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05-14-2018, 10:14 PM
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The incidence of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the deadliest type of brain tumor, more than doubled in England between 1995 and 2015, according to a new analysis of national statistics. During that time, the number of cases of GBM rose from 983 to 2,531.

"There is nothing complicated about why children absorb more radiation than adults," Gandhi told Microwave News from his office at the University of Utah not long ago. Children have thinner skulls and smaller ears than adults, he explained, and so the radiation has a shorter distance to travel from the phone to the brain. (Every millimeter of separation makes a big difference.) Because more radiation gets to the brain, the specific absorption rate (SAR), the preferred way to measure the radiation dose, increases. That's it. You don't need any complicated equations, or even a computer to see the big picture. "The higher SARs have nothing to do with sophisticated models," Gandhi said, "It's all about separation distance. This is something you can explain to your mother-in-law."

Gandhi's original 1996 graphics showing that 5-year-old and 10-year-old children have higher SARs than adults (reproduced below) have achieved iconic status. Ronald Herberman, the former director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and his colleague Devra Davis fashioned a three-dimensional model of Gandhi's pictures —with Gandhi's assistance— to emphasize the higher SARs and the deeper penetration of the radiation in a child's brain. They have exhibited it at Congressional hearings, on various TV shows and during myriad lectures and presentations. Their message, summarized by Herberman in a memo distributed to the some 3,000 members of the cancer institute's faculty and staff in July 2008, calls for precaution, especially with respect to children (see "Who's for Precaution, Who's Not").

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07-22-2018, 01:19 AM
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My daughter died of Medulloblastoma. It wasn't from cellphone use. They discovered it when she was 8 and felt it was growing since she was 5. In her case I believe a doctor affiliated with the same gang as my ex-husband injected her with medical research samples of cells.

Other doctors and authorities were suspicious of the nature of her cancer so deliberately asked me when her father was away to sign forms to turn over samples of her tumor gained during surgery. Her father had a long police record with gangs and other problem people. He had been investigated on several charges of murder, assault, abduction, theft, etc. Your probably wondering how I ended up with him.

I had a background in sciences and worked for several agencies. This included radical reaging therapy, cryogenics, engineering, space, and other fields where they asked me and others to do analysis and other work. I had worked with NASA on a few projects and my name got associated with a spy satellite series that had launched around the 70s. As a result a problematic group panicked and targeted flight 445 Cubana. Stories said we basically all died. The truth was most of us lived. We were washed up on shore with debris. Some people were killed by pirates that showed up at the crash site by boat and started shooting some of the survivors. Survivors were taken to various facilities and private residences for safety. As fear was terrorist were going to check hospitals.

Before the flight a man claiming to be from the government showed me his ID. He said there was an elevated threat level. He would not say anything more really about the issue. I tried to find another flight as I had a business meeting and the person I was meeting also had to go to another meeting after. There was no flight that would arrive in time that was an alternative to the one I was set to take. Since I wasn't told it was imminent threat I boarded the flight. Later talking to CIA and air safety investigators I came to be aware it was as a result of the launch of the keyhole satellite and they had targeted me directly from my involvement with the project. This despite the fact I had nothing to do with whatever they were going to aim the satellite at, etc. I did have access to one satellite at one point for threat assessment as a private contractor. But wasn't doing that anymore at the time of the incident.

As a result I was put in witness protection. Then later they claimed to have things under control and I came out of the program only to get attacked while in Canada. Which was followed by gang stalking brainwashing, etc. While some of the people involved were in gangs I'm not sure where the others are from and who might of contracted them. As a result of witness protection I was given new papers with some new information. Though my name stayed the same and had been changed from something I'd used in another country.

Some frequencies for broadcast or other uses have been investigated since before the 1950s. Along with many things of the time people could of misused it and governments weren't trusting of each other. As a result people applied different classification rules and different rules over usage. As a fact that "oopsie" over what microwave and other bands could be used to harass someone. I was involved in its deliberate release in 1974. The facts on it were known longer than that. I haven't been in contact with people from that time period since before the crash of that flight I was in. After the flight I was found to have a brain aneurysm. Later it burst and I suffered memory loss which made it easier for the problem people to force their way into my life.

Some frequencies are dangerous and can do all sorts of damage to motor function and cognitive function. That is even before any consideration of cancer. Other frequencies are safe. I have a brain MRI that doctors suddenly claim they can't properly read or is fine other than a little grey spot in them. I asked at the time of the MRI for the technician to give me a copy. So I got a copy because of my prior injury but not a report as to what the doctor found though it has my requisition form. The MRI clearly shows implants involved in one transhuman project and another to help fix vision and hearing issues I had from injury working for the government and military. In the MRI it clearly shows numbers in two spots. I'm unsure if this was added by the MRI technician or if the numbers exist on the items. I was once subject to an NDA on the issue however more than 25 years has passed. One of the implants is a type of cochlear implant I've more recently seen on the news which is completely internal.

Another part isn't quite the same it allowed for device control. It worked with a halo device which was external that I had to wear as a headband. One non cleared base officer freaked out when taking over on a base and after me and others were in a crash he ordered an autopsy on one crew member and surgery on me which removed one type of visual implant(like smart contacts). This is because our program finished testing that day and after that day but before he got full command clearance the program would move on. He wanted to know what was going on. Oddly enough the man knew me and was fine with me. But he didn't know the flight crew and our gear was censored. Our suits were second skin suits. So he inisited and though I had some authority at the time I was unconscious. Doctors knew what the items were and argued to leave me alone. It turned out one crew member was assumed dead but not quite there and he was ordered cremated. He started screaming which is how people realized he wasn't dead. So paranoia isn't good especially when it happens with people in power that are impatient about security clearances letting them at things.

Despite my implants I'm fine. The "white spot" is a implant that wasn't put there by authorized sources. It was put there after I was abducted by nasty humans. I'm very much human too but in our space suits that impatient base officer started freaking out saying we must be aliens. I had to wonder about the guy because I can't remember if he was one of the one cleared or involved on the various disk and wing based supersonic planes. He probably would of accepted things better if we had all been wearing a NASA or ESA outfit. But I have worn one of those and still had pictures censored for fear of public or cross nation political fuss.

Again I have hardware in my head. Other people not involved in such programs also get it as treatments that are both experimental and mainstream to treat blindness and hearing loss. To my knowledge despite their exposure to frequency they don't develop tumors or have any major health risk. I did get sick with cancer once but it was a result of exposure to other things. My daughter's cancer isn't hereditary and is not related to frequency related cancers.

While specific radiation levels from phones set at specific frequencies can be dangerous to your health. They have taken steps to fix that in past. They did this by quietly ordering the cellphone industry to change the output level when the phones are close to the body and asked them to change some of the frequencies they were using. This happened long before North Americans got accustomed to cellphones. They have existed far longer than the public hear has used them. So in those pictures where they ask if someone is time travelling simply because they look like they are using a cellphone or cordless phone. It's probably not time travel its just someone using the early cellphone system. They system wasn't deployed everywhere and neither was the equipment to speak on the network.

There was one group of frequencies that can heal. I can't remember exactly what they were. Most first investigating it through it might be some new agy hoax. But testing trying them at various intensities proved it was true. But this goes more into problems with the medical industry business structure and people worried about population levels. Meaning somethings are treatable or curable and it wasn't able to go to public use because of other concerns. So people had to get creative on testing things. One new physics medicine equipment ended up being used by a psychic healer. Truth is the man had to wear a special electronic bracelet and smart ring. He also had to wear special high tech contacts or glasses. Similar to what firefighters use to see into walls of buildings.

Other frequencies are neutral as far as I know. They aren't particularly dangerous and we use them a lot for a variety of things or they are naturally occuring. Some of them are used as bone conduction receivers and brainwave related sending units for voiceless communications for security purposes.

Unfortunately I've been away from things since the early to mid 1970s. I've suffered a serious brain injury from an aneurysm and gunshot. I have not kept in contact with people I once knew and was many years away from engineering and other fields. So while I remember things I can't do things such as give peoples names or formulas though I might recognize both if I saw some of them.

If you buy a phone there are many factors you look at. You should check the radiation levels of the phones. Also consider the levels of such for some types of headphones. Certain brands make it a priority to keep low safe levels as there are different ranges of safe levels. People with certain family histories are more susceptible to illnesses that can be caused by problem frequencies including environmental poisoning from general electronics being poorly shielded in buildings, etc.

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