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Hojojutsu and other arts
08-06-2018, 01:01 AM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2018 01:02 AM by TheDove.)
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Hojojutsu and other arts
Classical Martial Arts Research Academy - Hojojutsu

I know some people will look at that page and even think "kinky japanese people." Yes some people do have an "adult" use for a form of it. But the people who train in it are learning to fight using a chord, apprehend someone, and make them easy for transport to trial. Kind of like a cowboy hog tying someone then dragging them to jail. Only cowboys usually don't finish their training by having to survive and clothe themselves.

This martial art is responsible for the "survival bracelet."

When I was little I had to study this martial art. Once you have completed training, in the old country, they would take you out to a forest with a river or area that can be fished and they leave you for several weeks. You are naked when they leave you. You must construct a home which is easy enough to do or find yourself a cave, or hidey hole. Then you must find roots or vine and from that you can make yourself clothing. You also make a fishing line and use it to make a fish hook. You have to survive off of the plants or what you can hunt. You only have nature around you to do it. No hunting or survival gear. Just your training.

Today I went out to a festival in Vancouver called Powell Street Festival. It is basically a Japanese culture festival for those that many years ago lived in that area in what was once Japan Town and now is something else. There is still a Japanese Language School, and Buddhist temple there but other than that it's a park. The festival showed some versions of martial arts but it never shows Hojojutsu and several others. As children certain families pass on training. You sometimes practically have to beg the master to train you. Which is what happened to me. I was a girl and though the person knew of my family they hadn't trained with him before. While some martial arts are quite popular. Some of that is less picky masters or people willing to take larger groups, then further willing to train foreigners. The arts you hear less about often are very strict masters who train people for several years and take less than a dozen students. Some do not run formal training buildings.

Now my health is such I can't put the training I had to use. Arthritis and other damage makes the body less flexible. Though there are a few martial arts adapted to help disabled.

This is a video showing the rope against a sword(no idea what they are saying as I only speak english after one head injury). I did also learn to train with bo, polearms, swords, darts, Kris(poison blade), knives, bolo, bow and arrow, jax, Chakkar(chakram), Furusiyyah(horseback), and other more modern things. I did once try a whip sword and they are hard to do. For poison infused you learn also antidotes and how to extract venom and other toxins. Sometimes the venoms were dried and used as medicines as well. Also these days you can make custom toxins in a lab using chemistry or a mix of creatures.

This one also demonstrates the whip blade.

In this art they told me to put a small stick or smooth rock in the palm of my hand before wrapping it. It was taught by warriors along with other styles.
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