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How UFO Paranoia in the USA started & flying cars/new vehicles.
07-27-2018, 12:37 AM
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How UFO Paranoia in the USA started & flying cars/new vehicles.
Many years ago the Avro Aerocar was made. It tried to do some specific things but still had part of its design based off of conventional aircraft that were already in existence. At that time several "wing" craft were made that were sort of triangular shaped one was by Northrop Grumman. The Avro vehicle didn't do quite what they wanted so it went for full redesign. Another round wing craft that did have part of the body and tale of a conventional plane was also made.

Then new ones that were different types of disks with no appearance of conventional aircraft. Some of these shared something in common with the TR3B Astra. It's engine and propulsion systems. Later they had some changes which made the two style of aircraft different again. Such as some could only operate in atmosphere.

Early tests on the post Avro disks were quite promising. But full capability could not be tested over mainland areas. There are regulations for supersonic and subsonic vehicles. This is because of noise and other issues. So tests were moved to a base in the Phillipines and a few other island based locations. This allowed for safe testing over water as to speed, noise, safety, etc. Once they were sure of how it performed and noise they could move to use over land with specific policies regarding it.

One day it came to happen one of the disks was sent to the mainland. The base was phoned and told "Expect a circular wing craft to shortly land at the base." Along with other relevant information. It did have a aviation designation number on it, flag, and military marker. The story I heard was that the bases response was to laugh at the caller and accuse them of doing a prank. They also claimed that it was impossible to have something like that because all planes have wings and engines on them.(engines like prop or jet planes) The officer did not pass on to anyone that he had received the phone call.

The plane showed up and did contact the tower. At this point people not expecting the experimental because the other officer didn't inform them. Thought that it was a foreign vehicle with unknown motivation making it a possible threat. They argued with the flight team about landing. Finally the pilot got very angry and just landed anyways. Then exited the plane with a co-pilot(engineer that monitors the engine). People approached them in their new style flight suits and one officer shot the pilot and killed him. The other officer was grabbed by the people and put in jail.

The story got out including to the department that handles weird stuff.(which may well be classified) They knew it wasn't a weird stuff call it was about one of the new ships. Officers were sent out. The base officer that shot the man was then put in a court case but argued he did it under orders. The other officer that was supposed to pass on the phone message to the office about the ship was also taken to court on charges. He argued that the airplane didn't sound plausible and the court said he didn't have the education to reach that conclusion. He ended up in jail and also seen as an accessory to the death of the person that died. However before trials were to happen and officers got there to deal with the situation. Rumors got out and people started freaking out about these "aliens" and "UFOs" and how one was so brazen as to land at a base. Even rumors claiming they were faking they were human. Part of the reason the second man didn't get shot is someone on base recognized him with his helmet off.

Our sciences progressed with these experimental ships and the flight suits. This includes even use of artificial gravity generation and new filtering of contaminants and oxygen recycling. Ships now can take any shape, use anti gravity inside and out, and in some cases be atmosphere or space only, or usable in both. There are also drones for traffic control of the new style of ships and also new flying personal vehicles. Some of these are round spheres with special computer and propulsion systems. They can go invisible if needed or use holographic surfaces to hide in clouds. Some of them were given designations of old satellites no longer in use.

Part of the drone system was going to be used also for new airplanes that used "flock" intelligence and other methods for fuel efficiency, and dealing with busy airports high volume. There are also new subsonic and supersonic planes that fly at high altitude and speed and arrive in a fraction of the time of conventional civilian airplanes for mass transport. Because of the altitude range of some of the planes along with the military space planes and civilian space programs(or private space programs). The new flight guidance and flight control monitoring system was needed. Something that could also deal with the high speeds some of the vehicles could achieve. It would be hard for a human to keep up with it all on the old equipment.

As for "alien" aircraft or spacecraft. They and some of Earth's own vehicles land at 4 designated bases. There is one off the coast of South America, another near England, one off the coast of China/Taiwan/Korea/Japan area, and one other one. I don't know if any more were made after I left working for the government. Some of the bases were capable of taking undersea objects. They also have particular protocols for washing down or decontamination of planes if they have operated outside of earth. The bases are announced in space via one of the satellites for any vehicles that might approach earth. Also in some other countries people know of these bases or special airports for small aircraft that are of a new design.(people just called them flying cars. They have a variety of body styles and only two I knew of literally could operate as a normal car and not look different from other cars.)

One of the new personal vehicles has been called the "Black Knight" satellite by some people. Originally people called a long cylinder object in space that. But later started calling the car that. It was a 3D printed car using new technologies and was used to partly train the new drone traffic control system. But I did get in combat with another vehicle once using energy weapons. The other one is a sedan that was modified. But at the time I also knew of others coming up with new vehicles. One vehicle was also used for military use and it is in a fluidic state until frequency changes it to a more solid state and it can change the type of object it is. This is likely something that still will remain classified for some time to come as to what the fluid all contains and how the alteration of its states works.

New regulations were coming out years ago. These would affect small aircraft and people wanting to run in city or in region small aircraft transport by autonomous systems. People would need helicopter or small plane flight training to own one. To make their own they needed specific engineering training. Personal craft that was one of a kind could be approved by flight inspectors given the creator had proper engineering training and flight training.

The Audi Shark is similar to the one car that they sometimes mislabeled as "Dark Knight Satellite." Though we did joke that the car looked like something belonging to Batman. Though some videos list the Audi Shark as a "concept" vehicle only. It does have technology that allows it to fly. It and others similar to it were featured at an auto show that was on in asia and europe many years ago.

Keshe Foundation - Space Institute is a private group that sprang up abroad years ago. This is in part not just because of regular people's feelings on topics. But other worlds outside of our own were disturbed by the situation on Earth and didn't like contact because of wars, pollution, religious clashes, racism, and sexism.

There really is a car that does what is in this video below. The original video of it taking off for the first time in traffic involved drones and the picture quality wasn't the greatest. You have to set the park break and be stopped. Then you flick the toggle switches to activate the secondary systems. Covers go over the wheels, the back center engine pops out of the roof, the side engines pop out, and the vtol system from the undercarriage spaces moves out and kicks in.

That car mixed with this one caused a Kia commercial that was part joke and part truth. They had a concept model that was a flying car.

Kia Hamster commercials included this one. Basically China got teased by Korea for hamster ball cars.

There are also individual non plane suit type gear. Like a jet pack that people wear that also caused a stir a few times. Also an anti gravity suit with specialized imaging systems for engineering and maintenance. One time I remember a suit was in the area and got dispatched to a civil passenger get in distress. The tail of the plane was having problems. So they imaged it, found the issue, accessed the plane and fixed it while in air to prevent crash. Passengers wouldn't of been able to see the maintenance going on. But the pilots were in contact with the maintenance officer. Such work gets dangerous because of civil aircraft engine type. But that plane had no tail engine and a stuck rudder. So aircraft maintenance is changing and so is modern transportation.

I've driven a few of the concepts in this video. Such as some of them seen for policing. A few of the new police cars can fly or drive on the road. One was designed for Hawaii and a specific roadway they had.

If you ever see a "UFO" video and there is horizontal lightning. It is likely in combat using energy weapons with something. Meaning usually one is a policing agency and the other is someone that is not responding to requests that they land. Especially if there is a known problem person on board. I was once in a fight with another ship that wasn't built on earth. I knew the people on the ship and they were trying to get me to go with them somewhere. They were part of another authority. I hadn't done anything wrong and they wouldn't explain themselves so I wouldn't go with them and got in a fight.

Another time it was a ship made on Earth with criminals on board. One of the ships didn't have weapons and needed fighter jets which were working with it. The job of the unarmed planes is to keep pace with other similar craft and to do peaceful missions including repair or rescue work. The problem people could be slowed down by movement of the unarmed plane. Making it a easier target for jets to knock down since structural materials of hulls for commonly built private craft aren't usually capable of dealing with thermal energy, etc.

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