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My Favorite Home Remedies
08-11-2018, 02:41 PM
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RE: My Favorite Home Remedies
hi folks,
just a little update.

ever have shingles? it sucks. its real bad painful, lasts too long and it sucks/ i didnt see me posting this above (if its a repeat plz forgive) but i am getting over a case of it and it reminded me. the BEST remedy for shingles that actually works is L-lysine.

ive had bouts of shingles several times over the years and taking 1000mg L-lysine does an amazing job of getting rid of it and pushing it back down into dormancy..

take 2 - 1000mg in morning, one at lunch, one at dinner and one at bed. add in some Vit C if you can. there have been times when i had no vit C / could not afford at so just used the L-lysine nd it still worked great. in 2-days the pain will start to diminish and each day it gets weaker til around the 1st week you dont feel it anymore.

BUT you have to take the L-lysine for 2 FULL WEEKS to kick it back into remission.

the stuff is cheap and you can easily stock up on several large bottles giving you a lifetime supply of shingles relief. if you or a loved one suffers from shingles, please give this a try. cant hurt you and its cheap enough like $10 for a bottle. one course of L-lysine for 2 wks will be about 70 pills (5 a day for 14 days) so keep that in mind when stocking up.

the L-lysine has worked 100% for me. perhaps it can help you too.

God bless all

Courage is Fear that said its Prayers

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