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Melania Trump "Be Best" Program Spotlight "FBI" Attacks On POTUS - TREASON???
10-24-2018, 09:22 AM (This post was last modified: 10-24-2018 09:39 AM by Thinker.)
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Khashoggi Death vs Thousands Dead in Obama/Clinton Unlawful Bombing of Libya???
As a mere observer/mixed media DJ, the mainstream media and global government attention to one mans death, in a nation that history has shown that never before has there been an uproar. One man dies and others punished for corruption, and it would seem that only the corrupt are complaining about it. When U.S. president Obama bombed Libya "WITHOUT" approval from anyone, no on complained. The first thing that was bombed, was the "MANMADE RIVER" that Gadaffi was going to feed all of Africa with. It was fifteen years in the making and the photos of the desert with green circles of life are stunning...

How in the world can there be OUTRAGE and world media attacks on Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who has been in charge for less that U.S. president Donald Trump. Don't blame the sins of administrations from past leaders on those who have just taken the helm!!!

If there is outrage about a mans limbs being cut off, its all still happening in Libya, the land Obama bombed and turned into "HELL" and news is silent on it. Don't condemn Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, when there are those who have held leadership positions of control and power in the United States who have done far worse to millions!!!

Obama/Clinton administration bombs the food source to stop starvation in Africa...go many were killed in Libya in one day???

Thousands die and trillions of dollars stolen from a nation that was fine until the cabal bombed it to death!!! How is there outrage over one death in Libya by anyone, when there are thousands dead in Libya...Men, women, and children??? How can there be an outcry of one, when there are thousands still suffering in Libya??? How can there be outraged for one, when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his team cried for help, could have been saved and the "Stand Down" order, just like in 9/11 was given???

Of the many crimes committed in the name of humanitarian intervention by the West, the destruction of Libya in 2011 is among the most heinous.
It was a classic example of ‘destroying the village in order to save it’ that will and must never be forgotten.

Flashback 2012 - The Navy announced Saturday that Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, commander of the John C. Stennis aircraft carrier task force out of Bremerton, Washington, was relieved of his command.
According to the Navy, the Admiral was relieved pending an investigation into matters concerning his professional judgment, rather than his personal conduct. The story came on the heels of the news of General Carter Ham’s replacement as AFRICOM commander. There has been some speculation – as yet unconfirmed – that General Ham was relieved of his command because he intended to send a rescue mission to the U.S. consulate facility in Benghazi, where the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were killed by a terrorist force in a 7-hour firefight on September 11th and 12th. We are not speculating on whether General Ham was temporarily relieved under those circumstances or not.

Where is mainstream media when it comes to reporting the death of those who serve the nation, and aren't just journalists??? Veteran heroes left behind and forgotten...and those who no one knows make the headlines??? Who puts Veterans behind friends??? Who puts the American people behind corporations??? Who has pocketed more money that should have gone to other people and its documented??? Who looked the other way while thousands of children are taken from the streets of the USA every day??? Who opened the borders to allow them to be taken out of the country???


Who wants the guns of Veterans for fear they are going to learn the "TRUTH???" Who wants to stop Donald Trump from declassifying documents that will show the American people who was right and who was wrong??? Who will lose everything if the documents are show to the people...the CRIMINALS WHO HAVE USED POSITIONS OF POWER AND TRUST TO HIDE!!!

July 20, 2018 - Hero Kris Paranto Reminds Hillary She Left Men to Die After She Tweets

By S.Noble -

After Hillary tweeted out a criticism of the President for allegedly not defending U.S. diplomats, she suffered severe backlash. One person in particular brought her unremitting gall and hypocrisy to the fore. That was the Army Ranger who was in Benghazi, Kris Paranto. Mr. Paranto is a co-author of the book, 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi.
Hillary’s sociopathic tweet strongly criticized the White House for allegedly not defending diplomat Mike McFaul.

She wrote that she found it “deeply troubling.”

Ambassador @McFaul is a patriot who has spent his career standing up for America. To see the White House even hesitate to defend a diplomat is deeply troubling.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 19, 2018


Hillary Clinton lied about the attack on the Benghazi consulate on 9/11/12, claiming an obscure, barely-watched video caused the attack. It wasn’t true as documents later proved.

Army Ranger Kris Pronto didn’t spare Hillary and she shouldn’t be:

I cannot condemn the Saudi government, for the death of a man who has a history that the mainstream media has been silent in reporting, and have totally forgot what the U.S. government did in Benghazi...left men to DIE and be BUTCHERED!!! Don't cast that stone at the house of will break!!! Clearly for a group of people to have been able present and past and encouraged to make these long treks. As many Americans are learning, the migrants do this for clothes, shoes, backpacks, cash...when they had nothing before. Where will many end up??? Its the Pinocchio effect, where the boys think that they are going for fun and wonder and end up being slaves in the mine. Living in the many still can't see within enough to see without??? How many Americans have protested in the streets and the heavy military equipment guards, and heat/sound weaponry was used??? Why isn't it being used now or in the past when the mass amounts of anybodies have come across U.S. borders???

All a plan/distraction???


Comment by Teressa Henesee - 2 weeks ago

Mr. Wells has helped me restore my faith today. I really needed that. I prayed that night for Trump too. I'm surrounded by evil, n everywhere I look I see the devil's work, especially coming from the ghettos of Philly n now in Rochester NY I see the most disturbing n disgusting display of human behaviour. It breaks my heart. I pray for them. At 36 I feel drained n so depressed, just physically n spiritually tired. I really needed some hope n I received that today. God bless

Never give up!!!

Expose the elite pedophiles and watch the violence dwindle. Actions and whistleblowers will continue to show those who take the children from the streets of the USA. Why is Hollywood completely silent on the sexual abuse of women and children??? How many participate and are second and third generations of incest??? Those who stay silent on the abuse of children and those who attack the sitting president Donald Trump are the people/organizations that have history everyone should look at. What do you really know about the people/organizations that attack others??? Whose words are being followed with actions that show they are true???

The 45th president of the United States Donald Trump only wants everyone to tell the "TRUTH" and he's finding out that it is a hard thing to do for many politicians in D. C. Since swearing in, Trump has made major changes that aren't even being reported in the mainstream media, that every American should know. America was once and was on the way to being the greatest nation with the best people in the world, and that all changed when "LIES" dominated the "TRUTH."

Prediction of terror cell group in May of 2018, by the most corrupt withing the losing party.

History is moving more from the televisions to internet pod casts and Youtube alternative media!!! Waking up to those who have conspired to take down a nation, enslave the people, and disarm the Veterans and Patriots.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-26-2018, 12:22 PM (This post was last modified: 10-26-2018 12:34 PM by Thinker.)
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Fulford: Prepare For Change, Khashoggi Murder & Global Cabal Exposed By It!!!
Deep state in Saudi Arabia trying to remove the Crown Prince, by accusing him of a murder he knew nothing about??? If the world hasn't noticed, there is a major campaign/operation by the "global deep state of corruption" to remove the leaders from two of the wealthiest nations in the world...the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Donald Trump is cleaning house and so is the Crown Prince...who attacks them???

Their enemies and the enemy of the people!!!

Every organization and individual who attack the Crown Prince, and the President of the United States has their own history that everyone should be aware of...corruption doesn't want what the Prince and President do...


Benjamin Fulford back from vacation, interviewed on October 18, 2018 by “Prepare For Change” Youtube channel regarding the current happenings around the world. Fulford talks about the disappearance of Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist, being related to other events concerning the Middle East, etc. He spoke about Russia and the shooting that happened in Kerch, Crimea. That the Zionists wanted to start World War 3 in the Ukraine, etc. And in his weekly Fulford Report dated October 23, 2018, he revealed that the shooter was a “MKUltra-controlled” sleeper who had an accomplice and that President Putin and the FSB know who it is. And that the former US Vice President Joe Biden is somehow involved.

And spoke briefly about his Work to Liberate the Planet from the bad guys, and that he’s fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity!!!

Words followed by actions continue to show the masses of the world, who stands in support of the people, and who lives and will die for corruption!!!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-17-2018, 02:54 PM
Post: #43
Judicial Watch Tom Fitton: Court Orders Clinton to Answer Email Questions!!!
Court Rules Hillary Clinton MUST Answer JW Email Questions...Florida Election Fraud? & Awan Brothers/Dem IT Scandal. How many times can an indivdual or corporation break the law and get away with it??? How many lies can be told to keep an indivdual or corporation out of jail???

How much money or how many connections does it take to override the judicial system???

Judicial Watch has all the answers!!!

While mainstream media attacks the sitting president and not reporting on "REAL" news, Judicial Watch announcement about Hillary Clinton should be front page news!!! No one wants to talk about the crimes of the Clinton's, but trying to find anything to bring down the 45th president Donald Trump. The POTUS, who hasn't even been in office for two years yet, has done more in a short amount of time, than any other president in four years!!! Donald Trump is not only going above and beyond the expectations of Americans, but something the masses haven't seen since the days of John F. Kennedy. Promises that were uttered on the campaign trail by Trump are being fulfilled and the American people are getting more transparency from the 45th POTUS than any other president to date!!!

Drain the Swamp is looking for those who conspired against the American people, and those who now create chaos to stop the flow of "TRUTH."

Hillary Clinton knows what is coming and it isn't good...because there are those who will follow her to the place she belongs. Judicial the news and actions that support the people!!! Failed investigations have let corruption thrive in Washington D.C.. how long does it continue???

Do you believe in coincidences?

Most connected to Hillary Clinton are feeling the heat of Donald Trump, who is learning who stands for the people, and who has spent decades trying to defeat and enslave them. The POTUS continues to weed out those who are around him that are wolves in sheeps clothing, who speak with forked tounges. History is now showing him the politicians in Washington D.C. and around the country whose actions have been for the people and those whos actions show they have sold their soul for a dollar. Do you really know the politician you voted for??? Have you put corruption behind their name in a Google search??? If you haven't, then you better, because what is coming up for many won't get votes the next time around...

It isn't the party, but the content of the character that makes or breaks a politician!!!

How many of the guilty are trying to stop the Trump invasion on corruption??? How many fear the "TRUTH." How many have tried and failed to stop the Trump "Drain the Swamp" campaign?? Why isn't mainstream media reporting the attempts on the life of the 45th president that have failed??? Just like the Department of Justice, the mainstream media continues to show there are many flaws that have yet to be fixed.

The Many Attempts to Kill President Trump (Threats Included)

Prayer, love, and admiration of Donald Trump is keeping the "House of Trump" in the light of the Creator. Put in the White House for the people, Trump has changed and continues to change the direction of a nation that was heading the wrong way. Those who don't like it keep getting in the way, only to be pushed back by the power of the "Creator" and there is none greater than that!!!

Trump has the blessing of the "DIVINE!!!"

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-05-2018, 06:17 PM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2019 12:10 PM by Thinker.)
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Hillary Clinton 2008 Scam/Crimes Same as 2016, Now Trump Transparency!!!
History continues to validate every word the 45th President Donald Trump, continues to say about Hillary Clinton, Department of Justice, and those who have failed to uphold the oaths they swore to the American people when they took their positions in government. In 2008, the crimes that the DOJ failed to investigate, would have changed everything for the 2016 presidential elections, because Hillary Clinton would not have been running...she would have been in jail. The crimes of those who have stole large and from the poorest in the world are coming to the surface...

"TRUTH" and "TRUMP" making the change Americans have been waiting a long time for!!!"

Flashback 2008 -2016...Obama/Trump no difference when winning was the main objective. VIDEO PROOF that Hillary wants acts like a lawyer doing what ever it takes to get what SHE wants, even if it means destroying someone's life. She is in favor of a NORTH AMERICAN UNION and a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT where we are all slaves of her friends, the super-rich evil people who control our government.

"God" kept Hillary out of the White House in 2008 to present day and cheating didn't make a difference in 2008 nor in 2016.

Giuliani blasts the Clintons: Once a crook, always a crook

An American Ambassador was murdered and American soldiers under the Obama/Clinton watch. There is a commander that was dismissed from his position that was going to disobey orders to rescue his fellow soldier. Just like 9/11, a standdown order that left Americans dead, to coverup the crimes of those who conspire against the American people.

No honor, no pride...makes the man and woman want to be quiet and hide...who is staying silent???

Hillary Clinton history shows, it wasn't the people that was the desire, but the children, money, and long will the dead have to wait for justice??? Department of Justice coverup to protect the woman many thought would be the 45th president,



Trey Gowdy for U.S. Attorney General...

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-06-2018, 03:12 AM
Post: #45
The Clinton Foundation Finally Comes Under Congressional Scrutiny
President Trump begins to dismantle the Clinton Foundation, the Federal Elections Commissions may actually be the ones that puts Hillary in prison. as they are saying that Hillary laundered $84 million into her:

Clinton Foundation Donations Plummet 90%

The Clinton Foundation saw contributions dry up approximately 90% over a three-year period between 2014 and 2017, according to financial statements.

Flashback April 2018 - Q Anon - Haiti, ADHD, Allison Mack, Clinton Foundation, MOAB - April Showers

Democrats doing what history shows they are the best at...obstructing justice!!!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-07-2018, 02:09 PM (This post was last modified: 12-07-2018 03:03 PM by Thinker.)
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Pray For the President, Murderers of JFK, Twin Tower Terrorists Want Him Dead!
I've spent my whole life living in a world that is more than amazing, and I tell people I'm in my third lifetime now, and the only thing I have to do is serve the people. Not much of a background, but was an Air Force brat in my first lifetime, did the Catholic School thing. A father that got out of standing trial for rape, by sending the family as far away as possible, but what a blessing for me.


If you don't know the island, the history of it and those that are attached to it will open up even more to what many don't really know of the corruption within the military industrial complex.

A felon by 18, only because lack of knowledge in the law and a corrupt system. All documented. What didn't the failed justice discover??? My two identifications, social security cards and names!!!

I was "People4People," and the change back became "THINKER."


Yes, and a reason for many who will be tried for treason. I was given a blank embossed Illinois birth certificate, that came from a drawer full of them from a U.S. Army base. I was in my first lifetime, a kid and a follower who was told I needed an ID to go to the bar. In my innocent mind, and at the age of eighteen I was able to do better than Obama and I had a "REAL" second birth certificate, ss number, and name. So, how can any American think that Obama may not be American...he isn't and can't prove it!!!

Not planning to do anything more than go to bars until I was twenty-one, our "Creator" had another direction for me, and I had to lie.

Some lies are for good, and not much bad karma returns from them. I used the fake/real ID and got a union job that required you to be twenty-one and the rest is history. How many times did I have to give a fingerprint for ID and no one caught the criminal record...system failure!!!

How many times did I try to fix it??? To many times for me to count, but no one cared and time went on until...the call from a state department came. I needed a passport, and I got one after telling my story.

I was American!!!

How many non-Americans are in the military with dual citizenship's that aren't legal???

How many dual citizens in the military were like me...there with fake birth certificates???


Why should all political positions be held by an individual with 100% American citizenship???

How many dual-citizen/politicians vote against Donald Trump and MAGA???

Why should history matter???

Since 2011, Trey Gowdy continued to show the American people, evidence of corruption and lies that hurt, that leaders at the top refused to address. Treason against the people can be seen on C-SPAN who gets credit for airing the "TRUTH" for all to see. Only problem was, the guilty never had to be held accountable until now. Want to watch a 're-run," then check out the Trey Gowdy hearings and try not to get upset that you didn't hear it on mainstream "fake" media.[/b]

What's wrong with people???

Why is it that only a certain group wants everything??? Are all those in the group pedophiles. They look okay on the outside...they have lots of money...their famous...they're an officer in the military industrial complex...they are priests, politicians, live in a mansion, drive an expensive car...

It isn't the cover of the book, but whats in it, just like the cover of an individual tells you nothing.

I grew up not knowing people had issues with skin color until I was seventeen, and then when I found out about the MLK stuff I was floored. People tripping out on what someone looks like on the outside until I had my own experience. At least once a week during my early 20's I would have to engage with a man who like to put metal parts, earrings, and just about anything on his face. Hard to see his eyes when your distracted. When I asked my "Creator" about this, the reply back was..."If I remove your sight today, what will it be about the man that bothers you tomorrow." It didn't take long to understand the meaning of the reply and why I'm always saying look at the content of the character and not the image the eyes show you.

For most humans on planet Earth, lies are and have been a part of their existence, even those who call themselves Christians. If you put your child on the lap of the man called Santa Claus, a stranger wearing a red you really know who he is??? Besides that, you represent the lie that has gone on forever. Tell Santa what you want??? Santa says its coming if your good...REALLY??? Life changed for my family and young children when a little boy aged five, went to visit Santa and was so excited about going. I happened to see him later in the day and he had the traditional candy cane along with that smile and the promise that Santa gave.

"If your a good boy or girl, then you will get what you want"

My little friend told me he had only asked for three things and that he had promised to be good. Christmas came and went and it was two weeks and I had yet to see my little friend who always delighted me with his shining light that glowed through his aura. Finally, the day came where I saw my little friend in a distance. Instead of the usual bright light invading my space with joy, he looked at me with his big blue beautiful eyes full of tears. He said to me that Santa didn't come to his house and he was good and only asked for three things. When he asked me why, I had to lie. I do believe that there are some that you can get away with without much reflection back on the karma side.

I believe some things in my life come from spirits which we cannot see, because even I was surprised with my own words.

I told him that I had heard Santa was busy that year and may have dropped his gifts at the wrong house. I told him that my elderly neighbor got a couple extra gifts that had names she didn't know and I'd see if one had his name on it. I got my smile and his mother told me when I would see them again. Yes, I went and bought one of the toys he asked for, and our family Christmas was never the same. We celebrated for a week and changed our holiday name to "Kristmaka" and the best part of my second life.

What a wonderful life not knowing what the real world really was and another bubble full of great memories, until the third lifetime.


Awake in so many ways, that its mind boggling, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, but wouldn't trade it for the world. I've had many say don't you care about life, and my actions say I do, because mine only gets better on the other side. I'm not much of a threat here as I could be on the other side and thanks to this wonderful world of the seen and unseen, I've seen what that side is. Corey Goode is the closest person that I know who can relate to what I've been shown.

There are so many people, journalists, whistleblowers, veterans, who some have given their lives to bring honor to their nation and the people that are my drive to continue what I do. Names that I hope people will take the time to research to know are David Wilcock, Emery Smith who has a 200 million dollar lawsuit ongoing with technology the government wants to suppress. Will Trump change it all??? Corey Goode who talks about the secret space program and the life on the surface, underground, and off planet.

Who wanted the guns out of the hands of the people...those who have have committed crimes against humanity and murdering the children!!!

Don't be upset at who you might see you liked being arrested, but be thankful that the "TRUTH" is known, that you were a better man/woman than they were. Its time to heal...and that can only be done when the children have been rescued!!!

Put in a pray for the POTUS, who only wants his people to know the "TRUTH" and to rebuild a nation back to what people have dreamed it was...a nation of "TRUTH" "LIBERTY" & "JUSTICE" for ALL!!!

God bless the "House of Trump!!!"

His Only Crime is Following "TRUTH"

Ole Dammegard, one of the world's most prolific and dedicated truth tellers joins me to discuss the iU.S. criminal deep state and two of its controlling entities - the Clinton and Bush families - who are being exposed for their corruption and TREASON at a pace never before seen.

The world is waking up, and there seems to be a vibrational shift occurring which is causing truth to be recognized and dispersed like never before, leaving these cockroaches scurrying for darkness. Donald Trump has a following of men and women of "HONOR" and its growing and going global! To late to try to stop what has been "Creator" blessed, but need your prayers to continue the flow of peace, love, and unity on a planet of many people from many places.

Who wanted to "KILL" the people and laughed in your face???

They are going on trial soon!!!

History has been telling the people all along what the fake media covered up to bring the people the world of illuminai Hollywood. Who needs the fake when the drama, suspense, non-fiction, real life stories that have passes and ongoing are above the top. The people are waking up...are you???

Dead soldiers filled with drugs??? American opioid problem triples after Bush war in Afghanistan...time to return the money stolen back to the people and the Veterans. History...thank "God" hasn't all been destroyed and "GLOBAL TRUTH" is rolling out with the help of ever man and woman of "HONOR" who is giving their service to their fellow man and country!!!


Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-10-2018, 12:43 AM (This post was last modified: 01-15-2019 11:59 AM by Thinker.)
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Here Comes The Pain: Witnessing The Swamp Drain In Slow Motion - Qanon
American hero's are working behind the scenes to change the lives of Veterans and Americans for the better. Slowly the wheels of justice are turning in the right direction and for those who have been along for the ride with the POTUS, you are seeing the changes. I would have never believed that what is happening could happen.

What a wonderful way to wake up a mind...get it on the trail with a clue from "Q" anon.

Sean Hannity [1AM] 12/7/18 Hannity Breaking News Fox News December 7 2018

How many more fake stories will be made up to try and distract the American people and the world from the "TRUTH?" The corruption in the actions of past presidents is showing through history and declassified documents. Whistleblowers are adding the icing on the cake for Donald Trump and the evidence is staking up on those who have conspired against the American people to create a new world order.


His history says it all and the reason he didn't want to go after Hillary Clinton.

What did the FBI know that they weren't talking about??? Fraud???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-12-2018, 03:41 PM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2018 03:53 PM by Thinker.)
Post: #48
Free "Q" Team Ticket to Ride the Train For Exhilarating Mindbender Making Some Insane
For those who have been living in the world of alternative "TRUTH" media for years/see both sides of a story, the times we are in now have been better than anything Hollywood has ever produced. I thought the "House of Cards" looking at the inside of life in D.C. was thrilling, it can't touch what is happening in the "House of Trump" that is going 24/7 thanks to the "Q" and the voices of alternative news carrying the message through...

Where We Go One...We Go All...Big or Small to MAGA for the Whole World One & All!!!

Tickets for the train...destination...100% use of the brain!!!


Patriot News headlines and the latest updates on President Trump's Storm against the "deep state."

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-30-2018, 02:05 PM
Post: #49
What Clinton's Didn't Want the World to Know is Now Trump Transparency Show!!!
So many Americans didn't vote for Hillary because of her history, but some for her being a woman, others because she was a Democrat, and some just because they liked and voted for Bill Clinton. While many associate themselves with a party, they stopped seeing what was more important...the content of character. Some didn't vote for Donald Trump just because he was under the Republican red, and didn't even consider the content of his character or hear his words. Now what many Americans are seeing and understanding after watching "WHITE ENVELOPES" being passed to Democrats and Republicans at HW Bush's funeral that didn't separate color/party/wealth.

What Donald Trump said to the people on inauguration day, was he's giving the nation back to the them and "deep state" who stole it, didn't like that, so "Fake" news, Hollywood bashers. (no parties at the W.H.???) Many who sold their souls to a party (Dem/Rep)and not "HONOR, INTEGRITY, or TRUTH," are now awakening to the "TRUTH." It's all coming out and many have already been detained. Have you seen Bill or Hillary, Barack or Michael, Laura or George, Podesta Brothers...etc??? It's harvest time and Trump is helping them harvest all that they planted.

Remember...we shall reap what we sow and for some they might get lucky enough to get help collecting their rewards...GOOD OR BAD!!! Donald Trump continues to keep his promises and is cleaning up the U.S. government of those who betrayed the people, lied, and turned their backs on the children that have been crying for decades. Save the children "Drain the Swamp" rolls on exposing the reasons to the world behind the actions of the POTUS Donald Trump.

What did you really know about Hillary Clinton...let Abby Martin tell you...

Martin, one of many who has been working on MAGA and the world, way before the Trump win. Alternative media continues to be filled with many voices of "TRUTH" and Martin is on of the best on the female side of journalists.

Maybe a candidate for the "House of Trump" and "REAL" news from the government???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-31-2018, 03:18 AM
Post: #50
Clinton Crime Family’s 50 Organizations – Most You’ve Never Heard About
Most people are aware of the Clinton Foundation (CF), Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), but most are not aware of the other 47 foundations, funds, LLCs, and shell companies with non-existing addresses this crime family keeps hush about.

Many of these organizations are indeed still operating, while others have dissolved or “merged”, as they like to refer to it. The majority of this information comes directly from their tax returns (990s), and the remainder from further research in digging through their websites. Below is an alphabetical listing of all of their organizations with notes next to a handful of them. Some of these organizations will show up in future articles here, but for now, other researchers can dig into this BIG LIST!

Before getting to the list, there are two very important pieces of information to include. First, there are ongoing investigations by the FBI into the Clinton Foundation in at least 4 states. Second:

Ed Klein: Clintons and Obamas Are Like Two 'Mafia Families'

Ed Klein, author of "Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary," told Sean Hannity tonight about some of his book's shocking allegations about Hillary Clinton, which he says could derail her presidential campaign.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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01-02-2019, 10:07 AM (This post was last modified: 01-02-2019 10:19 AM by Thinker.)
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BREAKING: Pay-to-play Clinton Foundation Unregistered Foreign Agent Not Sanctioned!!!
The spotlight of this video focuses on President Trump & the Whistle Blower's who have targeted the Deep State's tentacle The Clinton Foundation. Oh my "GOD" I thank you more than every for having mercy on the sorry souls of this planet and giving the world Donald Trump. If what I now know isn't the work of satan, I don't know what is! For all those who are attacking the sitting president, I now know like most of the world will just how low you "ALL" were willing to go.


Thanks to the MAGA and WWG1WGA movement, "TRUTH" is bringing back the liberty, freedom, and justice, that the American people had believed they were living by and shocked to know how bad it really was. Crimes against humanity and children by some of the highest levels of government, corporate, and the private world is going to make many sick, mad, and raging. That's why they're going to GITMO!!!



Eyes Open...The Time Is Now!!! If You Know Something...Say Something!!!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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01-03-2019, 04:11 PM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2019 04:13 PM by Thinker.)
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Only "1" Man In U.S. Can Fill Open Position of US Attorney General & Be Trusted!!!

A man with integrity, wit, respect for his mother and "God" and not ashamed to say it in public.

Representative Trey Gowdy from South Carolina has filled many hours on my computer screen, as I watched many of his cases. Scanning C-SPAN daily looking at some a hearing of any committee Gowdy was on. One of the very first that I saw blew the doors off inside corruption in Washington D.C., and it was a media blackout. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who got busted, involved in taking 1500 guns across those "OPEN" borders to Mexico committing "TREASON" but the DOJ looked away!!!

Did Eric Holder Lie???

Justice served???

For who??? Holder got fired, not jailed!!!

Holder did end up losing his job, wihich took two years for him to vacate to another one outside of government. Puppets may fall, but their masters will always pick them up, if they aren't in GITMO! What American could take one illegal gun over the Mexican border, let alone 1500 and not go to jail???...ERIC HOLDER, OBAMA'S FRIEND!!!


TREY GOWDY has spent countless hours doing the jobs he swore an oath to do, and he didn't care what the party preference was, but whether they followed the law. Like Donald Trump in the White House, there hasn't every been a Trey Gowdy in the U.S. Attorney position. A man with history of seeking justice for all WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS!!!

A man who only wants to know the "TRUTH," that has been missing for the American people.

The Obama/Clinton/FBI/CIA/DOJ all looked the other way, as Gowdy presented case after case of corruption within government. There have been many before General Flynn, that make what he was accused so frivolous. What is now being seen in the "FAKE" media and Hollywood attacks on Donald Trump, is those who do have everything to fear, if the "TRUTH" that has been contained for decades gets out!




Don't know who Trey Gowdy is??? One of the truest Americans to ever walk the halls of justice, and has a history and testimony to back it up. I'm sure he is at the top on the list of the "CREATOR" and the "ONLY" job for him is a position like the POTUS, that so many have gone before and failed the people.

Let Gowdy know, you don't want him to go...Twitter!

Trey Gowdy for U.S. Attorney General!!!

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Melania Trump "Be Best" Program Spotlight "FBI" Attacks On POTUS - TREASON???
To "GOD" be the "GLORY" for truth and revealing to the world the man chosen to be POTUS, and who he really is!!! How long will it take for the American people to believe that the unity Trump wants for a nation, continues to be divided by Hillary supporters? History shows why those who speak out against Donald J. Trump, don't want to disclose the "TRUTH," because they have something to hide!!!

How befitting that the FLOTUS Melania Trump started a non-profit against bullying, "Be Best" and one of the organizations that her husband, POTUS, governs that attacks him??? Like her husband, FLOTUS knows what, and how lies can have on a person and wants to see change. Clearly the POTUS has made the right decision in a partial government shut down, because as Bongino has said. Hate, has driven people to do crimes against humanity, just to stop the "LOVE" that is coming no matter what.

Trump calls for "TRUTH" & that's what makes him a WINNER!!!

What happened to oaths???

What happened to leadership???

What happened to honor???

The Dan Bongino Show is one of the alternative media networks jumping out in front with the secrets everyone is cringing that he is revealing! The only one jumping for joy, is the the POTUS, who said all along, that they were "LYING!!!" Never in the history of all presidential elections, have the people witnessed such hatred toward a sitting president, and those who support him. The 100% I love America is being divided by the 50% send "AID" to my country politicians!!!

Who's stands behind the POTUS that is putting the people 1st?

Who stands behind those that say send the money for the wall another way???




Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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