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Mine crypto on your Cell. 30-60 per month yield
04-08-2018, 07:34 AM
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Mine crypto on your Cell. 30-60 per month yield
Imagine if you had gotten in on the ground floor of Bitcoin. You can with Electroneum.

This is a free app that can be down loaded off Google play.

I urge all to register with Electroneum.

Even having a small amount of Electroneum will likely yield big dividends and increase options for you when the existing financial system turns chaotic. Their mobile-miner is up and running and operates wonderfully on smart phones using very little power and data. Currently using their mobile-miner myself with a mid-range Cell (2 gig processor). Currently mining about 1 ETN per day. Friends with Samsung S7′s are getting double what I am. On data using about 20meg a day to mine (24hour). I try to use wifi mostly.

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