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My UFO Experience: When a UFO isn't a UFO
07-22-2018, 04:57 PM (This post was last modified: 07-22-2018 06:03 PM by TheDove.)
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My UFO Experience: When a UFO isn't a UFO
Many years ago I used to work in one field. I developed a interest in engineering and ended up also doing work in that field. I did work for many civilian companies. At the time it wasn't common for women to work in those fields. I found it hard to get work and often my employment came at having the firm's name on the work or a senior partner. Later some of my work did bear part of my name with a product branding. But I did use the anonymity of special arrangements for my own safety. This is because sometimes people go after scientists or people that do government work. I knew several people that were taken hostage, two were killed. People tried to force some of them to do work for them. Others were just a negotiation tool or something blocking their way on an issue.

After one terrorist attack when I was a kid I chose to enter the military when I was old enough to do something about it. I worked hard. My specialist work and training helped me move up. They provided protection in documentation about sensitive work. I still did some civilian work and some of it was humanitarian and helping the small industry. Because of peacekeeping work some in a world council knew me. They formally asked if I could work for them too.

This proved challenging as approval meant I had to get certified to work in their region and their parts tables and industry standards were different. Also I had to ask permission to use parts that existed in one area for another. This sometimes got refused. The designs sometimes were quite similar but because of part refusal I had to figure out a way to deal with an issue that didn't involve that part. Frankly I didn't understand what the big deal was in regards to some of the parts as they weren't weapons systems or stealth. For the companies producing them it would of meant more sales and you would think be good for the economy. A few of the parts were things where the patent was even public or on the verge of going public because they were also used in domestic civil aviation on passenger planes. It seems countries could by a "made" existing plane design for civilian use but just couldn't use the parts in it. I thought countries should be a little more trusting.

In the military I wasn't always at some lab or drafting table. Like anyone else I had to go do field work. Somethings they permitted like me learning to fly and test some of the equipment I'd worked on. But though they eventually let me do ground combat they didn't really like me doing air combat. During one war I was working at a base and got called because there was a consistent problem with planes having weapons lock on missiles. It could get warm where they flew and it turned out on examination that the plane had a flaw in its design. Also it was fighting MiG jets. So we tried to adapt our weapons and fix part of the issue the planes had since both had a slight design issue. Another pilot and I went out when it was quiet. Landed not far from a base, and I went in and got a MiG. This was risky because it was flown by an asian officer and controls weren't in english. I could deal with that but if spoken to I was a woman and that might stand out so I had to try to avoid talking or try to deepen my voice a bit. We got the plane without incident. Then remarked it and started training pilots with it. Later the USA was able to secure from Russia several MiG's to train. The other officer with me trained them and controls were relabled in english. Despite that I generally was not doing air combat. I was just dealing with SEABEEs.

While working in R&D once your clearance gets high enough you get shown things. They ask you for your best educated guess as to what the object is or how it works, or if you recognize someone. I had seen pictures of Nazi, Asian, and European "UFOs" but often they were clearly marked with a country flag and had a plane number on them. Occasionally something didn't. When the USA was making their "UFOs" some they marked in kind, others used a new marking system I was involved with, and a few had no markings. If people lived near some bases or had family working at it they usually knew the "weird UFO thing" was another test plane. Occasionally these planes moved so fast that they unintentionally crossed borders. While some were understanding about this some were not. In a country south of the USA(not Mexico as they were fine about it) one country reacted badly. Two other countries had come to the aid of the USA more than once as a result. A few times they left it alone.

Some plane designs theory was not hard. Others could of came up with similar ideas and how to tackle issues. In a few places patents were accessible for some designs. Usually the disk design plane since it was active prior to WWII. Some people knowing this were able to obtain a copy and having welding equipment, lathes, etc they attempted to build one. They succeeded and were using the craft to smuggle to another country south of the USA. We kept getting reports of this "UFO" and when it showed up it was tracked by satellite and once even by plane. It crashed, and when investigators arrived they found what looked like reptilians. But one of them had a rip in some facial mask and makeup they were wearing. One person had died, another was unconscious, and a 3rd was feisty. The fiesty one eventually got free from their seatbelt. Then attacked the other officers. They were able to arrest one of them. Then that person eventually made a plea deal and disclosed information on their smuggling operation. It did get out that a UFO crashed and that "aliens" were on board. I think they left the story like that because they didn't want regular people making more planes and doing something illegal or causing havoc for regular air traffic.

I was in a test plane more than once. In the video below you hear me as the woman's voice in it. Military of course has records of the flight and the officers present.

In my work for NASA they later branded a site name for it: NASA Edge. I also worked with DARPA in the US(robotics and equipment including non-lethal force equipment). I worked also with ESA, and other space programs. Such as Space X. Also with Russia and others for non-space including refurbishing some of CERNS equipment and repurposing it to use for a middle east physics program. In civilian work I worked with Boeing, Airbus, Skunkworks, Phantom Works, Kongsberg, Whitney and Pratt, IBM, BMW, Harley Davidson, Soney, Apple, and a variety of others. Including fair trade farming, earthen homes, water purification, sea exploration, and even oil companies.

I quit one oil company because after analysis looking over maintenance logs I found their track record deplorable. They'd run ships into the ground until they'd fail because it was cheaper and they made more money. I quit and after one of the ships I was concerned about had an incident. I also did forensics for court cases, aviation, and other things as an independent assessor. Usually there was more than one of us giving analysis for our experience and training areas. Some of my work was well enough known to others, but some countries due to conflicts censored from their people. This led to my last involvement with NASA, ESA, and other space programs to end unpleasantly. With a tattoo I had to celebrate missions being forcibly removed when I was taken while switching flights in Korea. The people claimed to work for Korea but both Koreas denied it and identified them as from another country.

Censorship rules were to be harmonized between most countries after several global meetings on the issue. Some countries were trying to figure out how to disclose. So I have no fear of mentioning things. Though I'm well aware they'll try to make me look like a "nutty conspiracy theorist" or simply just edit it out of their countries internet feed if it is an issue. But I am not discussing weapons systems, providing schematics, and other similar things which would understandably be considered compromising things. Some countries were choosing amusingly to disclose by first testing the waters by leaking things to conspiracy groups or the odd media outlet. They do though carry ability to jam and replace TV, radio, and internet things and don't particularly hide that they can do that if it is involving something serious that compromises public safety.

I have been on the ships in the videos I list below that are disk class vehicles.

This video below shows a disk plane that I knew under more than one call sign. The call signs used for it were "Top Hat," "Moose Hat"(for the Canadian one), and "Magic Man" also sometimes was used. When the speaker claims the plain is "hovering" he is incorrect. A pilot was standing in front of the plane. It had a central post which the pilot comes and goes by. It was down but blocked by the pilot standing in front of it.
I only use this video became it had the pictures. It was not a reverse engineered product. While some of the planes of this model were single seaters a few took a second person. Also some of these planes had minimal aviation requirements for identification. Meaning a number somewhere but might not be easy to see and the basic running lights you can find on a small airplane that would sit 1-2 people. Rotation or movement of the plane sometimes gave a wobble light effect especially at night when ground lights reflected off its surface.

This video shows one of the last production models. Not all disks were capable of space flight. However this one was. I had been on it and done maintenance to it. Again like the other ones commentary you can pretty much ignore such in most of these videos. I'm only posting them here because of the planes or ships displayed in them. Though one I posted because you can hear my voice on the recording as well. I think this disk class was like the last wing/triangle I worked on. Meaning it had some new abilities. Which included the ability to withstand extreme temperatures such as the sun through new materials, heat recycling, and other things. It also had the ability to camouflage itself as a cloud or blue sky with a hologram or surface projection(like the one type of invisibility). It could trick air traffic into thinking it was a small bird. It had ability of artificial gravity and could phase through objects.(seen in tricks done by David Copperfield and others which use new devices and advanced physics and math) Also the ship had ability to hold more than one person. They supplied sometimes support to other space programs if a disaster or serious issue came up. There were variants in other countries working as a global task for when needed.

The space plane in the next video was one I had been working on. It had finished its testing and it had one other model of the same type with different features that had also been tested. Including dog fights against each other and other types of planes. One ship didn't have weapons out of the pair and it was the one in this video. While doing maintenance on the plane at a base. The plane was boarded by some that indeed were working also at the base but a few of the people were not working there. This team went rogue and stole the ship with me on board. They asked me to adapt the drive and a few other things for a purpose they had.

I wouldn't help terrorists so I stalled but also there were difficulties with making those sorts of changes on the fly. It caused the drive to overheat. This forced them to set down for a moment. I got away from them then boarded a nearby TR3 which was looking at possible retirement and did simple courier tasks. They chased me wanting me back because I was one of the few people they knew that could adjust the plane they had stolen. TR3 Astra was not equipped with weapons and actually maneuvered differently. The newer "Tortoise" call sign ship could easily overtake it and damage it. I couldn't keep up with the speed of the computer on the other ship I had to set down. Then I basically had to run and hide. I was with the people that shot the video at the time. The upload date on it is not correct which is common with what videos made it online. Several were from people I knew. After another ship that was called "Discus" showed up and got into a fight with "Tortoise" causing it to crash and be grounded in Mongolia under the dirt and sand.

After new emergency alert drones were sent out in the area Tortoise and Astra were in; Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Phillipines. Though Phillipines wasn't part of the broadcast area. I had to formally go on a projection TV system and explained the situation to the public and apologized. The whole countries were not affected by the broadcast and it was local. I had status in one of the countries and they had an open policy on the plane projects. One of the American foreign bases was in this region which is why the region was involved. Because of rules though while people could discuss things agreements with other countries forbid media publication that might reach their soil. So even "known" projects sometimes had to be spoken of as if they weren't known.

In this video at one point one of the people does mention my name and later on does comment on astra. Because of my brain aneurysm that burst and a second head injury I no longer speak any language other than english. I also have some memory issues. So I do not know what they are saying translates into.

This following video dealt with one of the planes. The plane went for redesign. All disk class planes that finished testing for safety, maneuverability, etc ended up going into service for various tasks. Some had larger models made to be able to transport people. The few that were made for space and not just atmosphere were also being considered for interplanetary travel for manufacturing and colonization. A few were adapted under special global agreements to protect the planet even in space.

I also had made later civilian flying cars and reusable spacecraft. As a result I became a "transhuman" by having something implanted to track me, another for ship flight control because thought is faster than muscle movement it used brainwaves and gave biofeedback. I also worked on new clothing some of it was just printed fashion that I was playing around with. But others were using new metamaterials that allowed for dealing with space and other things, monitoring health, and as needed bulletproofing and invisibility. The early suits sometimes got "sticky" and our gloves looked 3 fingered instead of two until we fixed the issue. They used 3d printed materials and nanoscale technologies. The last was an acoustical suit for use with cymatics.

With the skin suit on people looked a bit like a grey alien. The masks were like spidermans in that there was over the eye projection and filtering lenses that could display data. They also used voiceless communications so some bone conduction was built into the suit and noise cancelling with over mouth filtration. There was filtering and hygiene patches in the pants. So if you fart the charcoal filter keeps the smell out. The suits were designed to lower detection by body heat. They also possessed some other technologies which I probably shouldn't mention so I wont. The others were as far as I know slated to be made public. Smart materials were throughout it. Some suits required you wear something akin to long johns under it and others you wore nothing under it. The suits came in a variety of colors but sometimes needed certain colors because of a feature or the materials used in it. So most commonly there were white or off white(greyish) and black suits.

I'm not saying grey aliens don't exist. I'm not sure. I was presented with something once and I had to wonder. With what I and others witnessed it clearly wasn't a regular human being but that doesn't mean its a space alien. On genetic analysis we found that it was a adapted human. Meaning a geneticist tried to custom make a humanoid using human DNA and possibly DNA from other animals or other "found" things. I can't remember if we identified what the non human DNA in it was. But there was clear evidence that this weird short, greyish looking alien with a skull a little cavemanish, was just made in a lab and was being used. When it talked it seemed to think it was a slave or pet of some supervisor somewhere and that he was going to be very angry we were holding him and not letting him go. Medical regulation and government were pretty angry someone did that with human DNA so they launched their own private investigation.

Blimps came in a variety of shapes. Some looked more round, others a bit of a cigar shape. Others were oval. Some were designed to be air cruise ships like cruising on the ocean as people thought there might be a civilian market for it. I'm not sure of the progress of those programs or any others at the moment as I was away from things after 1979 when I was attacked. The last time I had been active in certain types of offices was around 1975.

The military looked at blimps because of challenges with landing areas. They wanted to be able to land in the arctic in necessary and on water. Blimps also would be useful in remote area supply operations or incidents they had to reach.

This next video shows a plane I had worked on. I was present for the forest incident. I was asked to go out on a courier flight and meet someone and pick something up. But while I was told the person would meet me in 1/2 hour it took them 4 hours. If I had known it was longer I would of taken steps that pilots do to account for that. But I had brought water and was in my basic flight suit. The hull of the plane was using a new geometrical language(mathematics) identification system in case we encountered non-human life or humans that weren't from earth. This included the hull having a certain polarization which is why the man saw the binary language information that did give Unix Time, and location of a advanced ship landing area. There were 4(bases/airstrips) I knew of around the world linked to various countries that were discreet landing areas.

I sat the plane down though because I needed to go urinate. I asked on the ships communications if I could land at a local base nearby. I felt there should be no problem with this. They said there was a problem at that base and I couldn't land there. Unknown to me at the time the base was under investigations for missing supplies that were suspected of being sold to others. I had cause to run into the base personnel another time when some of the officers from there were arrested and also tried to capitalize on Astra's landing.

After landing I went to go urinate in the forest and I had a remote lock for the ship. Think of it as something akin to those little car shaped key fobs that will open your car doors or start your car once your in proximity with it and press on it. When I returned to the ship I found people approaching it. They didn't see me so I stayed out of their view. Then the guy collapsed. After I quickly boarded the ship as he was stunned and likely wouldn't remember me. I then got in the ship and carried on. Later someone took a picture of me landing on the end of a submarine and allowed that picture to go into the public view as it was military that took the picture. I finished my job and returned to the base in the USA. On arriving within a certain range of the base, two fighter jets escorted me and I landed. Astra didn't have weapons and had specific landing protocol for its safety and that of civilian planes that operated at much lower speeds.

Three different people were trained to fly Astra. Chuck Yeager was one of them and often he ended up in charge of one new plane or another then moved on. I had worked with him before and he came to watch me train one day when he heard someone new at the base was learning to fly.

All films or videos I was involved in became property of their relevant governments. A few videos some officers did sneak out after certain events they were angry about. One such incident was the project was going to be made public and another one had become public knowledge. But then the government retracted their statements. This happened once with a NASA Jupiter mission and a few other things. Some of the videos did obscure peoples faces or had something about them made more vague or redirecting. But they did get out and were left alone instead of forcibly removed through a special internet and media protocol.

Again dates mentioned in the video are incorrect. I have also seen a National Geographic documentary that was re-aired by Syfy about the Moon, Mars, and Aliens where they disclose somethings. I was one of the people who saw some of the original non-doctored photos of the time. One moon film circulating actually was stolen from my home at the time. It was plain boring moon footage that I was using graphics software to alter. It had a look of one scifi novel because it was deliberate. It was being done for a possible movie and artwork for it.

It is true there are structures on the moon. Many made by an earlier space program based in Europe and Asia. That there was an initial agreement after WWII that it wouldn't be disclosed the same and new public programs would appear vs the private programs scientists had worked very hard to get. There are other structures which have nothing to do with those earlier programs. Also they have nothing to do with the "alien city on the Moon" that people said my artwork was. It was from a house theft done by the same person involved with the misappropriation of the ship call sign Tortoise and their terrorist group.

There have been other humans found in space. Much of which were from something someone had privately done while testing theory here on earth. A few were not from earth based on analysis of medical samples that usually indicate where someone may of grown up/their usual living environment. They were suspected from being from a settlement on another planet nearby. People were unsure if their families went from earth to the other planet in their own private program. One person did show things consistent with samples NASA and others had taken from Mars. But at least one person didn't conform to any samples gained by probes or scientists on site taking samples. What became of those people I do not know or can't remember.

Planes with wings put out by various manufacturers also occasionally got called UFO's. When some of the earliest jets came out. Prop plane operators were stunned. It was wartime and they called them UFO's. They were fast and people had problems getting a good look at them. Though some reported their markings.

Several triangle aircraft looked odd but were accepted as a public mention of them was made testing new wing designs for strength, stability, maneuverability, cost savings in fuel, etc. Such as the Northrop plane.

Aside from the single seater ship named Astra there are other triangle shaped planes. Often sporting new running lights and new light patterns. The light patterns can warn landing crew that the engines are in a certain state of functioning. I have seen one video somewhere that has people wondering if it is a UFO at night. In the film "archangel" was used which was an anti weapons flare type system. The flares at night gave off a particular pattern but also working with that plane that night was a triangle and it had its set light pattern called formation lights. Sometimes they are accompanied by spherical drones. Those drones can give the illusion of clouds, sun, space, and invisibility. Some of the spherical drones are simply part of a guidance system and like satellites maintain a designation for upper atmosphere trafficking and can move to lower altitudes. The other triangles use the names Dorito, Corn Chip, CheeseUs, Pizza, Boomerang, and Daphenous.(butterfly) Some of the names were from the crew flying them.

They flew missions to sometimes help the later Apollo Missions and in photos often are those "blue lights on the moon." After an incident with a large foreign craft in space. The multi seater triangle space planes had added to them the ability to shut off running lights.(to go dark) They are also part of the reason some of the Apollo astronauts heard music in space or obscured talking in planetary sounds. A few of the astronauts were also test pilots or had clearance to know about the other space plane program. One of them even flew for both programs. But other astronauts were not cleared to know about that. Other staff also wasn't aware and didn't know what to make of things. Apollo missions were also supposed to be restricted to a specific area of the moon. Well away from any structures put up by other space programs. One of which was a mining operation as precious metals and other materials were found on the moon. There was also tests of growing crops in space. Also not talked about is the fact part of the international space station had gravity on it.

Though there are plenty of movies based off the truth of what really goes on in space some are still branded fiction. Some of Gerry Anderson's work was used to test public reaction and adapt a younger generation into accepting the realities of life in space and weird things that happen on earth. You can find in Stingray for example them discussing the under ocean sea. The episodes were put out in the 1960s but the discussion of the large ocean found under the earths crust seems to only be brought up again in recent years. Also mining for precious metals and a new method for extracting gold is discussed in the tv show. These were all known things from working with people in various private funded programs.

The Space 1999 nuclear battery incident is based off of a real incident. Though it didn't cause enough G-force to move the moon. The moon is known as a hollow object. An astronaut crew got inside it and one time vented something into space as they started its engines and tried to access a very old computer to gain insight into origins of earth and our solar system. There used to be a story searchable on Google about the venting incident but later it couldn't be found.

The story of the aliens on the moon is both true and a hoax. To test the public one story was put out using a 3d printed dummy. What was found was a crashed ship with 3 people inside of it. All were human and had been asleep for some time. They were revived and had to learn a modern language but could speak in an older earth language. Out of stigma they might face integrating into society a cover story was made and they were given identification and a history by the government. To allow them to live the rest of their life normally back among human society. There were skeletons of something humanoid but not human found while people were engaged in a mining operation. I can't remember what they determined it to be.

NASA and ESA based astronauts have been the butt of some alien jokes. One time people in the thin atmosphere on the moon were wondering around without helmets or space suits on. Astronauts thought they were hallucinating and were alarmed. They didn't know if they should call it in to control or if they would think they were nuts. This had the second space programs laughing and one NASA employee who had an earpiece in listing to them burst out laughing. I told others they should quit it as it wasn't nice and it was scaring them sometimes. Also what if something that really wasn't human or from earth approached them it might not go well.

Astronauts went so far as to request to carry a weapon on the moon. So scientists had to figure out some sort of side arm that might work, and might even work through a space suit. The moon like Mars has a very light atmosphere like climbing up Mt. Everest. But the moon gets cosmic radiation and people without proper protection risk vitiligo(pigment loss), and possible health issues so most wear some sort of protective clothing and breathing/headgear. One person who was in the military but was given permission for private engineering pursuits made a ship. After visiting a facility on the moon they later took up some halloween masks. Then tried to tease the Apollo astronauts with "Hi I'm a little green man. I'm your neighbor and I just live next door." Another thought they could do one better and came from the base on the moon in some advanced makeup they had made. They walked up to an astronaut and asked for directions. Finally someone got mad enough that there went out a formal notice to other programs that they were to not bother the astronauts and that they would be told of the other programs though it might remain non-public for many years to come. Others saw the alien joke as a way to force it out in to the open as they just wanted to live their lives normally while doing their job.

After a few Apollo issues. William Rutledge said something. William had been a friend and we had started using code names for our flights and suits. I actually wore the Rutledge(Edge) suit. I had mixed feelings about the alien hoax show. There were two alien autopsies that were real and one that was a hoax that was put out in broadcast. The broadcasts were interrupted and people immediately censored. William was willing to take responsibility for a book that more than one contributed to. For this he has had some problems not only with public response to him. I haven't heard from him since the early 1970s. In one NASA/ESA/World space flight to explore other nearby planets using new technologies in manned flight that weren't in the public eye.

Officers found a mobile home, and two people on the surface of another world. And in a different incident a woman being held in a different place. Rescue operations were done but limited seating so the recovered person had to be suitless sitting on the officers lap. The ship broke up but they survived in an ejection seat on return to earth. This caused some sort of incident and though a public TV crew showed up to talk about the mission to Jupiter and Mars it was censored and only a different officer could speak on what happened. At the time the USA was at an elevated threat level with part of Asia. It was feared a nuclear war would happen. Later events also saw a NORAD missile from a base fall into a forest and cause a forest fire. What caused the fire they said was careless human activity they didn't mention the missle. Around that time I had left the programs for mostly regular life but I found out they can keep you on reserve and try to recall you. That sometimes they would do it even if you were injured.

My last flight was in the 1990s on a dash-8 in a domestic flight. Before that I hadn't been on a flight since 1975. I lost contact by 1979 due to actions of others that were extremely abusive to me. I knew either way I was under observation because of my sensitive work. The people that caused me issue removed my old tracking implant and installed their own. They changed my phone number, they had changed their names and tried to fake a history with me.(one had been a maid, and another a gardiner in one house I was at). At first they tried to get me to tell them things and submitted me to shock therapy and films of what they said my life was. I came to lose more memories and accept what they said. Partly as it would stop the pain. The child they had used and claimed was me was in a class of students I taught at one elementary school that was dealing with challenging kids(health and behavior).

I am away from those people but they are claiming they are my family and that I must be delusional and can't recognize them. However some medical staff know this to not be true having seen my body imaging which shows devices implanted. Some I knew of and others I certainly didn't and never agreed to. Though one doctor when I pointed to a blatant brain aneurysm that had popped and other wound said he couldn't read them. It was probably because the picture showed clearly foreign items in my head, some of which had numbers on them. The doctor tried to say maybe the image is twisted a little. A brain bleed and brain damage are distinctive and appear no matter if the brain is twisted a little and its unusual to have it twisted in your skull. Also visible were evidence of my jaw being wired, dental surgery I didn't know of or consent to, internal ocular lenses, what looks like a resistor on the top of my head, plates at the back of my head, items in the side of my head near the eyes. Brain activity and during the scan I heard someone say something to me about a cat. So oddly enough the film shows a projection of some weird item as a film arificat that I think happened around that point. I've had full back x rays and a bone scan I do not have the copies of those files. But I saw the original report on the bone scan and the doctor was alarmed by it.

Since around 2005 I've been subjected to some gang stalking activity. This included things like people placing soundbugs on my external walls and windows or under my floor via crawlspace, when I slept. I woke one time to see the shadow of the person at my window behind closed windows taking the device off the window. I also had someone break into my backyard and had to call police and get management to fix the gate. I've also dealt with people in invisibility gear. The good stuff is very hard to detect. There are quite a few ways to get invisibility. One involves simple surface structure tricks, another perceivable light bands and colors, and then there are other ways like the projection surfaces, and more advanced science means. If you suspect someone is around you and is using it. The room or area is clear of people or other possibly moving objects. Close your eyes and watch or close your eyes and slowly move your head from one side to the other. If you see shadows moving there may well be someone there. Because though they aren't perceivable to your vision they can still cast a shadow. Other ways to detect them using things such as heat detection.

Generally I try to ignore the people and that activity. Though it has bothered my sleep and I've had to see a counselor about it. I find that irritating given my reasons for problem sleep are people keeping me up with noise. However though I've complained like any person who lives in a apartment complex. Other things have been going on around here including 6 deaths they claim are natural.(one I was told by the guys friend was a drug overdose, and my old neighbor said another was a gun incident. I did hear a shot that day.) There have been building fires in other buildings on the property and attempts in this one. So external cameras were added and they might have sound ability. A few weeks ago they added internal cameras. I don't think this is a result of my complaint. But others must of said something or had some issue. Since the installation it has been much quieter. I have though before that got curious and did download an infrared radiation scanner to my phone. At least 3 devices are active in my home. I've also seen one synthetic bug while on the bus, and near a bus stop one projection surface invisibility poncho. I've brushed these off as possibly security detail that has showed up late or rogue engineers having sold even gang people items.

I'm partly on this board out of frustration with what I've been through and the fact that somethings are just now being made public. Things that should of been made public by the 1970s. But in Canada's west they seem to still not know things or treat them though its weird or crazy to talk about. This despite the local TV stations putting out broadcasts about declassification on UFO's/experimental planes, and admitting to aliens, as well as flying vehicles and a large bunch of wearable technologies. I bring it up with certain people they act as if I'm nuts. I point out its on National Geographic, the local news station, etc and they act as if I haven't said anything or like I'm some crazy conspiracy person that has unfounded beliefs. After all this time away and after the abuse by others it's not like I can afford to call all over the world or that I have the numbers to call and peoples names. I'm on disability and my government file here says a lot in it "pages redacted for third party privacy." They do not show anything before late 1980s. The people that attacked me went after the bank account I had in the 70s here. So I lost everything and they went after anything that went to were I was living. One time the woman waved a cheque saying 3million on it and it was a certified cheque from the USA that some other women had brought up. She then knocked me out with something on a cloth. Put me in bed and I woke there and she asked me how my nap was after returning. I think they went somewhere to cash it. She thought it was quite amusing. I only had access to $200 in my account at the time which she said she held in trust for me since I was born. The woman was not my real mother. My real mother died in Bali many years ago.

Because of my work I've had past injuries and I now appear white. I had darker brown skin but developed vitiligo. Jaw surgery the people that attacked me had done changed part of the shape of my face as did eye surgery. My nose was thinner and in the MRI you can see a deviated septum possibly caused by a broken nose. I think I've also had back surgery as one day I awoke and found I was 1/2 inch shorter and once before that it was over an inch shorter from 5ft6.

These were surgeries after I came back to Canada and was attacked. The people also tried to take my ID and tried to discredit complaints to the police. In one city they kept calling the police over 100 times, used my name, and were prank calling from an address in an area where I was being held. In another city they took my concerns seriously and arrested my ex-husband. They said he had a long record with police and usually only stayed in jail a few months with probation and the lawyer he had knew how to work the system to avoid conviction including on murder charges vs manslaughter, other abduction(questioning the other people), etc. He also tried to seal part of his juvenile file and get pardoned for work.

Since our divorce his other wife called police on another gun incident involving her, my son, and my ex. This time the guns were seized, the ex was sent to mental health for 6 weeks, then I think she went for a divorce and he was sent to prison a bit longer. He and his family were involved with the UN gang and the Lotus gang. He also got involved with the people pretending to be my family. His family member or grandma was a person with status(royal) in Thailand and he tried to use that several times to avoid charges as well.

I'm still surviving. Probably became one of the super soldiers I helped create was assigned to keep bringing me back and just to document what all was going on. Because even with military leaks certain equipment just doesn't get out of secure facilities with high security standards in more than one country holding an international base. I've also noticed Trump seems to behave like the Phillipines president used to. I was related to that man and his family did have problems that others in government rightly took legal and investigatory action on. Later he fled the country after trying to play nice and get personal loans from me, and his scams on others. He was married and something happened to his wife an criminal started impersonating her and he carried on a relationship with that woman. Medical tests proved she wasn't the same woman as the earlier one. They also hired a person to impersonate me and gave that person lots of plastic surgery to adjust their appearance and lessons on etiquette, how to speak, etc. Despite all that I still think she would of had a rough time getting onto a military base to claim she was me and cause trouble. She appears in public as that presidents adopted daughter. I at the time took legal action against her as to what she could wear, and say, and about how she couldn't mislead people into thinking she was me. I've been gone many years and who knows what has been done in that time.

I am mad though that canada didn't do more about the gang here. When I reported the IR scan results to police here. The officers saw for themselves proof. It bothered me because 2 cameras were in the bathroom. Two were found in the hallway and one active in the living room and one possible on in the kitchen. The officer did state "the walls are probably very thin." Meaning perhaps they are investigating my upstairs neighbors. They brushed off the IR results saying maybe it was finding studs in the walls. A stud finder is something different than an IR radiation detection. I was hassled so much by the sound bombardment that I acted up twice on a bus. One lady on her phone kept staring at me and making some passive aggressive comments "It's beautiful I'm looking at that work right now" while staring at me. Another was looking at social media on her laptop and a altered picture of me and laughing. I said something both times. Otherwise I'm quite calm and nothing like that. But they tried to use it as an excuse to say I'm delusional. I've never had a history of being like that and medical reports cited my health problems were consistent with abuse and possibly injury from accident. Now they are acting like they can't read reports or look at and read a simple x ray, MRI, or CT. If they can't read it they shouldn't be in medicine. One doctor suggested I might of faked them or have someone else's. I suggested if the pictures were on file with the other hospital and she could see it from the one she was at she should look at those pictures. I also have no history of being violent. As a fact my medical health test results show that I couldn't be due to muscle and skeletal problems limiting mobility.
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08-22-2018, 05:59 AM
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What Colonel Philip Corso Saw at WP-AFB is Way Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations
So many truths coming out that are mind blowers, and realization that technology is more advanced than the masses really know and those who believe they should. Colonel Philip Corso claims he stewarded extraterrestrial artifacts recovered from a crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Corso says a covert government group was assembled under the leadership of Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter. Among its tasks was to collect all information on off-planet technology. The US administration simultaneously discounted the existence of flying saucers in the eyes of the public, Corso says.

According to Corso, the reverse engineering of these artifacts indirectly led to the development of accelerated particle beam devices, fiber optics, lasers, integrated circuit chips and Kevlar material. In the book, Corso claims the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), or “Star Wars”, was meant to achieve the destructive capacity of electronic guidance systems in incoming enemy warheads, as well as the disabling of enemy spacecraft, including those of extraterrestrial origin. Documentary evidence for a possible official relationship between Corso and MJ-12 is found in his official military records.

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Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera
Humans are "NOT" alone & Donald Trump wants Americans to know the "TRUTH!!!"

30 Unexplained HD Alien UFO Encounters Caught On Camera That Will Make Skeptics Believe

How long can the lies keep the masses in the dark and from the "TRUTH" about the planet they live on and those on the surface and below that are part of its existence???


How many whistleblowers will have to come forward, before the "TRUTH" and the "LIARS" are exposed??? How long will citizens like myself be attacked by those who have taken so much from the people, that they now "FEAR" the Trump "Drain the Swamp" campaign???

Those who oppose Donald Trump, oppose the masses know the "TRUTH" and those who don't want the "TRUTH" are the enemy of the masses!!! Why are the heads of NSA, CIA, FBI, and other government organizations stepping down or being fired??? Their history is showing the world, that they haven't performed the duty they swore an oath to do, but have been part of a huge coverup for "GREED!!!"

Taught to Believe It Doesnt Exist, Here's Your Proof!

Without disclosure, the masses nor the non-humans can move forward for a better world. A group (secret society) that has done everything they can to keep the "TRUTH" from the people, because with it comes the access to control the power within the humand body. A new world is waiting for you, when you wake up!!!

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