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FAKE MEW email scam about BTC HF
10-24-2017, 02:32 PM
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FAKE MEW email scam about BTC HF
An important message regarding the upcoming ETH hard fork and the impact on MyEtherWallet.

We have pushed an update that allows smooth sailing for all the MyEtherWallet users in the process of the upcoming hard fork. To make use of this update we request all users to sign in to their MyEtherWallet accounts and synchronize their wallets for continuous undisturbed use of our services. The way this works is as follows:

1. Unlock your account by using your Keystore File (UTC / JSON) or simply use your private key. Only do this using the official MyEtherWallet site: view-wallet-info

2. Click Load Synchronize Wallet
3. Finally verify your ETH and Token balance

Please note that you need to manually verify your wallet in order to avoid your funds being lost. We hope that both of these updates will give users the confidence to get their ETH off the exchanges and further reduce the risk of people making mistakes and inadvertently not saving / storing their private keys or passwords.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,
The MyEtherWallet Team

The link it tells you to click on view-wallet-info when you hover your mouse cursor over has you going to site which is not MEW at all. This is a scam so please pay attention to the coming emails about the BTC HF.

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