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11-27-2018, 01:49 PM
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If Men Were at Peace, They Wouldn't Try to Destroy One long will evil rule???

1994 An Honorable Sky that now shows Chemtrails if Poison full of dishonor.

In 1994, the world was a better place than it is today, and there were men and women who were filled more with love than hate, men and women filled with joy and not the bitterness you see in faces today. What has happened to the beautiful "Garden of Eden" that was given to "ALL" Beings to live together in harmony???

Only the "TRUTH" that Donald Trump wants the world to know will set the people FREE!!!


Planet Earth being filled with poison in the water and the sky...WHY??? White lines of chemicals spraying away the sun and water filled with poison for EVERYONE???

Who has done everything in their power to destroy the love on planet Earth???

Who changed the love frequency 432hz, to Hitler's anti-social frequency 440hz???
History will give you the answer and the name of those who don't want equality, but slavery all around!!!

Who campaigned to put "POISON" in the drinking water, bath water, and inside the mouths of Americans, and promoted a campaign to make the citizens believe "POISON" is good for them??? Who would "LIE" to enslave millions and steal from the poorest of the poor???

Who was behind the campaign to rid Americans of their "WISDOM" teeth that the rest of the world still have??? Your wisdom teeth, like all the teeth in your mouth are connected to a major organ...the connection that satan wants to rid the people of...the wisdom teeth are connected to the heart...heartless in America...past presidential agenda???

Chart: The Relationship Between Your Wisdom Teeth & Body Organs

Years ago, if you went to a physician for suspected heart disease, the last thing they would have thought to do was refer you to a gum specialist. These days, however, things have changed, as science continues to shed light on the connection between these two seemingly disconnected regions of the body. (source) The same goes for pregnancy, diabetes, and a number of other conditions.

In the past five years alone, interest in possible links between mouth/tooth health and body health has skyrocketed. Truth is, your oral health is far more important than you might have realized, and we are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between the body and the mouth, teeth, and gums.

What conditions could be linked to oral health? (We encourage you to look for more sources, as they are abundant.)

Every Organ Is Connected To A Tooth! When You Have A Toothache, It Can Show You Problems With Some Organs!

Our teeth are very important and we must take good care of them. Even the smallest problem with our teeth can be tied to a specific health issue. You might not believe this, but our internal organs are actually closely related to our teeth. In this article, we’re going to discuss about that. Our bladder, kidney and ears are connected to our lower and upper incisors, while our gallbladder and liver are connected to our canine teeth.

According to various experts, our molars are connected to our stomach, pancreas and spleen, the color and lungs are connected to the premolars and our small intestine as well as our heart are connected to our wisdom teeth. Still, even if our teeth are damaged it doesn’t mean that our internal organs are damaged, too. Patients feel pain around damaged, removed or even healthy teeth.

This kind of pain is called:

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