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Genetic screening test (PKU) required at the state???
04-20-2017, 03:54 PM
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Genetic screening test (PKU) required at the state???
This is a rant and conspiracy although the PKU test is real.

Info about PKU(Phenylketonuria). PKU is an amino acid/protien disorder in which ones body is unable to break down the presence of a chemical by the name of phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is in damn near everything but also found naturally in the body.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM. The state requires this testing. Let me say that again, the state requires this test. Why is this an issue. My thoughts are simple. Vaccine's aren't required even though they actually prevent diseases however a pku test is mandatory is only a test and doesn't prevent anything.


Fact: PKU is a genetic screening test
Opinion: "the state" doesn't need my childs DNA.

FACT:PKU is mandatory and vaccines are not.
Opinion: Why is a genetic screening test mandatory but life saving vaccines like polio, hep B, and MMR, AND TDAP are optional.

FACT: PKU is an AMINO ACID disorder. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of our entire body.
Opinion: (sarcasm) Apparently PKU is so deadly that the state needs a genetic screening test to identify those who have it and begin to track them from birth. If it were so deadly the babies would not exist because they are literally built with proteins. (john tutor said it was difficult to have children).

FACT: PKU is most common in the irish, indians (without the dot), turkish, and northern europeans. Less common in africans, japanese, and jewish.
Opinion: Less common in people who we can control with money, people who actually control the money and people who make this technology possible.

FACT: PKU is a violation of HIPPA. no documents are signed releasing medical information to the state.
Opinion: refer to fact. They don't pay my bills so why should I send them a birthday card with my childs DNA.

FACT: genetic screening is the sequencing of human DNA in order to discover genetic differences, anomalies, or mutations.
Opinion: if it doesn't help me then it hurts me. Is the state using PKU testing to monitor a problem they may have created in order to minimize our population. Basically, it is a question of "how do we know its working bob", bob says, "easy joe, we create genetic screening test which will monitor every child from birth and we can use fear as a manipulator to enforce the test"

Fact: the state can go eat a dick

Signing Out

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