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"BLACK" Trump Supporter Most Attacked "TRUTHER" In USA!!!
10-13-2018, 09:59 AM (This post was last modified: 10-13-2018 10:05 AM by Thinker.)
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Tesla's Enchanted Forest Under Control of Homeland Security???
Since Donald Trump was elected, I've watched those who have something to hide attack him from every angle, only to have it blowback and be ten times worse. Since moving to Pennsylvania by "Divine" intervention, the corruption is beyond and close to what the current president of the United States is having to deal with. Didn't choose to be where I am, but can see why I'm here...and watching the supposed "COVERT" operations of Homeland Security???




Are we getting ready for a surge of people into the Tesla's Enchanted Forest, or something else???

Watching my Homeland Security neighbor climb to the top of the telephone pole to manipulate the 5g box with red pins, and the recent surge in the colored dots on mailboxes in Pa. is raising red flags. Tesla's forest has more bells and whistles added with the latest installment while we were away, but clear to see!!! Does Homeland Security own the Richland Swim Club??? Why are they installing motion detecting lights, and the latest camera on top of the picnic shelter of a swim club that is "CLOSED???" As the gang stalking and attacks increase along with the security surrounding the forest, the energy coming to the planet cannot be stopped.


I've seen the "BLUE ORBS" that live in the forest and if you take your cameras out and film, you may not see them with your naked eye, but they will show up on your camera. Are the lights directed around the forest to keep people out or the "BLUE" orbs in??? With the Trump "Drain the Swamp" investigations and the rumor that over 900 indictments on the way for corruption in Pa. alone, guess the guilty who have kept secrets from the people and the president are preparing for an who???

REupload since my channel was hacked & all videos deleted. Shot on July 10, 2010. Daytime shots filmed by nearby North Irwin, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) resident ENERGEEERESEARCH (original videos on his channel). Not only had he been seeing these too-early shining "stars" that would emit other SHINING spheres that rained down, but he's seen the triangle crafts they apparently change into frequently traveling along the PA Turnpike, and bright orange/amber spheres over Irwin by the interchange of Route 30 and the PA Turnpike. Only about 25 mile drive west to Pittsburgh from here.


There aren't just 300 pedophile priests in Pa., but when the politicians were being exposed, evil trumped good. In 2014, when PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane said; "Some officials who worked on the Jerry Sandusky abuse case are involved in a porn scandal" it was her "HONESTY" that was attacked.




After she was convicted of leaking secret criminal files (CHILD ABUSERS???) and then lying about it, Pennsylvania’s attorney general is expected to address her job status within days. Kathleen Kane showed little emotion as the jury convicted her late Monday of all nine counts, including two felony perjury counts. In an episode that seemed more likely at a mob trial than a statehouse corruption case, Kane’s political operative described being taken to a parking garage, stripped of his phone, keys and wallet and searched for a recording device before a lunch meeting with the attorney general. The consultant, Josh Morrow, admitted lying to the grand jury to protect Kane after they had concocted a cover story that framed her chief deputy for the leak.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-13-2018, 07:13 PM (This post was last modified: 10-13-2018 07:27 PM by Thinker.)
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Fmr. Cern Scientist Exposing Trump Transparency On Killing Programs Around the World
Since the election of Donald Trump, there really was a big shift, but not in the Earth, but in politics around the world. What Trump is finding out since becoming U.S. president, is politics is a little different than the street, but players are similar. A man who isn't being swayed, Donald Trump seems to be on an agenda to out all those who betray him and he can't trust. So many programs have been compartmentalized in the U.S. government and with Donald Trump being in office less than two years, what he has accomplished has been amazing.

What it seems he isn't getting information on, is the spy program that many are calling the slow invisible kill/depopulation program. Killing for assets??? Who wants the home of former PPG scientist and Pitt University professor and are going to great lengths to get it? I
have never seen two neighbors more concerned about is a house for sale, than how is the 92 year old owner. Well, due to the failure of justice I've had to watch the covert operation with people who aren't who they say they are, on the edge of a forest filled with life and a stargate.

Mind-Control Worldwide (Stop 007)

Tami from New York and Dr. Katherine Horton talk about mind-control and other assaults worldwide. Trump evidence continues to be presented to the people, by those who are eye witnesses to crimes from past administrations. The directed energy program was not formed under the Trump administration nor is the spraying the sky with chemicals that do alter the way people behave. Everything Dr. Katherine Horton is saying I can validate and give anyone who can't believe a chance to experience on their own. The only people who don't have pride inside are the ones who hurt people and have to hide. How many men and women work for money and have lost their honor and pride???

How many more whistleblowers will emerge from the shadows???

Only "TRUTH" will set the people free!!!

Trump "Drain the Swamp" getting closer to the bottom of the pond...

What happens to the web of life when the human race chooses to relentlessly bombard it with massively powerful and varied radio frequency / microwave transmissions? What happens to the human body that is mostly made of water? How can very high powered RF / microwave transmissions be used by the climate engineers to manipulate cloud cover, climate, and precipitation?

Though many mainstream power structure controlled "science" institutions are paid to pacify populations in regard to the dangers posed by radio frequency / microwave transmissions, what conclusions would logic and deductive reasoning dictate in regard to the dangers of such transmissions? Whatever one chooses to believe (or not), the impacts to the biosphere from radio frequency / microwave transmissions is shocking and undeniable as the NASA satellite images below reveal.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-16-2018, 01:54 PM
Post: #63
Above Majestic: Implications of a Secret Space Program - Official Trailer
Trump transparency keeps going and growing...

On September 10th 2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion dollars could not be accounted for within Department of Defense expenditures. The very next day the Pentagon’s budget analyst’s office was destroyed in the 9/11 attack. The mystery remains: Where are the missing trillions? Above Majestic is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity.

Viewers will be guided through take a deep dive into the origins, technologies, history, cover ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that goes beyond and Above Majestic. Featuring some the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure.

This includes:

David Wilcock,

Corey Goode,

John Desouza,

William Tompkins,

David Adair,

Laura Eisenhower,

Niara Isley,

Jordan Sather.

Insider Claims to Have Autopsied 3,000 Different Species of ETs: David Wilcock with Emery Smith

Emery Smith, the whistleblower formerly known as “Paul”, comes forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. You may have seen him in the film Sirius, as he was dissecting the Atacama Humanoid body. In this introductory episode, he tells us of his induction into secret military testing facilities at Kirtland, AFB in NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 12, 2017.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-18-2018, 08:24 AM (This post was last modified: 10-18-2018 08:40 AM by Thinker.)
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Waking Up With "2" Suns & Planet & NASA/Mainstream Media Stay Silent But Not People
How could such an event occur and it not make the front page of every newspaper and be the talk of the day??? Is there a reason that mainstream "FAKE" media won't cover the sun event that seems to be now the closest and clearest for the naked eye to see??? Well, it isn't something that just happened, but happens every year in the fall and spring. Is there a reason that NASA, scientists, astronomers, and the mainstream median isn't talking about what it is that is being recorded when the sun is coming up???

Why aren't some of the photos of what appears to be two suns on the front page news???

It might kickstart a few brains and make them think???

If the masses start much will it change the world???

Two suns and a planet...could it really the link below so you can see...all over the world!!! Why won't anyone in the organizations qualified to discuss what the average person is talking about and recording...(2 suns and a planet) and say its real or just more technology being tested???

Waiting for the answers and wondering if the prediction of more observatories shutting down to keep this information for a select few...TO LATE!!!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-25-2018, 09:40 AM (This post was last modified: 12-07-2018 02:49 PM by Thinker.)
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Trump Disclosure: They Are Everywhere & Look, Speak, Act Human, But They're Not!!!
How long will it take for those living on planet Earth to understand that the planet is not only filled with hybrid humans, but species from all over the galaxies. President's of the United States and other world leaders know about the non-humans living on Earth, but Donald Trump is the only president besides JFK who wants to share that information.

Those that are calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump...are they human???

For to long the secrets of other "Beings" on planet Earth have been kept from the masses, and it is all changing under the leadership and new 45th president of the United States. How many of these non-humans are in governments, military, and working in positions of power and trust all over the world???

What is it that the military industrial complex has fought long to keep from the American people and how is it going to change your life???

LINDA MOULTON HOWE has been reporting about this for some time, but now since the election of Donald Trump, Americans may be getting more transparency than they can handle. Starwars is "REAL!!!"

How long will the suppression of non-human life on planet Earth last???

U.S. Secret Space Program Whistleblower's David Wilcock, Emery Smith, and Corey Goode are opening up the doors that Donald Trump has wanted to for a long time. These three men are releasing information about how far the secret space program has gotten and what Americans aren't being told.

When will the people know about those above and below the planet???


How much did the U.S. government know about other species during the Paperclip Project and what is their connection to Antarctica???

What you'll hear in the video below is "REAL" and the information that the president of the United States is being attacked for and there are those who don't want the masses to know.

Emery Smith, the whistleblower formerly known as “Paul”, comes forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. You may have seen him in the film Sirius, as he was dissecting the Atacama Humanoid body. In this introductory episode, he tells us of his induction into secret military testing facilities at Kirtland, AFB in NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies.

Emery Smith David Wilcock Secret Underground Base DETAILED WALKTHROUGH

The stargates are real!!! Tesla's Enchanted forest in Gibsonia, Pa. can't disappear, but the security around it continues to increase. How many underground bases in the United States do Americans support and soldiers protect??? "it's kind of like airport security on steroids and they also have without getting into too much because I can talk all three hours about this part just the entrance to this is they have special dogs there that are bred to smell you when you come in and when you leave and they're trained to smell if you have any contaminants on you such as viruses or bacterial infections and..."

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-26-2018, 01:16 PM
Post: #66
US Army’s Stargate Program, Established in 1978 at Fort Meade Maryland
Disclosure is coming with or without the release of documents by "deep state" as more and more whistleblowers and victims of pedophiles speak out...

"TRUTH" cannot be CONTAINED!!!"

The creator of this video describes a declassified CIA document available online, which outlines the Chinese government’s interest in parapsychology, remote viewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc. The document is titled, “Chronology of Recent Interest in Exceptional Functions of the Human Body in the People’s Republic of China.” It was declassified through a Freedom of Information Act request and it outlines specific people with very special abilities and how they’ve been studied by thousands of scientists and governments around the world for a very long time.

Scientists have been exploring the mind-matter relationship for more than a century and they have established that consciousness or factors associated with consciousness do, in fact have observable effects on what we call the physical, material world although they are very small. The US military has had an interest in parapsychology, as evidenced by the US Army’s Stargate program, established in 1978 at Fort Meade Maryland, which investigated the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications, specifically, the “remote viewing” phenomenon, also known as “astral projection”.

In his book, ‘The Yoga of Time Travel’, bestselling author and physicist, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf proposed to explain the superhuman abilities of:



History is showing trillions of lost/can't find dollars missing from the Pentagon, and past presidential administrations giving the money that should have gone to the Veterans and their families who have lived, died, and fought for the United States!!! As long as there are Veterans in the streets without places to live or something to eat, the United States government is still broken and in need of repair!!! Who are the commanders in the military that fight for millions in more weapons and equipment for wars, and forget the men and women who serve under them.

How can anyone wearing a uniform be proud to be in the military, when their partners and fellow soldiers are living on the streets???

Do soldiers have to die in the street, before anyone will help them???

Forgotten homeless veteran given full military rites - STAYTON – When Richard Laing died in a Eugene hospice August 22, the homeless man had no known family members or friends. All anyone knew was he once served in the U.S. Navy. Because of his service, dozens of veterans and:

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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10-30-2018, 07:18 PM (This post was last modified: 10-30-2018 07:58 PM by Thinker.)
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Former CERN Scientist & Whistleblower Warn President & Americans About "AI" On Heads!
Our Actions Define the Content of Our Character & Will Reflect Honor or Dishonor. How many work for a paycheck, and how many work to better the life of "All" on planet Earth???


Why does the president make statements that fake media calls out to question his mental status??? What hasn't been told to the President of the United States Donald Trump, that he and his family should know about??? Is Barron Trump getting what the POTUS is??? Are you being hit with waves in the crown chakra to stop the opening of the third eye??? Mass shooter being targeted to do wrong??? Whistleblower Richard Lighthouse is giving the American people and the world the transparency into the two secret space programs, and one that is committing "CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY" without the knowledge of the masses and possibly the President of the United States.

Are you being the President Donald Trump???

Waiting on POTUS to investigate if someone is tapping into his mind like many believe is being used against him to stop the "Drain the Swamp" investigations.

I'm an American and living with "Crimes Against Humanity" by those who only live for money. How many different organizations are there surrounding Tesla's Enchanted Forest in Gibsonia, Pa.??? The woods are lighting up and everything at ECETI ranch in Washington and more can be found if one finds the stargate door. Disclosure can't be stopped and information for empowerment of humans cannot be suppressed much longer. The masses are feeling the energy that coming onto the planet, that the chemtrails can't stop.

Put your hand on the top of your head just where it slopes down. Hold for a few minutes and you'll feel it!!! Support Dr. Katherine Horton a former CERN scientist turned "TRUTHER" for the people!!!

James Gilliland - ECETI Stargate, Interdimensional War, & Why Disclosure Has Stalled

How many times has the POTUS been attacked and mainstream media has looked the other way??? Who is protecting the president??? Will the POTUS be heading to ECETI ranch in Washington to meet the neighbors???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-06-2018, 07:30 PM (This post was last modified: 11-08-2018 04:19 PM by Thinker.)
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Murdering the People by Global Crime Cartel - Guess Who's Watching & Recording It???
How long will it take for them to murder and kill with directed energy weapons??? Today was the worst attack yet...election day!!! How many hate, kill, and murder in and out of uniform, follow orders without thought for a dollar??? How many can hold their heads high and be proud of what they do every day??? Dr. Katherine Horton a former CERN scientist explains how and why people around the world are being attacked by this global crime cartel that are now scrambling to keep control. Donald Trump winning the seat of U.S. president has put a wrench in plans, but it would seem the Pentagon is moving forward. You can't fly anything in U.S. air space with out the Air Force knowing.

Who is flying the craft over Gibsonia, Pa.???

Who hates Veterans???

Who hates Americans???

Dr. Horton is helping the people of the world to understand the history that shows the reasons that those who are attacked know what the masses have been suppressed from knowing. If you don't believe in slavery, then you've been mistaken. The crime cartel flying around to kill and murder and be all they can be??? Dr. Katherine Horton giving a history lesson of corruption, power, and hate for most of the people in the world, by those who love to eat, rape, and anything baby!!! Visual video to show the viewer things that will never be reported on mainstream media. What level are you on???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-08-2018, 05:18 PM
Post: #69
"Video The Internet Doesn't Want You To See!" David Wilcock and Corey Goode (2018-18)
To understand what is really going on around you, and where the 45th president is getting information on the outside, that isn't being presented to him on the inside. Donald Trump wants "DISCLOSURE" for the American people to finally know the "TRUTH" that so many whistleblowers have died for and continue to risk their lives to bring to the people. David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Emery Smith, are the validation of everything happening in Tesla's Enchanted forest, and at ECETI Ranch Washington and Australia.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-10-2018, 09:47 AM (This post was last modified: 11-10-2018 10:05 AM by Thinker.)
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FLOTUS Speaks of "Honor" While Former FLOTUS Smears Trump in New Book Lacking Truth?
"House of Trump" continues to be number #1 by Words, Actions, Transparency, and "TRUTH" over "ALL" White House occupants to date!!!

"Our words followed by our actions will continue to define the content of our character, no matter what party the people support!!!...Thinker"

"Anti House of Trump News seems to be showing that there is bias in reporting the "TRUTH," and instead of uniting a nation is putting in its two cents to help divide it. What editor's are approving stories that bash the president of the United States and his family??? Who are these men/women who sit in seats of judgement of the news for the masses to read??? Stories that are printed in media reflect the very organization that many of them have approved to release. While the presidents wife Melania Trump was using Twitter to congratulate Kavanaugh on his installation on the high court, adding:

“I know you will continue to serve our country with honor.”

There were those who clearly show their dishonor and lack of respect for the FLOTUS, or Kavanaugh who has just been sworn into the "House of Trump" and there are those who have everything to fear from a man that Melania Trump speaks of that so many men/women seem to be lacking in the capital of the U.S...."HONOR!!!"

Even after the attacks on Kavanaugh by Ford are now coming up false, the ignorant fake news shills, that will write anything for a dollar are twisting what should be a positive news article into a negative one. Who writes to bring the people down, and who writes to bring them up??? Who would rather support and write about the with history that is dishonorable, than write about those who have an honorable past??? While mainstream journalist who have years of debt from going to school, to say they can be reporters write garbage for cash, there are those in the alternative world who are only asking that the "TRUTH" be told and to get the story straight!!!

Melania Trump Raises Eyebrows With Tweet About Brett Kavanaugh's 'Honor'

by HuffPost Lee Moran,HuffPost

Michelle Obama Defends ‘When They Go Low, we Go High’ - Look Up Attacks Are From Sky!

by By Chris Mills Rodrigo

Former first lady Michelle Obama defended her "when they go low, we go high" motto during an appearance Thursday on NBC's "Today," pushing back at Democrats who say the party should fight fire with fire.

"Think about how you want your kids to be raised," said the former first lady, who is preparing to go on a book tour.

"Do you want them afraid of their neighbors? Do you want them angry? Do you want them vengeful?

"When they go low, we go high" was a message echoed by Democrats after the former first lady first uttered the phrase during a:

How many news outlets wanted to promote Michelle Obama's book with bashing the president Donald Trump??? How many news outlets want Americans to know that by promoting hate and division with the words, actions, and book of the former first lady they help the losing party in keeping a nation divided. Words and actions are exposing the enemies of the president of the United States and the people.

United The People Stand, Divided the People Will Fall, But When They Get The Call...Will They Come Together???

While the Obama/Clinton administration...mostly Democrats call themselves the better ones, their actions continue to say the opposite. Since Donald Trump has taken the seat of the 45th president of the United States, on top of trying to run the country, fix a broken system, find the missing trillions of lost tax dollars, there are those from the opposing side who have made his first two years hell!!! Through all of it, the president, first lady, staff, and family have ridden every tsunami that has rolled their way. What has been amazing to see, is when the great waves roll back, and like on at the bowling alley, the pin you didn't expect to fall goes down and the screen shows the score.

Michelle Obama wasn't paying attention to the game being played. Not learning from the misplays of Brennan, Sessions, Comey, and how many others to come that will make the wrong play???

How many times has the POTUS said Checkmate???

Flashback before Midterm Elections - Is President Trump BRILLIANT? - by War Drummer

The plays aren't happening at the bowling alley or the golf course in the "House of Trump," but playing one of the hardest games of chess a grandmaster has ever played...are you following along???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-12-2018, 11:48 AM
Post: #71
Connecting With Corey Goode @ Disclosure Mass Meditation Fest In Washington D.C.!!!
What an amazing event that happened in the backyard of the POTUS at the bottom of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Rose early in the morning to take the drive from the edge of Tesla's Enchanted forest, to Washington D.C. along with the "Collective," Drone patrol, and an amazing body of light that joined the festival of open minds. What was so beautiful about the people at the festival were the smiles, vibrations of love, and those who were aware of the impact the event was making. Introduction to the festival thanks to a video by Jordan Sather who like myself was in Washington D.C. for the first time. Only person that it would have been nice to see show up, would have been a surprise visit by the POTUS

There were so many speakers, at the festival that have been blogged about on and for me, like walking among the stars...

Laura Eisenhower (Great Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower)

Bill Carson

Jordan Sather

It was important for me to go to this event to meet with Corey Goode. He connects to the Blue Sphere Alliance, whom I give thanks to and honor for all they have done to make it happen.

Corey Goode

There have been those who didn't want it to be, but it happened!!!

When I tried to connect with Corey Goode at the Jimmy Church "Soul Tech" event at ECETI ranch in Washington, and his stepfather got sick and he cancelled. It would have been to overwhelming anyway had he come, because the speakers that were at the workshop were above and beyond. Guided to this event by spirit guides and enlightened beyond what I thought I could be, I thank Jimmy Church for putting on the event and for James Gilliland for hosting it at ECETI ranch.


The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot regularly visited by UFO's, orbs and light trails. UFO's have been reportedly been pursued by US aircraft above James Gilliland's ranch. An unprecedented event that has the potential to change the course and destiny of Humanity and the Earth is unfolding at the Gilliland Ranch near Mt Adams, and Trout Lake, Washington where CE5 Contact and "UFO contact" with spiritually and technologically advanced extra and ultra-terrestrial off world visitors (a "greater family of man) has occurred and continues to occur on an ongoing basis. The number one question when people come here and see the ships, experience the higher consciousness and energy experiencing spontaneous healings and incredible awakenings is why is this not getting out to others.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-15-2018, 09:30 AM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2018 09:40 AM by Thinker.)
Post: #72
Exclamation RE: Secret Space Man Corey Goode @ Disclosure Mass Meditation Fest In Washington D.C.!!!
Many people are having legitimate ET contact experiences and now we know what their purpose is? Many of these contactees share a similar thread that runs through the entirety of their experience. That thread is a message. “Raise the Consciousness of Humanity and Release Suppressed Technology to the World.”

Since coming forward in 2015 the provocative testimony of Corey Goode has been at the epicenter of dialogue regarding the Secret Space Program, MiLab Projects, ET contact and Full Disclosure.

In his extensive and fascinating presentation Suppressed Technology: A Catalyst for First Contact Corey will look at the kinship of responsibility that comes with the development of advanced technology along with raising the consciousness of humanity. It is the very same message that coincidentally thousands of other contactees have received during contact with ET’s over the past decades. Would reaching an intellectual and spiritual maturity as a collective award humanity a different stature within Cosmic Law?

Would these 2 factors be the key to unlocking a first contact event on a global scale?

Thanks to Corey Goode, people like myself who can see many of the things he does, don't feel crazy, and understand the attacks by those who hate the "TRUTH" "TRUMP" and anyone who supports the Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for "ALL" Beings!!! To "God/Creator" Be the Glory" for bringing the world whistleblowers who believe the people have a right to know!!!

How long will the innocent people be attacked by the secret societies who prey on innocent children, slavery, and a world without freedom???

How long will these members of the army of satan walk the streets???

Waiting for Trump transparency to show the enemy that attacks Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Emery Smith, James Gilliland owner of ECETI ranch and home to open disclosure on UFO's. The place that validates that planet Earth is filled with more than just humans. Take a trip to ECETI ranch so you can see for yourself and understand the words of Corey Goode who is and can be call an "AMERICAN HERO", along with the present and past whistleblowers who have spent lifetimes to tell and bring the "TRUTH" to the people...Wake-Up!!!

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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11-15-2018, 10:36 AM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2018 02:30 PM by Thinker.)
Post: #73
Q anon 9/11/18 "Panic in DC" Why Donald Trump Was Never Supposed to Be!!!
Donald Trump wants the people to know the "TRUTH" so that "ALL" Beings can learn to live together in the open, as many have in the past.

Only those who don't want to disclose the "TRUTH" are the ones who have attempted to harm a president, protected by a power beyond any on planet Earth. Trump transparency continues to shine through and promises fulfilled to the American people.

The whole world continues to watch the 45th president and Grand Chessmaster "Drain the Swamp" of the unwanted and by actions and words, the dishonorable.

History and Whistleblower's Who Give the Masses Hope for a More Humane World Reach Out to the American people and the world. Miracles can happen and "JUSTICE" too!!! How many lost their lives in 9/11, and what aren't Americans and Veterans who fought for it not being told??? History continues to expose the illusions that "Architects and Engineers" have been preaching since the twin towers and building #7 fell in New York. Two major events happened, one the day before and one the day of 9/11.

Donald Rumsfeld announced on national television the day before that the Pentagon had lost/couldn't find $2.3 trillion, which today the missing monies slated for Veterans is over $9 trillion...treason??? The day of 9/11, the biggest gold heist in the history of the United States happened, and "NOT ONE" of the security agencies, NSA, CIA, FBI and the DOJ, is looking for it???


The only people who want to impeach Donald Trump and not disclose the "TRUTH" are those who have trillions to hide!!!

Richard Gage, AIA Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

"The video below has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content" Which makes no sense whatsoever given the scientific evidence that this documentary sticks to. Of course we are appealing the action to the extent that we can and will take legal steps as well. The video had over a Million and a half views prior to be taken down.

It isn't the "Twilight Zone," "Star Trek," or "Star Wars," but if you could use 100% of your mind, you would see that its your life and the matrix is crumbling to make it so.

Is there a possibility that the reason history shoes there were no bodies or luggage collected at the 9/11 plane crash in the state that is second on the list with over 900 sealed indictments...Democratic Pennsylvania??? Could many the passengers of 9/11 passengers still be alive and hidden in one of the two secret space programs of previous administrations and Pentagon??? Is that where the missing trillions have gone/disappeared/can't find went???

NASA Forced To Deny Having Child Sláve Colony On Mars

Why would NASA waste the time to respond to what isn't true???

Slave Colony on Mars Claim goes Mainstream

This is the video version of the article, "Slave Colony on Mars Claim goes Mainstream" published on on July 2, 2017. Narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.

Laura Eisenhower, Recruit Whistleblower - Mars Agenda & Secret Space Program - Jan 2017

Great podcast with Laura Eisenhower, Great Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. She breaks open the lid on the Secret Space Program, Mars Agenda, ET's, Source & DNA manipulation. How many "LIES" have been told to the people of the United States about Area 51 and the reverse engineering of space craft, stargates, and life beyond planet Earth in a dimensional universe???

"Q" Putting In On This One Too!

American Hero & Whistleblower Corey Goode speaks about the Secret Space Program Technology They Hid From the Public

Many people are having legitimate ET contact experiences and now we know what their purpose is? Many of these contactees share a similar thread that runs through the entirety of their experience. That thread is a message. “Raise the Consciousness of Humanity and Release Suppressed Technology to the World.”

Since coming forward in 2015 the provocative testimony of Corey Goode has been at the epicenter of dialogue regarding the Secret Space Program, MiLab Projects, ET contact and Full Disclosure. In his extensive and fascinating presentation Suppressed Technology:

A Catalyst for First Contact Corey will look at the kinship of responsibility that comes with the development of advanced technology along with raising the consciousness of humanity. It is the very same message that coincidentally thousands of other contactees have received during contact with ET’s over the past decades. Would reaching an intellectual and spiritual maturity as a collective award humanity a different stature within Cosmic Law? Would these 2 factors be the key to unlocking a first contact event on a global scale?

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11-17-2018, 11:47 PM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2018 11:51 PM by Thinker.)
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Treasonous Co-Conspirators Setting Up U.S. Feel the Power of the Creator in Gibsonia
What does it look like when the "Creator" has a run in with satan??? Go to St. Thomas church in Gibsonia, Pa. on the edge of Tesla's forest and see how mad satan got when the "Creator" stepped in. No where in the world does wind rip branches from the trunks of trees like a peeled banana!!! No where in the world does the wind rip the branches from the bottom of tall fir trees and leave the tops. All around the St. Thomas church the trees were ripped apart by what looks like from a giant hand and not wind. The church didn't sustain any damage any of the falling branches. A church that clearly is surrounded and is filled with the Holy Spirit.

Don't believe in a "Creator" of "All" Beings???

Seeing is believing...and what has been seen to date is not of planet Earth. Who lives around the Tesla's Enchanted Forest, and what part do they play to keep others out???

Lights are still out in many places in Pa., but what satan couldn't do is wipe the smiles and the unity of those without power away. All around western Pa. people were helping out and offering to help those without. Every time there is a disaster in the U.S., the people are now seeing that the best help they get, comes from each other and those from the Heavens. In the forest there was panic, because security was down, and there were those who did go in to see what they could find. Security for the forest came before some of the homes on the edge of it. When the outdoor swim club on the edge of the Enchanted forest was light up like a football field, and the neighborhood next to it completely dark.


Underground City???

So many secrets in plain sight has many searching the woods of Gibsonia, for the stargates and cities to another world.


Could the highly popular television series Stargate SG-1 (aired 1997 to 2007) be more science than fiction? Secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode claims it is based on real-life advanced travel technologies found all over the planet, solar system and galaxy. In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode, “Portals: The Cosmic Web”, Goode responds to questions posed by the host, David Wilcock, about various kinds of travel technologies used by ancient societies and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Goode described the difference between various “portal” or “wormhole” technologies that either naturally occurred, or were built by a highly advanced ancient civilization not known even to current extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. This is virtually the same scenario depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series, where stargates are described as being built by a race of beings called “the Ancients.”

Goode referred to technologies depicted in the Stargate SG-1 as a fairly accurate illustration of how ring-shaped ancient portals or “stargates” actually look and work. He said that the navigation system is similar to:

Why hasn't the POTUS been told of what is below the surface in a state where the first capital once was??? Greed and power keeping it from him and continue to do and say whatever to try to remove Donald Trump from the White House. Trump has only ONE response to the ongoing soft coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community

“President Trump is facing a full-blown coup d’état, sooner or later. The treasonous co-conspirators are setting up the country so as to spring into action on several fronts. When they execute the final putsch will be determined more by sheer desperation than anything
else. They really don’t want to overthrow Trump violently, but will eventually feel the absolute necessity to do so. This will be their only way to stay out of prison. Here’s the real problem for the POTUS: He can only trigger a military solution when all of his ducks are in a
row. Should Trump act prematurely, his success will be put in jeopardy.
Should he act too late, his administration will be in grave danger.”

— Former U.S. Military Officer and Intelligence Analyst

For those who are unaware, the Trump administration has been the target of a slow motion coup d’état sometimes referred to as the Purple Revolution.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros, the Clinton Crime Family, and the Obama Administration

Most of the leaders of this stealthy insurrection are unknown and working deep within the U.S. Intelligence Community. Others, such as former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden, as well as former CIA Deputy Director and Acting Director Michael Morell are highly visible leaders of the coup faction.

However, it is the countless agents of Deep State who populate the Zio-Anglo-American Intelligence Community that pose the real problem. In this regard, it’s:

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11-19-2018, 01:10 PM
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How the CABAL Infiltrated Every Aspect of Your Life | War on the American People
On this episode we will get into the details of how our society is being monitored and controlled by the #DeepState and how they steer us into doing pretty much anything they want through control of events. We will talk about how they want to break up the family, how everything we buy is recorded, how they want to divide us, and how they want to break us.

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11-27-2018, 12:04 AM
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Fmr. CERN Scientist Katherine Horton: Tricks Psychopaths "deep state" Play
The (Holocaust) Working Group is BRAND NEW SERIES launched on 28 October 2018! It provides a hands-on step-by-step guide for victims and investigators of the global crime cartel, aka. the "Intelligence Agencies". This series is intended as a workshop to follow week on week with simple measures to implement immediately.


00 - Intro to the Working Group series
1:16 - Additions to the affidavit template - Statement of Truth in French
11:10 - Note down memories of incidents as you are filling out the template and keep a Perpetrator List
14:58 - Hunting down the psychopaths
16:11 - Deep Capture in our systems
19:12 - Psychopaths do NOT feel empathy or remorse
21:00 - Dealing with Psychopaths
21:50 - Central DNA database
23:05 - Psychopaths recognise each other & learn your weaknesses
1:00:03 - Los Angeles Police Department and their badges
1:20:28 - Artificial intelligence senses people through walls

Part 2 - Tricks Psychopaths Play

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11-27-2018, 01:24 PM
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Scientist Invents Technology to See ‘Multidimensional Beings’
Contrary to the beliefs of the transhumanists, the idea that we are not just physical beings living in a physical universe but multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe dates back to the earliest civilizations. Many ancient spiritual and metaphysical philosophies, like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Kabbalism and others teach that there were multiple realms of existence and that the universe is somehow divided into planes; each consisting of its own reality; populated and inhabited by multitudes of entities, beings, creatures and objects.

The hidden dimensions are described as making up a much larger proportion of the universe than the physical parts that can be seen.

Ancient Hindu traditions describe seven planes of existence, each teeming with life. The lower planes are said to express more of the material aspect and the higher planes express more of the energy aspect. These seven planes interpenetrate each other and occupy the same space. Different levels of consciousness are required to perceive these different planes or dimensions. The ancients lacked a science to explain how this was possible. This video by Universe Inside You says this is no longer the case; that there’s nothing at all mystical about it and that all can be explained with physics.

Quantum physics sheds light on the truth about our world, showing us how our physical material world is really not physical or material, at all. As Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Niels Bohr said, “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

As Richard Conn Henry, a professor of physics and astronomy stated, “Get:

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12-05-2018, 04:38 PM (This post was last modified: 12-05-2018 04:50 PM by Thinker.)
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Trump Space Force Final Frontier of Destroying tDeep State & Help for Whistleblowers
Trump Transparency Shining Through and Alternative Media Filling In the Void for You!!!


Why can't humans use 100% of their brains...think about it..research...know the "TRUTH."

Trump's Space Force is to reshape the future of human kind with a whole new paradigm of technology about to be released to the public. Is space exploration about to become a household topic and Mars the new vacation destination? A new Space Race has begun and with it the US is aiming to push forward the development of new Tech, defense programs, government systems and even consumer products.

If China becomes first to win, our entire society could be in danger. But has there been a secret "Starwars" happening in space unseen from the public eye for years? And if so would President #Trump’s #SpaceForce finally make all of this public? And are there really secret space programs? All of this and more on Today’s episode of Edge of Wonder. Thanks to whistleblowers Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Webb, Pete Peterson, and so many more, the "TRUTH" is being declassified without the documents that "deep state" won't release.

Only the "TRUTH" will set the people free...who wants to stop it???

"Deep state pedophiles!!!" Time for those who consider themselves 100% American to support the POTUS and call for "TRUTH." History reveals the liars, pedophiles, and those who conspired against the American people and world.

To "God" be the Glory for Donald Trump!!!

Time for Americans to know just how much past "deep state" governments have kept from them and many of the Veterans who fought and many have died for lies, greed, power, and control.

Who wants the guns from Veterans/Americans???

Those who fear the "TRUTH!!!"

Thank-You Honorable Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers, & POTUS for Having the Backs of the Citizens!!!


David Wilcock and Emery Smith Face-to-Face With a Secret Space Program Insider

A remarkable battle for disclosure is playing itself out on the world stage at this time. However, even the Alliance has felt we are “not ready” for a full disclosure. Instead, they are pushing for a “Partial Disclosure,” where we still learn some very amazing things but the full truth could be withheld for 20, 50, even 100 years. However; we already have a very good idea of what that suppressed “full truth” will be!

Join David Wilcock in this tour-de-force presentation, where we come face-to-face with the intel he has gathered from multiple insiders working within the Secret Space Program, including his 10-year associate Emery Smith, who very recently came forward. Emery has seen three thousand different types of extraterrestrial humanlike species, and his information has electrified the UFO community with new revelations.

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12-07-2018, 02:28 PM (This post was last modified: 12-07-2018 02:58 PM by Thinker.)
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I've spent my whole life living in a world that is more than amazing, and I tell people I'm in my third lifetime now, and the only thing I have to do is serve the people. Not much of a background, but was an Air Force brat in my first lifetime, did the Catholic School thing. A father that got out of standing trial for rape, by sending the family as far away as possible, but what a blessing for me.


If you don't know the island, the history of it and those that are attached to it will open up even more to what many don't really know of the corruption within the military industrial complex.

A felon by 18, only because lack of knowledge in the law and a corrupt system. All documented. What didn't the failed justice discover??? My two identifications, social security cards and names!!!

I was "People4People," and the change back became "THINKER."


Yes, and a reason for many who will be tried for treason. I was given a blank embossed Illinois birth certificate, that came from a drawer full of them from a U.S. Army base. I was in my first lifetime, a kid and a follower who was told I needed an ID to go to the bar. In my innocent mind, and at the age of eighteen I was able to do better than Obama and I had a "REAL" second birth certificate, ss number, and name. So, how can any American think that Obama may not be American...he isn't and can't prove it!!!

Not planning to do anything more than go to bars until I was twenty-one, our "Creator" had another direction for me, and I had to lie.

Some lies are for good, and not much bad karma returns from them. I used the fake/real ID and got a union job that required you to be twenty-one and the rest is history. How many times did I have to give a fingerprint for ID and no one caught the criminal record...system failure!!! How many times did I try to fix it??? To many times for me to count, but no one cared and time went on until...the call from a state department came. I needed a passport, and I got one after telling my story.

I was American!!!

How many non-Americans are in the military with dual citizenship's that aren't legal who used a embossed blank birth certificate??? Obama not an American??? Every executive order, bill, law will be redacted...TIME TO HIT THE RESTART BUTTON!!!


Why should all political positions be held by an individual with 100% American citizenship???

How many dual-citizen/politicians vote against Donald Trump and MAGA???

Why should history matter???

Since 2011, Trey Gowdy continued to show the American people, evidence of corruption and lies that hurt, that leaders at the top refused to address. Treason against the people can be seen on C-SPAN who gets credit for airing the "TRUTH" for all to see. Only problem was, the guilty never had to be held accountable until now. Want to watch a 're-run," then check out the Trey Gowdy hearings and try not to get upset that you didn't hear it on mainstream "fake" media.[/b]

What's wrong with people???

Why is it that only a certain group wants everything??? Are all those in the group pedophiles. They look okay on the outside...they have lots of money...their famous...they're an officer in the military industrial complex...they are priests, politicians, live in a mansion, drive an expensive car... It isn't the cover of the book, but whats in it, just like the cover of an individual tells you nothing.

I grew up not knowing people had issues with skin color until I was seventeen, and then when I found out about the MLK stuff I was floored. People tripping out on what someone looks like on the outside until I had my own experience. At least once a week during my early 20's I would have to engage with a man who like to put metal parts, earrings, and just about anything on his face. Hard to see his eyes when your distracted. When I asked my "Creator" about this, the reply back was..."If I remove your sight today, what will it be about the man that bothers you tomorrow." It didn't take long to understand the meaning of the reply and why I'm always saying look at the content of the character and not the image the eyes show you. For most humans on planet Earth, lies are and have been a part of their existence, even those who call themselves Christians. If you put your child on the lap of the man called Santa Claus, a stranger wearing a red you really know who he is??? Besides that, you represent the lie that has gone on forever. Tell Santa what you want??? Santa says its coming if your good...REALLY??? Life changed for my family and young children when a little boy aged five, went to visit Santa and was so excited about going. I happened to see him later in the day and he had the traditional candy cane along with that smile and the promise that Santa gave.

"If your a good boy or girl, then you will get what you want"

My little friend told me he had only asked for three things and that he had promised to be good. Christmas came and went and it was two weeks and I had yet to see my little friend who always delighted me with his shining light that glowed through his aura. Finally, the day came where I saw my little friend in a distance. Instead of the usual bright light invading my space with joy, he looked at me with his big blue beautiful eyes full of tears. He said to me that Santa didn't come to his house and he was good and only asked for three things. When he asked me why, I had to lie. I do believe that there are some that you can get away with without much reflection back on the karma side.

I believe some things in my life come from spirits which we cannot see, because even I was surprised with my own words.

I told him that I had heard Santa was busy that year and may have dropped his gifts at the wrong house. I told him that my elderly neighbor got a couple extra gifts that had names she didn't know and I'd see if one had his name on it. I got my smile and his mother told me when I would see them again. Yes, I went and bought one of the toys he asked for, and our family Christmas was never the same. We celebrated for a week and changed our holiday name to "Kristmaka" and the best part of my second life.

What a wonderful life not knowing what the real world really was and another bubble full of great memories, until the third lifetime.


Awake in so many ways, that its mind boggling, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, but wouldn't trade it for the world. I've had many say don't you care about life, and my actions say I do, because mine only gets better on the other side. I'm not much of a threat here as I could be on the other side and thanks to this wonderful world of the seen and unseen, I've seen what that side is. Corey Goode is the closest person that I know who can relate to what I've been shown.

There are so many people, journalists, whistleblowers, veterans, who some have given their lives to bring honor to their nation and the people that are my drive to continue what I do. Names that I hope people will take the time to research to know are David Wilcock, Emery Smith who has a 200 million dollar lawsuit ongoing with technology the government wants to suppress. Will Trump change it all??? Corey Goode who talks about the secret space program and the life on the surface, underground, and off planet.

Who wanted the guns out of the hands of the people...those who have have committed crimes against humanity and murdering the children!!!

Don't be upset at who you might see you liked being arrested, but be thankful that the "TRUTH" is known, that you were a better man/woman than they were. Its time to heal...and that can only be done when the children have been rescued!!!

Put in a pray for the POTUS, who only wants his people to know the "TRUTH" and to rebuild a nation back to what people have dreamed it was...a nation of "TRUTH" "LIBERTY" & "JUSTICE" for ALL!!!

God bless the "House of Trump!!!"

His Only Crime is Following "TRUTH"

Ole Dammegard, one of the world's most prolific and dedicated truth tellers joins me to discuss the iU.S. criminal deep state and two of its controlling entities - the Clinton and Bush families - who are being exposed for their corruption and TREASON at a pace never before seen.

The world is waking up, and there seems to be a vibrational shift occurring which is causing truth to be recognized and dispersed like never before, leaving these cockroaches scurrying for darkness. Donald Trump has a following of men and women of "HONOR" and its growing and going global! To late to try to stop what has been "Creator" blessed, but need your prayers to continue the flow of peace, love, and unity on a planet of many people from many places.

Who wanted to "KILL" the people and laughed in your face???

They are going on trial soon!!!

History has been telling the people all along what the fake media covered up to bring the people the world of illuminai Hollywood. Who needs the fake when the drama, suspense, non-fiction, real life stories that have passes and ongoing are above the top. The people are waking up...are you??? Dead soldiers filled with drugs??? American opioid problem triples after Bush war in Afghanistan...time to return the money stolen back to the people and the Veterans. History...thank "God" hasn't all been destroyed and "GLOBAL TRUTH" is rolling out with the help of ever man and woman of "HONOR" who is giving their service to their fellow man and country!!!


In 2016, Donald Trump validated on the "FAKE" news, now what??? How many Americans will finally wake up and realize they've been duped and those that did it wanted their guns, so they wouldn't get killed. How many veterans learning the "TRUTH" about why they lost their guns is going to react???

Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States was right, before he eve won!!!

Everyone who thought Hillary Clinton was going to win have committed the greatest sin...will you forgive them???

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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12-08-2018, 10:36 PM
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Paradise Lost # 20 ~ @ 50,000 Murdered !!!...A Matter of Genocide; Copy and Share!!!
How much don't you know??? How much dosen't the POTUS know??? What those in the third dimension are getting, but can't see or understand the message. People have died, it wasn't a forest fire, military has locked down the city and no one allowed in! Where did all the people go??? How did mailbox not burn when a car twenty feet away did???

A president who isn't out behind every mass shooting or fire just for the appearances, but to see first hand what is going on, since he has learned nearing the end of his second year, he needs to look closer to those he hires to work around him and come withing his families space. To many lies and betrayal by those who Trump thought he could "TRUST" has him look even deeper and playing the virtual chess in a way that only a Grandmaster could understand if the pieces on the board were alive, like the ones the POTUS plays with.

Our world is changing and its time to heal. The only way that can happen is if the people support their president and support those who aren't human, that have lived with humans for a long time. It's time for "TRUTH" and for those who murdered the people of Paradise, California who were both human and non-human. Who will stand trial for the murder of a race most of the world didn't know, who wanted to speak out???

We are not alone, and what happened in California was an attack on good by evil, and the POTUS saw first hand the "TRUTH" and didn't wait for a report. Know he will know "ALL" of the "TRUTH" along with the rest of the world. There are those who have ruled with hatred and wars for enslavement, and those who only wish for peace and unity. The race that was living in "Paradise" Ca. wanted the American people to know who they were, and go punished.


California WILDFIRE: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching TRUTH, Exclusive Interview & Reason Donald Trump will make history and get his "Cosmic Clearance" early...

For those who want a first hand look at what happened, better than any reporter can show you, is a man who lived in Paradise that escaped. Lost a friend to the fire, because his wife wanted to put on her makeup, but we know now that wouldn't matter. There was no where to run and they weren't supposed to get out??? They were living "Beings" in Paradise, and if ever there needs to be a full investigation and outcry from the people, its now!!! Who ordered the hit on Paradise???
WARNING: Video not suitable for young viewers or the light headed.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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