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Dollar Search? Obama to sign executive order to ignite corporate competition
04-16-2016, 10:30 AM
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Dollar Search? Obama to sign executive order to ignite corporate competition
Unless the war breaks out or there is a major disaster the dollar flow is dwindling for those who have had their hands in the till a long time. The Executive Order won't help the people and isn't helping anything.

What would help is:

Having the NFL and other pro teams pay taxes!

Having the 20 Billion in HSBC bank of American money pay taxes (Case was dismissed in Florida court) These Americans are free to keep there money offshore and not pay taxes.

When you count the number of military bases in Japan alone, it is clear that money is needed just to keep the thousands of military industrial complex facilities running. Free trade and more competition - buy - consume - borrow - more debt - war - the American way?

President Barack Obama sat with Yahoo Finance's Nicole Sinclair to discuss his new Executive Order.

On Friday, President Barack Obama announced he would sign an Executive Order directing every relevant agency of the Federal government to take steps in identifying bottlenecks to competition and to create new ways to increase competition in the economy. The Executive Order puts agencies on a fast-track path to, within 60 days, identify the steps they’ll take.

“Competition is good for consumers,” Obama told Yahoo Finance in an interview at the White House on Thursday. “And ultimately it's good for business. That's the way the free market works. The more competition we have, the more products, services, innovation takes place.”

As one of the first actions in this new, government-wide push, the Commerce Department is filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to call on it to increase competition in the set-top box market.

Cable and satellite TV boxes sit on televisions in hundreds of millions of American homes, showing up on every month’s bill as “converter rental.” According to analysis by the White House, the cost cable set-top boxes — on average $231 to rent per year — has risen 185% while the cost of computers, televisions and mobile phones has dropped by 90%.

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