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Putin's Multi-Millionaire Media Mogul Dies Of Mysterious "Heart Attack" In Luxury DC
11-08-2015, 07:53 PM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2015 12:35 AM by Thinker.)
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Putin's Multi-Millionaire Media Mogul Dies Of Mysterious "Heart Attack" In Luxury DC
Dear Sergei Lavrov and Maria Zakharova: you may want to avoid staying at The Dupont Circle in DC for the foreseeable future even though the following images may seem quite inviting...

(John Vibes) It was reported late on Friday that Mikhail Lesin, the former head of media affairs for the Russian government, and the founder of Russia Today (RT), was found dead in the hotel room that he was staying at in Washington DC.

CIA's Heart Attack Gun?

RT News exposing government corruption at an alarming rate - fear of truth?

Wherever US used force bypassing UN, countries suffered – Lavrov to RT

Lew Rockwell on endemic corruption of US government

Russia Today Exposes U.S Government For False Flags!!! ~Declares 9/11 An Inside Job~

900 Million Dollars Loan of Philippine Government from World Bank

Defence Minister Exposing Aliens live on R.T

'Kids die, govt lie!' Ex-mayor exposes real scale of radiation in Fukushima

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