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Julie Bishop to recall Australia’s diplomats for foreign affairs talks
03-01-2017, 11:52 AM
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Julie Bishop to recall Australia’s diplomats for foreign affairs talks
What's so important that they need to be physically present ?

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Julie Bishop will take the unprecedented step of recalling more than 100 of Australia’s senior diplomats in a bid to shape the Turnbull government’s foreign policy.
A total of 113 ambassadors, high commissioners and consuls-general will return for three days next month in an Australian first, according to Fairfax Media.
It’s estimated the meeting will cost almost $1.2 million, mostly in international flights and accommodation.
The two-day meeting with the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo and a representative from the opposition will be held in Canberra.
“At a time of significant global uncertainty, it is vital that Australia harness the experience and intellect of our most senior diplomats,” Ms Bishop said.

“This meeting will be important in strengthening Australia’s influence and standing in the world.”
Such meetings have become an established fixture on the calendar in other nations but Australia has traditionally flown staff to regional meeting points.
Last year the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade copped criticism for flying nearly two dozen senior Canberra staff to Paris for a three-day regional conference, which partly looked at savings measures.
Ms Bishop said the decision to recall the diplomats was “very efficient”.

“There is no new money required and I believe it’s a very efficient and effective way of hearing from them on their experiences, observations, their real-time experiences,” she told reporters in Canberra this morning.
“These are people situated in countries, in our missions across the globe, over 100 missions, and they are coming back to Australia to be part of our white paper on foreign policy.”

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