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nwo Obama Change - HR 2232: National mandatory vaccination bill enters Congress
04-24-2016, 05:56 PM (This post was last modified: 04-24-2016 11:51 PM by Thinker.)
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nwo Obama Change - HR 2232: National mandatory vaccination bill enters Congress
Alert! A Congressional bill to force mandatory vaccinations across the nation has entered the House of Representatives under the name “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” or HR 2232.

This bill is essentially a national version of the SB277 mandatory vaccination legislation which passed in California earlier this year, with the same impossible exemption requirements.

The bill, as currently written, would require all state public schools across the nation to mandate blanket vaccination of their enrolled students in order to receive their federal aid money.

The bill was introduced by Frederica S. Wilson, a Democratic Congresswoman from Miami, Florida, who is best known for wearing crazy hats to events and interviews. To say that the hats may have finally gone to her head isn’t far from the truth, as Rep. Wilson has put fourth arguably the most draconian act of medical fascism since the regime of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

The movement aiming to eliminate informed consent knows quite well that the flailing national public school system is wholly dependent on grant money from Washington, D.C, as was evident in last year’s tense fight over Common Core implementation and Michelle Obama’s lunch program.

Parents around the world have described the "Autism File" magazine as a "lifeline" when it comes to helping their children on the spectrum reach their true potential in life. Please help us keep the magazine free to our subscribers.

Founders of the magazine and parents of an autistic child, have been the inspiration for information on vaccines and their effects on some children. Parents of children who are autistic from all over the world have supported "Vaxxed" the powerful new documentary the CDC wishes would just go away.

Del Bigtree is an Emmy award winning medical journalist with experience in producing medically-themed television talk shows on a wide variety of topics. Not one to back away from controversial issues, Mr. Bigtree became interested in the possibility of a potential link between vaccines and autism after receiving numerous viewer requests over the years for media involvement in covering the topic.

The release of audio recordings in August, 2014 of conversations between autism parent and researcher Dr. Brian Hooker and senior CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson which highlighted autism research fraud at the CDC left parents of vaccine-injured children hopeful that at last the vaccine/autism link would be widely publicized.

However, the mainstream media blackout on this link has continued despite the black and white nature of Dr. Thompson’s revelations.

When Mr. Bigtree became aware of the content of the Hooker/Thompson conversations, he made some life-changing decisions, ultimately collaborating with Dr. Andrew Wakefield in producing the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. Vaxxed has been accepted into the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival and is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, April 24 with its New York premiere set for the first week in June.

Autism File executive editor Rita Shreffler spoke with Mr. Bigtree recently on the challenges in bringing the truth about vaccine injury and CDC autism research fraud into the mainstream consciousness.

Zombies in the world will be all the grown up children who became austistc after reieving multiple vaccinations. When you see "Vaxxed" and how it could lead to a problem for the world that will be greater than war.

How many children will die or become autistic because of faulty testing of vaccines?

How many parents will live with autistic children for the rest of their lives, because the truth wasn't told?

Are profits more important than lives?

Statistics by Amish who don't get vaccinations are showing that there is just as good of life without vaccines, and CDC is showing that the truth can be disappear. When there are independent studies done on vaccines and the damage they do by an independent company and not those that profit from them, the world might not have to read the headlines below.

Pediatricians are not being informed about by CDC that could make a difference and maybe save a life. When you listen to the pregnant family doctor who read the facts by the Whistleblower who is running for his life, on camera she said she would not be vaccinating you own children.

When her patients ask her, she will be giving that information.

Have vaccines been all for profit?

CDC - AMA - what do you really know about them today? Will the past finally come out to stay? Victims are waiting to have their day? Profits & lies continue to get in the way. It is time to "Heal the World" and make it a better place for our children!

Mainstream Media Suppression of the thousands of autistic and vaccine injured children - why?


Parents vs Big Pharma $$$ - Film Festival Pulls Vaccine Truth Documentary
VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn't want you to see.
SCIENCE FACT: Since 1986, the U.S. government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured families
Parents & Children who confirm what the documentary is saying.
Thimerosal - Parents of Affected Kids "Pearl Harbored"
Michelle Ford - Mother of Vaccine Injured teen speaks out against California Bill SB277
17 month old Michelle B4 vaccine injury
Noah vaccine injury
Our Vaccination Story
Vaccine injured Children In Australia Court
Former Merck Rep Says Mandatory Vaccination Is For Profit and Not Public Health
REALIST NEWS - Vaccines - What did the CDC and the UK government already know?
NYC Attorney Patricia Finn On Suing Vaccine Makers & Andy Wakefield's Film "Vaxxed!"
Actor Aidan Quinn Opens Up About His Vaccine Damaged Autistic Child
FULL Vaxxed Coast to Coast AM Interview Bigtree, Wakefield & Hooker

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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04-25-2016, 02:33 PM
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Harvard PhD Immunologist Destroys SB277’s Vaccinations Logic With Open Letter
SB277 is the rule of law in California. The state is no longer allowing most vaccine exemptions for children hoping to attend public schools. The law, at its very core, is designed to “smoke out” those who choose to resist all vaccines or just a some of them.

The legislation hopes to bring fear to those who may be on the fence about whether or
not to vaccinate their children. Pharmaceutical companies backed the bill which they hope keeps revenue flowing by keeping people “in compliance.” But not every medical researcher is on the pharmaceutical companies take.

Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D., is speaking out on the matter and condemning the state, it’s legislators and the pharmaceutical companies for what is a blatant disregard for parental rights and science. She breaks down the failed concept of “herd immunity” and regards the Disney measles cases as mostly propaganda.

Dear Legislator:

Why Is It That VACCINATED Kids Get The Measles In The US? So you pump your kid full of chemicals that are supposed to protect them from getting any illnesses, yet whenever they come into contact with an un-vaccinated child, they get sick.


Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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05-07-2016, 02:46 AM
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Anonymous Declares War On Big Pharma
Anonymous have declared war on Big Pharma, the CDC, FDA and Monsanto over the poisoning of our children

#Op_Pharma is focused on exposing and spreading awareness on the lies and corruption of the Medical establishment, Big Pharma Corporations and their cronies.

HealthyFoodPro reports:

An “Anonymous” YouTube user named “TheAnonMessage” has just announced #Op_Pharma, a coordinated effort to expose the “lies and corruption of the medical system” and Big Pharma.


Revealed Big Pharma Sex, Bribes and Videotape

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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05-07-2016, 02:50 AM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2016 02:50 AM by Thinker.)
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Big Pharma knowingly created prescription drug epidemic and raked in billions
An investigation by the Los Angeles Times has revealed that the pharmaceutical company that sells the opiate painkiller OxyContin knew the drug was highly addictive — but pushed it anyway.

Purdue Pharma began producing the pills two decades ago, claiming that it relieved severe, chronic pain for 12 continuous hours — more twice the time of generic drugs. Representatives of the drug’s maker promised doctors that patients would only have to take two pills a day for 24-hour pain relief.

But it wasn’t true, and Purdue knew it, the Times reveals.

The results were excruciating and devastating. OxyContin wears off hours early in many patients, and along with their underlying pain returning, they also suffer the additional complication of drug withdrawal symptoms.

OxyContin is described by the Times as a “chemical cousin” of heroin, and patients who depend on it also experience an intense craving for the drug when it wears off early.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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