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Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal-'The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton
01-28-2016, 06:30 AM
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Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal-'The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton

'The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now' - by Sidney Powell - The 2-Faced U.S. Government

Posted By: Infoeditor
Date: Wednesday, 27-Jan-2016 14:30:42

'The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now' - by Sidney Powell - The 2-Faced U.S. Government

This article appears at, OBSERVER OPINION

The next time you are charged with a crime or violation remember how Hillary Clinton appears to be above the law and how it is only 'We, The Forgotten People' who end up prosecuted. Can you imagine how many persons have been imprisoned for much less than Hillary's ongoing offenses? The two-faced U.S. government is proving to be a non-performer as time slips by on the non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters reportedly said, "Hillary Clinton is a criminal". This article says that military heroes who risked their lives for this country have gone to prison for less. thought there is justice in the U.S.? Justice for other than wealthy elites? Ha!


The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now
Hillary finally hands over her server—after it's been professionally wiped clean
By Sidney Powell

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes questions from reporters following a town hall meeting at Exeter High School August 10, 2015 in Exeter, New Hampshire. (Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

After years of holding herself above the law, telling lie after lie, and months of flat-out obstruction, HIllary Clinton has finally produced to the FBI her server and three thumb drives. Apparently, the server has been professionally wiped clean of any useable information, and the thumb drives contain only what she selectively culled. Myriad criminal offenses apply to this conduct.

Anyone with knowledge of government workings has known from inception that Hillary’s communications necessarily would contain classified and national security related information. Thanks to the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community, it is now beyond dispute that she had ultra-Top Secret information and more that should never have left the State Department.

Read more:

Notice the exclamation in large, large print -

"During the same years that Hillary was communicating about national security and world affairs off the grid, the Department of Justice has had no qualms threatening news reporters and prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act."

and remember how reporter Sharyl Attkisson's computer was hacked by those attempting to obtain her information, and, think of all the spying done on you, your friends, families, and loved ones and ask yourself why, IF IT IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT TO SPY ON YOU IN SUCH A FLAGRANT INTRUSIVE WAY - WHY IS HILLARY ABOVE IT ALL AND ABOVE THE LAW? You cannot even send text messages, emails, or do phone calls without being spied on by the 2-faced government....WITHOUT WARRANT!

Just the fact there has been a hiatus, a delay in her prosecution indicates there are likely a lot of huge skeletons is the big guv closets!

The U.S. so-called government is a two-faced piece of excrement that people, even in America, hate. They hate it now - because of stunts like the non-prosecution of The Clintons.
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