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Even Neo-Nazi David Duke Thinks Alex Jones is a Nutcase
05-25-2014, 07:06 PM
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Even Neo-Nazi David Duke Thinks Alex Jones is a Nutcase

JPMsecretagent, proud member of Realist News since Jun 2011.
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05-25-2014, 08:28 PM (This post was last modified: 05-25-2014 08:32 PM by People4People.)
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Information Alex Jones A Nutcase Actions, Words, & History Exposing Truth
May 25, 2014

Stumbled into some old threads, and there are things from the past that are surfacing. When you are playing both sides, it gets hard to remember who your talking to sometimes.

During the Vietnam war, John Kerry was an activist fighting against it, and now every time he is on the news, it is time to go after some nation for something the U.S. has done so many times I stopped counting.

When to the lies, and the wars for profit end?

Over 11, 000 hits for "JERKS at Planet Infowars Have betrayed SkyRifter!!' and missing videos now raise the red flags higher.

Over 600 hits for "Conspiracy Theorists Are Sick of Alex Jones"

Over 5,000 hits "Banned from PrisonPlanet: Weird "Illuminati" stuff in Alex Jones videos... "

Banned from PrisonPlanet: Weird "Illuminati" stuff in Alex Jones videos...

There are many more, but the question is how does he saw corrupt government, tyranny in one breath, then tell Americans to give up their guns in another?

Something isn't right...MK Ultra?

Alex Jones Calls For Gun Confiscation For A Better World May 25, 2013

Of course the video is missing, but the proof still lives on Realist News, and obviously from the statements I made on the thread, I didn't like the video that Alex Jones made.

Waiting for truth.

Waiting for the world to change...for the better!

No Justice...No Peace...

Friendship/Love/Trust/Respect/Unity for all living things...

People4People, proud member of Realist News since May 2011.
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