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Mark Dice Gives The World A Look At "American Sheeple"
11-17-2013, 07:57 PM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2013 08:02 PM by People4People.)
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Exclamation Mark Dice Gives The World A Look At "American Sheeple"
November 17, 2013

How Stupid Americans Really Are!

Just the way their government has orchestrated it to be with the help of mindless mainstream news, and a go no where dumb down educational system.

What's Wrong With The American School System?

To many Chiefs and not enough Indians to get the job done. Taxpayer dollars for nothing but fat positions created with the formation of school boards. All the money going the wrong way!

In 2009, Aljazeera spent a day in the life of two U.S. high school students on both sides of the education divide.

There has been a lot of effort to keep this story from being told as you will see in video below.

So what was it about the White student & the Black student that is being covered up?

The White student attends McLean High School.

McLean High School is a public school located in McLean, Virginia. Rankings, McLean High School is the #1 open-enrollment school in the state of Virginia, and the #55 high school in the country overall.

The town of McLean received its name from John Roll McLean, one of the founders of the Washington and Old Dominion Railways.

In the 2012-2013 school year, McLean High School's student body was:

60.25% White
20.94% Asian/Pacific Islander
11% Hispanic
2.99% Black
4.82% Other races

The average SAT scores in 2011 for McLean were 589 in Critical Reading, 605 in Math, and 578 in Writing.

Hint of history, their mascot is the Highlander, a soldier in a Scottish regiment from the Highlands. McLean also has an award winning newspaper, The Highlander. In 2006, The Highlander was inducted into the high school newspaper Hall of Fame after ten consecutive years of being an "All American".

The Clan has been McLean's award-winning yearbook since the school's first year. In 2004, The Clan was inducted into the National Scholastic Press Association Hall of Fame after ten years of consecutively being "All American".

Notable alumni

Aldrich Ames (1959), CIA officer.

Rose Arce (1982), CNN producer

Elizabeth Cheney (1984), former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

Mary Cheney (1987),

Philip A. Dur (1961), Admiral and one-time Captain of the USS Yorktown

Merve Kading Feldmann (1961), retired from being a judge in her home country, Germany

Marvin David Kelley (1961), retired, Vice President, IBM Global Services, Vero Beach, FL

Phillip Poole (1961), one of the designers of, and then became Head of, the Coast Guard's Solar Navigational System.

William F. Readdy (1970), astronaut. He has flown three missions during his career.

Murray Henderson Woods (1961), retired, Manager of Technology Development, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA

The Black student attends Heritage High School in Baltimore, Maryland

It is currently categorized within District 6, "neighborhood high schools": a comprehensive (interest-based, themed, traditional) high school. It officially specializes in the focus of three career and technology completer preparation programs: Business, Management & Finance; Human Resource Services; and Law.

In 2010, the school system recommended Doris M. Johnson High School for closure due to poor test scores, school climate, and discipline problems.

Due to Doris M. Johnson High School closing, Heritage currently shares the Lake Clifton Campus with the REACH! Partnership School.

As of 2010, 97.5% of students at HHS identified as African-American. The graduation rate was 54.65% (up from 42.15% in 2009 and 47.32% in 2008). The drop-out rate was 5.16% (down from 7.02% in 2009 and 14.01% in 2008).

The average total SAT score in 2009 was 936.

Foundation is everything and the Bush "No Child Left Behind" another lie of a US president to put money into corporate pockets only to leave children behind...the majority minority!

Obama continues the dumbing down of the people, which helps to keep the wars going, because most of America doesn't even know they exist.

No wonder the US government doesn't want anyone to see this story. It portrays what America still is...segregated and with the Negro in the White House doing what the Negros who worked in the house...serve the master.

Six decades after Brown ruling, US schools still segregated.

Only the people can create the change that their government has shown president after president, lie, after lie, and things only continue in a downward spiral.

Real change...when will the people wake up and educated themselves?

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...

People4People, proud member of Realist News since May 2011.
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