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EtherDelta - Stuck/Slow Transaction Tip
12-05-2017, 02:50 PM
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EtherDelta - Stuck/Slow Transaction Tip

EtherDelta gets slow with a lot of volume. If you have a transaction that is stuck for hours or longer than you can stand. You need to increase the gas price and resend the same amount in a new transaction. This will replace the stuck transaction without loss.

Lets say you try to perform a deposit from your personal Ethereum wallet on EtherDelta to the EtherDelta smart contract wallet on the EtherDelta platform. Once you click the Deposit button, a dialog will appear with a link so you can monitor the success of the transaction.

If you closed the dialog you can view all of your transactions by clicking on the drop down in the top right corner of EtherDelta. Select "Etherscan Address" and the page will appear. Look for the transaction that is stuck. Click on the TxHash link of the transaction that is stuck waiting. This will open the Transaction Information page of the transaction.

Down towards the bottom of the transaction, look at the gas price. If it is 4 Gwei then you need to up it. In high volumes the gas price has to be larger for faster transactions. I change the value from 4 Gwei to 30 Gwei . You can put in less or more depending on how much you want to wait. Experiment. See what you like and what performs the best for you.

Now that you have changed the Gwei. The deposit value is the same as when you initiated the stuck transaction. Press the Deposit button and EtherDelta will initiate another transaction replacing the stuck transaction and it will go a lot faster to success.

I hope this helps. If there is an error or if you know of a different way please let me know.

Thank you
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