everything Obama has said about Trump reflects more on everything he did while president.


Bitter Barack Obama Breaks Months of Silence to Trash Donald Trump

Former President Barack Obama broke his promise to stay quiet after leaving office, condemning the path of the United States under President Donald Trump.“Just a glance at recent headlines should tell you that this moment really is different. The stakes really are higher. The consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are more dire,” he said on Friday. Obama acknowledged that he wished to address the country as a “fellow citizen” not an “ex-president” but said that the moment was too great to remain silent. The former president addressed students at the University of Illinois, criticizing everything about Trump’s presidency, calling it a “dark” period of American history.

He reminded them that:

USA: "Sorry, Mr. President, but that has been a lie!" - Obama heckled

A woman telling Obama the truth and what his presidency was all about.

Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories

During Barack Obama's campaign for president in 2008, throughout his presidency, and afterwards, a number of conspiracy theories falsely asserted Obama was ineligible to be President of the United States because he was not a natural-born citizen of the United States as required by Article Two of the U.S. Constitution. Theories alleged that Obama's published birth certificate was a forgery—that his actual birthplace was not Hawaii but Kenya. Other theories alleged that Obama became a citizen of Indonesia in childhood, thereby losing his U.S. citizenship. Still others claimed that Obama was not a natural-born U.S. citizen because he was born a dual citizen (British and American). A number of political commentators have characterized these various claims as a racist reaction to Obama's status as the first African American President of the United States.

These claims were promoted by fringe theorists (pejoratively referred to as "birthers"), some of whom sought court rulings either to declare Obama ineligible to take office, or granting access to various documents which they claimed would evidence such ineligibility; none of these efforts were successful. Some political opponents, especially in the Republican Party, have expressed skepticism about Obama's citizenship or been unwilling to acknowledge it; some have proposed legislation which would require presidential candidates to provide proof of eligibility.

Expressed belief in such theories has persisted despite Obama's pre-election release of his official Hawaiian birth certificate in 2008, confirmation by the Hawaii Department of Health based on the original documents, the April 2011 release of a certified copy of Obama's original Certificate of Live Birth (or long-form birth certificate), and contemporaneous birth announcements published in Hawaii newspapers. Polls conducted in 2010 (before the April 2011 release) suggested that at least 25% of adult Americans said that they doubted Obama's U.S. birth, and subsequently a May 2011 Gallup poll found that the percentage had fallen to 13% of American adults (23% of Republicans) who continued to express such doubts. This plummeting percentage of doubters has been attributed to President Obama's release of the long form in April 2011:

Conspiracy theories about Obama's religion appeared at least as early as his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign in a press release by Illinois political candidate Andy Martin,[29] and, according to a Los Angeles Times editorial, as Internet rumor. The director of Hawaii's Department of Health, Chiyome Fukino, issued a statement confirming that the state held Obama's "original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures". On April 22, 2011, Obama asked Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health, for certified copies of his original Certificate of Live Birth ("long-form birth certificate").

Accompanying the letter was a written request from Judith Corley, Obama's personal counsel, requesting a waiver of the department's policy of issuing only computer-generated certificates. Corley stated that granting the waiver would relieve the department of the burden of repeated inquiries into the President's birth records. A claim put forth by the Drudge Report[69] that the newly released document was a forgery made with image editing software quickly spread on the Internet.[70] Nathan Goulding, chief technology officer of the National Review magazine, dismissed the matter of "layered components" found in the White House PDF by suggesting "that whoever scanned the birth certificate in Hawaii forgot to turn off the OCR setting on the scanner

Some opponents of Obama's presidential eligibility claim that he was born in Kenya and was therefore not born a United States citizen. Despite the existence of Obama's Hawaii certification of live birth, Terry Lakin's attorney, among others, have claimed that anyone, including foreign-born children, could acquire a Hawaiian certification of live birth, and so Obama's possession of such a certificate does not prove that he was born in Hawaii.

Another theory of Obama's ineligibility is that, regardless of his place of birth, he does not meet the constitutional definition of a natural-born citizen.

The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States...." According to law professor Gabriel J. Chin, "there is agreement that 'natural born citizens' include those made citizens by birth under the 14th Amendment." In August 2008, the Rocky Mountain News ran an online article asserting that Obama is both a U.S. and a Kenyan citizen. In 2010, at the urging of Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, the National Enquirer began promoting a potential Trump presidential campaign, and with Cohen's involvement, the tabloid began questioning Obama's birthplace and citizenship.

In March 2011, during an interview on Good Morning America, Donald Trump said he was seriously considering running for president, that he was a "little" skeptical of Obama's citizenship, and that someone who shares this view should not be so quickly dismissed as an "idiot" (as Trump considers the term "birther" to be "derogatory"). Trump added, "Growing up no one knew him", a claim ranked Pants-on-Fire by Politifact.

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09-15-2018, 11:58 AM
Post: #55
Pedophile Obama FULLY EXPOSED, Rockefeller Text Log
Once the "TRUTH" about the pedophiles in high places is in the face of the masses, the number of pedophiles on the street and in govenrments around the world are going down!!!

How well do you really know the history of your politician, leader, royal family???

Pedophile Hillary Clinton to be Arrested Before Nov 11, 2018

When will the "TRUTH" bring justice for the victims of the Clinton plantation for enslavement of the world??? How long will the crimes of the Clinton's who are friends with the richest registered child sex offender in the world, "Jeffery Epstien" who with more than seventeen child victims...the Clinton friend only had to spend six months in jail. Crime pays when you have friends in high places. How long will the child rape victims have to wait to get justice??? How long will you sit and be silent while the children cry for help???


Investigative journalist Liz Crokin joins me to discuss the latest breaking news including the accusation that Bill Clinton raped a young boy who is now 26-years old, and the investigator who broke the story is now dead. Liz firmly believes that all of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place so that Hillary Clinton.

Liz Crokin Tweets: "When You Expose Child Sex Trafficking:

Wake-up world, your children are crying for help. Where are the million heads that walked against Trump for children being taken from parents at the border??? What about the children that are being kidnapped, raped, and eaten???


Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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09-25-2018, 06:09 AM
Post: #56
Time Former FBI Director James Comey Admitted He Was Communist & Non-Human???
Who is running the surveillance program that targets individuals like myself who call for the "TRUTH" and support Donald Trump??? Millions of American dollars being wasted to attack those who don't submit to the grid of the thoughtless who given up self thought for AI. I am a victim of "Crimes Against Humanity in America by Terrorist Who Call Themselves American...Where are the oath keepers???" From the CIA, FBI, NSA, and military, Americans and Veterans have been disappointed in the failed leadership and the actions of those in command against the sitting president of the United States Donald Trump. Change is coming and it won't be what party a person is in, but the history of their lives which reveals the "TRUTH" of whether they stood "FOR" or "AGAINST" the people.

Know your politician before you vote for them...they might be a communist!!!

(Natural News) If you ever wondered why POTUS Donald Trump and his brand of ‘America First’ patriotism is so viciously attacked and opposed by ‘official’ Washington, a glimpse beyond the headlines into the lives and former lives of the traitorous, treasonous cretins who make up much of the Deep State bureaucracy provides the answer.

Who supported Comey to put down the president and fake news promoting it??? James Comey's friend Benjamin Wittes describes the lengths the former FBI Director took to keep his distance from President Trump. Was Comey ever on Trumps side???

In recent months several reports noted that former CIA Director John Brennan once voted for a Communist candidate for the U.S. presidency. As reported by none other than the ‘Communist News Network, a nickname many give CNN, Brennan was so concerned about the vote that he said he “froze” during his first polygraph test to enter the CIA because he was afraid of answering one of the most basic questions: ‘Have you ever worked with or supported a group dedicated to overthrowing the U.S. government?’

Communists, of course, are dedicated to that very thing.

“I froze,” Brennan told an audience in 2016. “This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,” he said.

How a man who once voted for a Communist ever obtained a security clearance, let alone rose to become head of the CIA, is beyond comprehension, but apparently, he wasn’t the only high-ranking government official to achieve similar ranking status. (Related: Former U.S. Army general makes it plain: ‘John Brennan wants to overthrow POTUS Trump’.)

It turns out that fired FBI Director James Comey also owned up to:

Trump 'morally unfit' for office, fired FBI chief Comey says

Everything Comey has said about Donald Trump, is turning into facts about him.

A nation betrayed by a man that many don't believe is even human. Is James Comey a Tall White??? The 2016 prediction by a Tall White about what would happen to the FBI if Trump won, is pretty close to what is happening now. Will Trump have to restructure an organization that now has a history of treason???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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09-29-2018, 12:42 PM
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How Obama’s Hillary Clinton Cover-Ups Destroyed DOJ & FBI
Trey Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump Texts. What happened to the United States of America??? What kind of men and women are in leadership positions who have conspired against a sitting president can call themselves a "REAL" American??? No election results have ever resulted in what I've seen to date with sitting president Donald Trump. Never have I seen actions and words that are clear acts of treason, which courts in other countries have found guilty. Only the Americans who stand behind the sitting president, like those who have in the past showing "HONOR" are the citizens that can "TRULY" call themselves Americans!!!

Who needs television, when "REAL LIFE" has it beat???

Tuning into the latest show in Washington D.C., and its all FREE!!!


Trey Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump Texts. How c

Jim Jordan vs FBI Agent Peter Strzok in HEATED Exchange at Congress Hearing on Anti-Trump Texts

Rep. Jim Jordan engages in a HEATED Change as he grills FBI Agent Peter Strzok testifying before House oversight committees on Russia Probe. Words, actions, and history are exposing those who "LIE" and those who tell the "TRUTH!!!"

How Obama’s Hillary Clinton cover-ups destroyed DOJ and FBI

The epic Clinton scandals and cover-ups currently under investigation in Washington will make Nixon’s Watergate and subsequent cover-up look like kindergarteners playing in a sandbox. Columns over the past few years have detailed how Washington DC, under twenty-five years of neoliberalism and the iron-fisted rule of the Clinton/Obama regime, have corrupted and weaponised senior members of Washington’s most bureaucratic law enforcement and intelligence agencies to act against the law and against the principles of democracy.

Making matters much worse, senior members of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency have been operating a “shadow government”, which is only accountable to the “deep state.” The Obama/Clintons’ shadow government operatives will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes against democracy, including the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. Destruction of evidence has been a big theme throughout the Bill/Hillary Clinton era.

Just take a look at scandals involving the missing emails, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation.

Based on the recent announcement from the Department of Justice regarding the 50,000 missing texts written by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, it appears this trend is continuing. The announcement states, “There was a problem with Strzok and Page’s bureau-issued SamsungGalaxies—that ‘firmware upgrades’ and other technical issues deleted records of texts sent from not only their phones but many phones across the bureau. We regretfully report that these text messages were lost.”

This occurred during a crucial time in the Russia investigation that included Michael Flynn’s resignation due to lies about his Russian ties and FBI Director James Comey’s firing. We now know this statement is not true since the “lost” emails have now magically reappeared. However, the DOJ has decided to withhold, for personal and other reasons, more than 85% of the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

The DOJ has submitted just 7,000 of the over 50,000 found. The total excludes many other emails and texts on numerous other personal devices that the two biased Trump investigators referenced on their FBI mobile devices.

However, Special Counsel Robert Mueller reviewed nearly all of the FBI lovers’ texts and:

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10-03-2018, 01:44 PM (This post was last modified: 10-03-2018 01:49 PM by Thinker.)
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The Secret ET Battle to Control American Citizens & Governments Heating Up!!!
Amazing that the majority of the humans on planet Earth are as dumb as "PRINCE" the singer said they were...self included until Realistnews. While control on humans to keep them from really knowing or seeing what is happening around them has worked for decades, the vibration is changing. Many humans are able to use more of their brains than most and opening the third eye. What is being exposed is the beyond-the-beyond and scary and cool at the same time. I met my first shapeshifting reptilian in South Beach, and they look just like you!!! Like humans most races have the good and bad among them and the reptilian's are no different. They do have a rule, that they won't attack their own...unlike humans.

Back in the day when president Eisenhower went to meet off planet "BEINGS" Americans should have been informed, but weren't. It's in the history of the country, but not taught in the schools, because it might make the children think for themselves. When John F. Kennedy wanted to share and give Americans more information, shut down the CIA, and Federal Reserve (Executive Order #1110) he was murdered. The same group which has grown in size has been ruling the world, but then the queen bee Hillary didn't win, and the game changed. After being in control for so long, there are those who were to sure of themselves about the win and look what happened.

Donald Trump "IS" the president of the United States, and not Hillary Clinton!!! Corruption cannot move as it once did under the group that killed JFK, lied for wars, and responsible for the twin towers implosion and all the deaths. Greed has turned many who call themselves Americans into killers for cash!!! "TRUTH" is the greatest enemy of the men and women who have gone all out to stop the Trump Transparency from giving it to the people...Why???


What is it that these groups fear and are viciously attacking anything or anyone Donald Trump favors???

Well, Americans...2000 children go missing "EVERY" day in the United States, and no one is talking about it, and your mainstream news has been silent...WHY???


Now that I've got your attention, there are those who aren't human that eat those children and have been given permission to take them and adults off the planet or do what they will with them...eyes open yet??? Can't believe it??? Names to research...Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Emery Smith, DIA, ECETI Ranch, ECETI Australia, Dulce, and the list goes on. In the United States, underground bases are everywhere and they are now starting to introduce the surface dwellers to some of the technology given by non-humans to the masses.

Hyperloop passenger pod that could one day hit 760mph revealed ahead of first trials in Spain next year - (Running between underground cities for years - DISCLOSURE???)

The world's first (TRUTH OR LIES) commercial Hyperloop could be in operation as soon as 2019, ferrying passengers at near-supersonic speeds of up to 760mph. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), one of the companies vying to make Elon Musk's vision of futuristic transport a reality, unveiled its first full-size, passenger-carrying pod in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain on Tuesday. Dubbed the 'Quintero One,' the massive capsule is more than 100ft long and weighs in at five tons. In a nod to Marvel Comics, HTT says the pod is built out of the firm's special 'Vibranium,' a sensor-embedded carbon fiber material.




Reptilian humanoids are living in a secret underground empire which consists of alien cultures and lost civilizations. The Reptilians or Reptoids ARE scaled bipedal beings upto 7 foot tall, with muscular builds, 4-fingered hands, and almond-shaped eyes with slits. They may have evolved on Earth in a parallel evolution and their presence explains many of the myths of gods walking among humans.

Earth was originally a Reptoid-dominated planet, they are intelligent and highly developed. Reptoids, a conjoined word defining Reptilian-Humanoid beings, is the most popular name used to describe these cryptid beings, although some authors also refer to them as dinosauroids, lizardfolk or lizardmen. Other names include Draconians, Saurians and Sauroids. Has human attention has been intentionally misdirected away from the underworld toward deep space, so the subject of underground Earth dwelling Reptoids and lost ancient civilizations can remain secret?

Reptilian Underground Bases That Hardly Anyone Knows About

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10-18-2018, 11:20 AM
Post: #59
Gun Owners, Teachers, Healthcare Workers, & Middle Class Applauding POTUS Decision
The destruction by Trump of NAFTA, this report notes, saw him completely dismantling it and recreating it in what is now called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement—USMCA—and whose consequence of now sees millions of jobs being flooded back into the United States.

Likewise with Obamacare, this report further notes, Trump completely gutted it and remade it into what is now called the Healthcare Marketplace whose first open enrollments begin on 1 November—whose health insurance rates have fallen for the first in history, and whose average premiums of $124 per month dramatically contrast to Obamacare plans whose monthly premiums averaged $393—thus leading even the liberal think tank Urban Institute to proclaim that what Trump has done would allow 1.7 million previously uninsured Americans to receive insurance coverage, while enabling 2.5 million more to benefit from much lower premiums.

Why aren't Americans calling out those who attack Donald Trump??? Why aren't Americans looking into the history of their country??? Why aren't Americans happy that they have a president who really wants to give them transparency??? Are Americans as really dumb as the rest of the world says they are??? Do Americans support pedophile politicians and child marches on Washington for the #1 profit making business in the world. Who protects the elite pedophiles of Washington???

Who wants to stop Trump investigations??? - Q: "Patience" / Human Trafficking & Child Abuse News

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-23-2018, 12:57 PM
Post: #60
Trey Gowdy Is Holding This Closed Door Meeting That Could Change Trump’s Life!!!
Americans getting closer to seeing the whole picture, and maybe "FINALLY" Trey Gowdy might see a case that might go further than the rest under Obama/Clinton, with someone being held accountable for their crimes. Lies, coverups, and fake news have taken their toll on the American people and its showing with Donald Trump drawing record number crowds for a midterm election in the United States. While the fake news keeps telling lies, Americans are turning away and finding an alternative source and alternative avenues to bring what many believe is important information to the people. Trey Gowdy has been in the Capital and fighting for justice for the people since 2011. Anyone who has followed any of his cases can see the failed justice with all the evidence that was presented in each one. A system that is broken and needs major cleaning...which is just what "Drain the Swamp" campaign is all about.

Are you ready???

Trey Gowdy for U.S. Attorney General...the man who stand for "JUSTICE" and not a party!!!

Ben Shapiro and Trey Gowdy Slam 'Irresponsible' Sen Cory Booker

How far can the left/pedophiles go to stop the flow of information. The only people who don't want to disclose the "TRUTH" are people who have something to hide.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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