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Imprisonment - Murder - Lies - Harassment toward World Journalist's Reporting Truth
03-09-2016, 05:21 AM (This post was last modified: 03-09-2016 05:22 AM by Thinker.)
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Imprisonment - Murder - Lies - Harassment toward World Journalist's Reporting Truth
Guccifer, the infamous Romanian hacker who accessed emails of celebrities and top US officials, will be extradited to the United States, after losing a case in his home country’s top court.
Reuters reports that Lehel will come to the US under an 18-month extradition order, following a request made by the US authorities. Details of the extradition have not been made public, however. Also released were emails between former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Corina Cretu, a Romanian member of European Parliament, prompting Powell to deny that the two had had an affair.

Perhaps most notably, Lehel was also the first source to uncover Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email account while she was Secretary of State, which the FBI is investigating as a potential danger to national security. In March 2013, the hacker released to RT and several other news outlets the four memos that had been sent to Clinton from her former political adviser Sidney Blumenthal. The memos contain information regarding the September 11, 2012 attacks on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, as well as the January 2013 hostage crisis in In Amenas, Algeria.

Lehel was indicted by the Department of Justice in 2014 on charges of wire fraud, unauthorized access to a protected computer, cyberstalking, aggravated identity theft and obstruction of justice.

Government action on reporters telling the truth is not favorable, because they are showing just how corrupt things really are in the world of politics - wars - banking - and corporate fraud. Attack on truth is growing to coverup corruption that is happening all over the globe. Reporters are being targeted for telling the truth.

LIES CONTINUE TO BE EXPOSED - Syria War: U.S. Government Lies and the Murder of American Reporter Serena Shim

VICE Reporters Arrested By Turkish Government

Government Planted Classified Document on CBS Reporter’s Laptop to Frame Her For Illegal Possession!

CBS Reporter's Hard Drive Secretly Remotely Accessed by Government Snooping Without Search Warrant

Government Takeover Of Turkey's Largest Newspaper Sparks Protests - Newsy

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