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NIne Trillion In Taxpayer Money Has Been Lost By Fed & $2.3 Trillion by DOD
05-06-2013, 03:49 PM (This post was last modified: 05-08-2013 10:06 PM by People4People.)
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Video NIne Trillion In Taxpayer Money Has Been Lost By Fed & $2.3 Trillion by DOD
While most American's are home keeping up with their favorite TV show or sports event, they are being robbed blind. From bailouts to missing trillions it is clear to see what most of the world says about the American people.

Clueless to what is happening in their country and the lack of knowledge what countries their government is bombing or of the weapons supplied for violence. "Fast & Furious" all but forgotten.

Inspector General of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve admits to what would be fraudulent records and missing trillions, and no answer to any of the questions that a person in this position should have, especially when it is the taxpayers who are taking cuts, and increases in taxes every year!

The Federal Reserve Act was enacted December 23, which is an Act of Congress that created and set up the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States of America, and granted it the legal authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (now commonly known as the U.S. Dollar) and Federal Reserve Bank.

The contract expires in December of 2013 which will give back control of American taxpayer dollars to the country that should have controlled it all along. The track record for past accounting and record keeping should be a good indicator that from the beginning, this Act was a failure for the American people.

Federal Reserve Act - -

The Pentagon has a history of missing money too, and shortly after it was missing the President was declaring war.

On September 10th 2001 Secretary of Defense of the USA declared war on the Pentagon bureaucracy over an alleged $2.3 trillion in unaccounted for funds on expenses, the next day 9/11 happened and the previous day's headlines were over-shadowed by the start of the Bush administration's modern-day crusade the 'War on Terror' supported by the mythical 'Coalition of the Willing' in search of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and 'Taliban fighters' the $2.3 trillion was later quietly 'found' to have just been a computer error.

No official announcement of the recovery of this money was made leaves cause to believe it went for an agenda or into the account of the establishment that is not for the people.

Then comes the missing gold from the WTC after 9/11...was it stolen too?

No State Shall Make Anything But Gold & Silver Coin - A Tender In Payment For Debt - Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution.

This was the money of the true American people and it is time to see what the person you have elected into office are doing for people, or what he/she is doing for corporate greed.
People4People, proud member of Realist News since May 2011.
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