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Decoded: "House of Trump" Secret Path to "MAGA" - Who is Holding the Staff???
11-10-2018, 07:48 AM
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Decoded: "House of Trump" Secret Path to "MAGA" - Who is Holding the Staff???
When it comes to the family of the 45th president of the United States, they are the "HOUSE OF TRUMP" and since their arrival to the White House, the changes are becoming clear to many who hold the words of the Creator to heart. They have not been forgotten and with Donald Trump holding the staff, the waters now fall back on the unwashed. It is time for the hearts of all to be exposed for what they really are...where is yours???

Are you understanding the connection between the word from the Bible and the actions of the 45th president of the United States??? Wake-up...your world is "God" be the Glory!!!

Time after time, the president of the United States, Donald Trump has had to defend himself from the fake news, and the attacks by the anti-Trump reporters who have been placed around him by the anti-Trump mainstream media networks. Trump isn't backing down, and has no problem calling out corruption. Florida is standing out for the number state for voting corruption and there are going to be changes under Donald Trump. Cheating is going away and fair voting is coming back to America.

Those who have cheated to win will pay the price in the end!!!

Trump is "Draining the Swamp!!!"

President Trump addresses reporters at White House Press Briefing on Whitaker, Jim Acosta, April Ryan, Abby Phillips asking 'stupid question', Michelle Obama, Mueller probe, election, 'never forgive Obama for what he did for our country.' Of course Jim Acosta from CNN was there to ask the questions, and at 15:00 the questioning turns to the temporary placement for Sessions. Your president didn't need notes to answer the questions that reporters should have known, but the POTUS had to educate them of the facts!!! When will reporters do their own research and not ask the president and his White House Press Staff, question they can find on the internet, like those they ask??? Mainstream media, exposing themselves and the news that "ISN'T" being reported!!! Florida...Broward County...start with the $80 million dollar theft by the "United Church of Christ" (Obama Church) who pawned the Miami Beach Community Church given to the community by the founder Carl Fisher. The will gave the property to the city and behind the backs of residents and business owners, "GREED" came in and left the repayment of the loan on the taxpayers of Miami Beach. Corruption in Broward county...TRUMP TRANSPARENCY SHINING IN!!!

When do you you finally tell someone they aren't welcome in your home anymore??? Was Donald Trump wrong for banning CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta from briefing room??? What does Acosta get paid for, to find a button to push for reactions??? While CNN Acosta badgers the president about the caravan of migrants that he has yet to go and do a report on, shouldn't his concern be for Americans, who are living in tent cities, and homeless??? While CNN spends its time calling out Donald Trump, there are 2000, children missing every day in America!!!

Why isn't Jim Acosta and the mainstream media calling out the failure of past administrations and organizations for letting the problem of child abduction in the U.S. continue. Who wants to remove/impeach Donald Trump??? Those who know where the children, money, and missing trillions have gone from the Pentagon!!!


Yes!!! Donald Trump has awakened the people!!!

Yes!!! Donald Trump has awakened the youth!!!

Yes!!! Donald Trump is on the path to "Making America Great

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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Decoded: "House of Trump" Secret Path to "MAGA" - Who is Holding the Staff??? - Thinker - 11-10-2018 07:48 AM

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