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Internet Blueprint Project Aims To Give American Internet Users A Political Voice
03-01-2012, 10:41 PM
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Star Internet Blueprint Project Aims To Give American Internet Users A Political Voice
[Image: The-Internet-Blueprint.jpg]

After the recent failure of bills like SOPA and PIPA in the House and Senate, its been made clear that the American people do, in fact, have a voice — and we are especially passionate about our right to continue to have a voice with regard to new media. A new project started by Art Brodsky called the Internet Blueprint Project wants to ensure that the American People continue to have a voice in the type of legislation that will define how we use the Internet.

The Internet Blueprint project is essentially a portal for people to propose legislation that can eventually pass through Congress and become a law. Users can simply propose an idea, and other users can vote on it or submit the idea to their local congressperson. Art says that “This is the start of an ambitious effort to put forward a positive agenda for the rights of Internet users — people and companies. What makes this different is that we want to move from worthwhile concepts to actual legislative language that could be drafted and presented to Congressional staff for consideration [by their bosses]. That’s what makes the project unique.”

The project is very new, and does have roots in the recent attempts by Congress to pass the drastic bills that were SOPA and PIPA. Art explains this further: “The project started out addressing copyright and intellectual property issues, because those were the touchpoints of the debate around the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) that got everyone so angry at Congress earlier this year.” However, he adds that that was just the start. He says, “The beauty of the project is that people are free to submit their own ideas for consideration, for others and PK to evaluate, to determine whether they should be included as part of a package of bills........”

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