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BIX WEIR: TIMELINE of What's to come...
08-11-2011, 09:05 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2011 09:10 PM by ScientificBeing.)
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BIX WEIR: TIMELINE of What's to come...
Bix Weir's Latest article. I'm not going to post the whole thing as Bix Weir has not released the full article to the public, only subscribers, but here's a part of it:

Something very interesting happens when you make predictions about the future because people really WANT to believe predictions will come true. Humans seem to have a burning desire to KNOW the future ahead of time never realizing that the journey, experience, discoveries and lessons may be more valuable than the final conclusions.

Predictors also hold themselves out out on a limb like few others. The predictor's intrinsic value in the eyes of the reader is based forever on if those predictions come true. I knew I was taking a risk by publishing my TIME LINE article so I tried to qualify it as much as possible. Nobody knows the future and things can change on a dime.

But none of this should discount how you use this Time Line to prepare both mentally and operationally for the future. In my judgment, this is one possible outcome based on my research and understanding of what is going on around us. More than likely, many of these events will happen but my exact time frame on WHEN they will happen will be wrong.

Truthfully, authoring a "gold & silver conspiracy" website does not exactly hold me to account on the accuracy of my predictions or timing of them. Not surprisingly, I have managed to deflect any serious analysis of my work because of the conspiratorial nature of its thesis...that there is another conspiracy hidden behind the "mainstream gold conspiracy" and this other conspiracy will save us from the grips of the "Bad Guys" who control our daily lives.

The reason I decided to release this Time Line is that it is the #1 QUESTION I get and I actually do have my own take on what is about to transpire.

I ask you NOT to believe me but rather use your own cognitive abilities to create your own potential future.

You do make a difference.
What I am about to lay out is in no way meant to be a "set in stone" prediction based on verifiable facts and insider information. This Time Line comes from my intuition and understanding of what is happening in the world according to the Road to Roota Theories. I have pulled information from sources both mainstream and unconventional to come up with these predictions. Only time will tell if I am 100% correct, 50% correct or 0% correct.

There are no guarantees but here she goes...

START - Summer 2011: The US is in a predicament. The current Administration has totally rigged most markets with artificial computer buy/sell programs while telling the Sheeple that we are in a recovery. We sat at the end of July with the DOW elevated to a frothy 12,000 without an ounce of true economic analysis supporting it and a gigantic list of problems yet to be dealt with. Bankrupt city, state and federal governments are all coming to a head. Two+ full on active wars being fought in far off lands. The largest National Debt in our history by FAR. Future unfunded entitlement programs. High official and unofficial unemployment. The list goes on and on. WE ARE TEETERING ON THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS!

FINISH - Sometime in 2012: WE HAVE COME OUT OF THE ABYSS INTO A GLORIOUS NEW REALITY! After the total destruction of our economic systems and the end of fiat money the United States has emerged once again as a totally sovereign nation not beholden to anyone...ESPECIALLY not the banking cabal that has ruled the world for the past 100 years! All city, state and local governments are fully funded with NO DEBT. All wars have ended and all troops are being brought home. The National Debt is $0 and will NEVER GET HIGHER THAN $0. All entitlement programs are FULLY FUNDED. There is 100% employment for those US citizens who WANT TO WORK (those who don't want to work won't need to for a while either:-).

Of course our challenges are not over as the physical world as we know it is changing rapidly. Our world is changing. Our new trials and tribulations in the near future may come more from mother nature than our markets but at least we can confront our challenges head on without the shackles of being debt slaves. Ultimately we will survive to thrive again...such is the destiny of humanity.

Those are my predictions for our future BUT unfortunately we can't blink our eyes and make the "Bad Guys" disappear!
First we must LEARN OUR LESSONS and here's how I believe it may go down....

Summer 2011 - We should start to see the break down of the economic system starting as early as August. The Obama market riggers who decided to implement the sustained market manipulation scam ( have been instructed by the Good Guys to "release" their official controls. The Behavioral Finance Gang in Washington is now gone and their official rigging involvement is now in the hands of the Primary Dealer Banksters and the "Working Group on Financial Markets" and they have to try to skirt around the new regulations. Not an easy thing to do but they will try. Dow, Gold and Silver will start to trade erratically as the Good Guys and Bad Guys unleash dueling computer rigging programs.

Late Summer 2011 - The Banking Cabal will be straining to continue their market rigging antics but the "Good Guys" will not let them escape this time. By Late Summer the Good Guys will be attacking from all angles including an increase in lawsuits and investigations. Wikileaks will provide the match to light the many spark points under the Bankster bonfire. Watch for Bank of America revelations to come out of Wikileaks.

Other "problems" with real estate values will effect the value of all Mortgage Backed Securities... thus starting the Great Credit Freeze all over again. The rampant mortgage fraud that took place over the years will finally come to light and the people of the United States and around the world will be DEMANDING arrests as well as retribution from the banking masters. This time with no outlets for the Banksters.
Gold and silver will begin to break free from their computer controlled trading ranges and by late summer silver will be almost uncontrollable.

Early Fall 2011 - By the fall the public will seriously start to question the blatant LIES coming out of Washington.

There are 5 Phases Total.

I recommend visiting if anyone wants to subscribe and read his full articles.
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08-11-2011, 09:28 PM
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RE: BIX WEIR: TIMELINE of What's to come...
"by late summer silver will be almost uncontrollable."

i hope this is true. one more month and a few weeks until we find out.
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08-11-2011, 11:48 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2011 11:49 PM by ScientificBeing.)
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RE: BIX WEIR: TIMELINE of What's to come...
(08-11-2011 09:28 PM)phernando Wrote:  "by late summer silver will be almost uncontrollable."

i hope this is true. one more month and a few weeks until we find out.

Bix is on point as far as I can see. Where there are "good guys" waiting to take down the "bad guys" or not... the systems of evil always end up destroying themselves in the end, and then, if the people have wised up, the good guys take over anyway.
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