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11-15-2015, 09:20 PM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2015 09:28 PM by ratinacage.)
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Orange County Targeted Individual Aliso Viejo CA 92656

The Criminals of Ridgewood
and the Impending Lawsuit Against the HOA
[Image: 28_lyon_ridge_aliso_viejo_92656.JPG]

Moving from Denver, Colorado in 1989 to Orange County, California was an exciting change for me. In 1998 I bought my first house in Aliso Viejo, Orange County, California and very much looked forward to living in an actual private residence. Unfortunately it was to be the beginning of my worst nightmare. A nightmare that continues till this day, even though I’ve moved several times, living in several areas of the country.

I happen to be the third buyer in a community of 57 homes that weren’t even built yet. My nightmare began with the handshake of two of my next door neighbors, a shady Dentist and his conniving wife. Little did I know that they along with the Home Owners Association would become my worst enemies and perpetrators. After years of well known abuse by multiple neighbors I soon went from a great life that I built into a life of poverty and homelessness at the hands of my perpatrators.

Please Google the terms: TARGETED INDIVIDUAL






Christine Margulies - Sick and twisted, Self Righteous wife of Dentist into multi-level marketing Mon A Vie scam

Steven A Margulies DDS - Douchey Dentist with one hand on the May pole

Bill White and Wife Terri - Real Estate Agent – Always sending weekly literature and asking when I was going to sell my house

Steven Spiegel - HOA President and resident Apple Doctor computer nerd and busy body.

Crazy Bob – Resident that always talked about the wiring in the houses

Various other neighbors


-Bullying, Neighborhood Mobbing, Torture, Directed Energy Weapons, Electronic Harassment

-House was broken into several times with items moved and artwork vandalized. A painting was drawn on with images of the devil and horns witnessed by roommate. Only thing I noticed that was stolen was my High School Senior yearbook. It was used later with torture scripts with names of people I used to go to school with being used.

-Mail Tampering – Letters and bills opened then resealed

-Vehicle Tampering – Multiple scratching on vehicle as well as screwdriver dents

-Trash Tampering. Brother had been witness to that as well.

-Coming home from work and saw that there were multiple For Sale signs in front of my house.

-Noise Campaign – HOA president witness to Dentist and Wife putting speakers in their windows aimed at my house blaring loud Mexican music.

-Police constantly called for things like a fixit ticket for my vehicle license plate

-Orange county Ecological Society called because my Vehicle had dripped a miniscule amount of oil on street.

-Tried mine and roommates vehicles towed on street cleaning day

-Washer/Dryer Tampering Vandalism done by Dentist and his wife. I had returned home from a trip and proceeded to wash my clothes and dry them with the dryer. When drying the clothes I noticed that they did not dry after the cycle was over. I tried again with and still my clothing was completely wet. I went outside to the side of my house where the dryer vent was and reached in only to discover handful after handful of lint that included blond hair lint and pubic hair. Since the only ones that had ever mentioned my dryer were the Dentist and his wife and no one in my household had blond hair I went next door to ask if they knew about this. No answer next door so I called the Dentist at his office and asked him and he stated, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” and hung up on me. Since this act of vandalism could have burned down my house I called the police and had an officer come out. He asked me to try and talk to my neighbors again but I .knew that had done it. I reported it to the police and Homeowners Association. The Officer had told me he had never heard about a situation like this. Doesn't a Dr. take the Hypocratic oath to help people and not lie? Tension was quite high between myself and the neighbors after that. And about two weeks later with the dentist, his wife and child in the front yard he came up to me and told me he did do it and apologized. Their animosity towards me quieted down for a year only to start back up again with the continued harassment and bullying. A letter from my Attorney at the time was also sent to them to “cease and desist” from their community bullying and harassment.

-For Sale Signs Placed in Front of Home

-Penis Graffiti on Front Doorstep

-Branches of trees were routinely broken off

-NLP= Neuro-Linguistic Programming – “The truth is the truth!” A term that was frequently used by so called neighbors. I don’t even like to use the term neighbors because it infers something that is friendly. Residents should be the term.

-HOA President witnessing and verifying reputation smearing by Dentist and his wife as well as their Daughter.

-Dentist and wife were always trying to engage me to make up stories to make me look mentally ill. Dentist always spying over fence.

-Multiple neighbors showing up at my door multiple times asking about the Dentist and his family and when I planned to sell my house and if I thought that they were bigoted toward gay people. (HOA President, Real Estate Agent, Crazy Bob)

-Gang Stalking by Dentist’s wife when out shopping and Walmart where she almost ran me over and accosted me with her shopping cart.

-Easter “Come to Jesus Meeting” when I was in front my house about how “We don’t park on the street at night.” Every roommate I had were also targeted with notes if they parked on the street. And several neighbors including the HOA President apologized that I had to live nextdoot to the"b@#*" of ther neighborhood.

All of the above things happened and more by the beginning of 2002. Since I was doing well financially I bought the rate down on my mortgage to save over 700 dollars a month. Since that information is not private, the harassment escalated. During that year I began to notice strange occurrences happening. Mainly that I was feeling very uncomfortable in my house. There were strong feelings of energy flowing through my body. The three main areas where I was affected included my bed, the TV/family room and in front of the computer that I used for work. So the gang stalking and overt harassment take down took place over the the years 1999-2002. At the beginning of 2003 I noticed I was set up and drugged. From that moment on I have been experiencing an “electronic prison/concentration camp” environment wherever I go 24/7. I truly feel that spying and “parallel construction” was used during this process. Its ironic that a system set up to protect individuals and that natural and constitutional rights are used to harass and torture victims with this evil technology. It’s so anti-American that most Americans will not believe it!

Acting as an advocate since this happened I’ve spoken to over 500 other Targeted individuals. I’ve also talked to the Orange County Police Department, Orange County Sheriffs Department, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. All of which refuse to investigate. This tells me one thing. This situation is true and that any sort of investigation would start to shed light on this insidious situation. I have also talked to

numerous private investigators that will not bother to investigate either. They don’t discount my claims as well. One ex-DEA agent turned private investigator actually told me that he had been contacted by over 300 Targeted Individuals claiming the same thing within that year, He said there was nothing he could do and that Community Based Policing Programs were “government related” and “layered like an onion”. I then mentioned that this was State sponsored terrorism and he said nothing in reply. This situatation needed to be investigated years ago. This is more than just a “HATE CRIME”! Now there are no impartial entities that that will conduct any type of investigation with directed energy weapons involved. During this part of the program I was extremely isolated and discredited.

ratinacage, proud member of Realist News since Dec 2011.
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