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Former Argentina President indicted for same thing other presidents do - Retaliation?
05-15-2016, 07:08 PM (This post was last modified: 05-16-2016 01:23 PM by Thinker.)
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Former Argentina President indicted for same thing other presidents do - Retaliation?
The crime in which the president is being charged with can't compare to what U.S. president have done with bankers with billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars.

BUENOS AIRES — A judge in Argentina on Friday indicted former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and other officials on charges of manipulating the nation’s Central Bank during the final months of her administration.

Mrs. Kirchner and the officials are accused of entering into contracts to sell the Central Bank’s dollars at below-market rates during her presidency in order to shore up the Argentine peso. The judge, Claudio Bonadio, said that it was “unthinkable that a financial operation of this magnitude” could have been carried out without the explicit approval of “the highest political and economic decision makers of government.”

Judge Bonadio will now deepen his investigation, legal experts said, to decide whether the case goes to trial or is dismissed. Mrs. Kirchner can appeal her indictment.

Axel Kicillof, Mrs. Kirchner’s former economy minister, and Alejandro Vanoli, the former head of the Central Bank, are also being charged. Last month, Mr. Kicillof derided the case as “an absurdity” and “entirely political.” The criminal complaint that led to proceedings was filed by lawmakers in the governing coalition of the new president, Mauricio Macri.

In theory, the Central Bank is independent, although scholars say it has long been used as a political tool of the government.

There was a party in Argentina when the new president took his seat and the U.S. spent millions to send the president, his family and friends south to have a good time!

Party in Argentina that took two planes for Obama's turning into conspiracy & coverup

Two planes? Was the other one carrying the new cabinet for the president? Argentina is going to see a change and like most nations, the people have yet to feel anything good from the results of them. The Obama's are making the most of it and it's party time in Argentina on the taxpayers dime!

Parks can be closed in the U.S. due to dollar shortages, but not presidential trips - party and vacation - the Obama's living the good life! Sorry pensioner money is needed for other things and the need to cut your pension was necessary.

Two planes full of people is expensive and money has to come from some place?

What government isn't manipulating numbers or doing business with bankers?

U.S. Government Financial Numbers Are Manipulated To Keep The Illusion Of A Recovery

Despite huge layoffs the unemployment claims have decreased steadily and are now the lowest in 42 years. The number of homeless students increased since 2006. Most Americans have less than 1,000 in their savings. Retail report states this holiday season will be a disaster. Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Glencore could be the next Lehman.

China launched its Yuan based payment system to go up against SWIFT. TPP is being used to keep China and the BRICS out of trade.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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