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National hero: Putin's popularity among Syrians reaches all-time high
03-05-2016, 11:41 AM
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National hero: Putin's popularity among Syrians reaches all-time high
Russia's president is enjoying popularity in Syria like never before. The reason for this might be the anti-terror mission of Russian forces. These forces were invited by Syria's president Assad and have lasted since September 30th of last year. Above all, Russia supports Syria by providing humanitarian aid so that Syria can reestablish itself.

The Russia news agency Sputnik cites an article from Spanish magazine El Pais, stating that the popularity of President Putin has reached all time highs in Syria. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has gained additional sympathy as well.

Now plans are being made that the Russian language should be the first foreign language to be taught in Syrian schools. Another indicator for President Putin's popularity are the Putin fan items that are offered and sold in the bazaar located near the central Umayyaden mosque.

The people of Syria are demonstrating their thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Russian forces in the fight against the IS terrorists, who are mainly operating in the northern part of the country. Russian forces were invited by the elected president of Syria, Mr. Assad, and have now been in action since September 30th, 2015. Additionally, Syrians are pretty much aware about activities of the Western controlled propaganda, whose purpose has been to divide the Syrian people for years.

One can clearly deduce from the Twitter images that Syrian citizens are not impressed by lying Western mainstream media. President Assad and President Putin are overwhelmingly celebrated as heroes by the broad majority of the population.

This fact is well reflected in the press coverage of Spanish magazine, El Pais.

It's official U.S. policy to protect al-Qaeda in Syria: Will the ceasefire expose it?

In the weeks leading up to the agreed upon cessation-of-hostilities (CoH) agreement between the US and Russia, it was John Kerry's diplomacy that was instrumental in "downgrading" the truce from a more forceful and legally binding 'ceasefire' agreement to the less intensive 'cessation-of-hostilities' now taking effect.

As described by Kerry: "So, a ceasefire has a great many legal prerogatives and requirements. A cessation of hostilities does not." He goes on to note that "a ceasefire in the minds of many of the participants in this particular moment connotes something far more permanent and far more reflective of sort of an end of conflict, if you will. And it is distinctly not that. This is a pause dependent on the process going forward."

So why the insistence on non-permanence? Especially if, as Kerry says, the ultimate objective is to "obtain a durable, long-term ceasefire" at some point in time?

According to the 29-year career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, India's former ambassador to Uzbekistan and Turkey M. K. Bhadrakumar, it is plainly because "the Russian military operations have met with devastating success lately in strengthening the Syrian regime and scattering the Syrian rebel groups," leading "the US and its regional allies" to "stare at defeat."

Therefore, they "forthwith need an end to the Russian operations so that they can think up a Plan B. The Geneva talks will not have the desired outcome of President Bashar Al-Assad's ouster unless the tide of war is reversed." Therefore, "a cessation of hostilities in Syria is urgently needed."1

Judging by the fact that immediately after the CoH agreement was reached top US officials already began announcing that Russia would break the deal while calling for further measures to "inflict real pain on the Russians", Bhadrakumar's assessment that a pause, and not a permanent halt, was sought in order to regroup and eventually reverse the tide of war seems to be quite apt.

As well there has been an almost ubiquitous media campaign in the US to prime the public for accusations of a Russian infraction, from which a breakdown of the deal would follow; the entire narrative being portrayed is filled with "doubts" and "worries" and "statements from US officials" about how Russia isn't serious and will likely break the agreement.

Puppeteers Not Welcome: Assad 'Foils US Attempt' to Stage Coup in Syria

It is necessary to give kudos to Syrian President Bashar Assad who, in fact, stopped Washington from carrying out a coup in Syria, according to Russian political analyst Boris Dolgov.

Pakistan Joins Russia, Condemns Any Attempts to Topple Assad in Syria

In an interview with Sputnik, Russia's Middle East expert Boris Dolgov heaped praise on the policies pursued by Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose actions prevented the White House from staging in coup in Syria.

Washington has repeatedly tried to overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad, Dolgov said, referring to the White House's permanent efforts to undermine Assad's government from within.

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