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Bitcoin vs. Dash
04-03-2017, 04:50 AM
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Bitcoin vs. Dash
Note: If you're solely into precious metals, more power to you. I wouldn't suggest reading any further, as this isn't really here to change your mind on whether to invest in cryptocurrency or not.

I recently saw Jsnip4's "DASH Coin Crashes & Bitcoin Smashes $1100" video and found I should at least come up with some arguments on both sides of this debate. I appreciate both of them, and will try to be as unbiased as I can on this subject.

Reasons for Dash over Bitcoin

1. Decentralized Governance System: This is one of the most important things about what separates this crypto from Bitcoin, and one of the hypes that may have pushed it up in price so high. For those who don't know, I will go into it briefly. If you own 1000 Dash, you can lock it into a "masternode" which grants you permission to vote on upcoming proposals such as lifting the block size when it comes time. This is the one thing that Bitcoin is struggling to do, as many know with Segwit vs Bitcoin Unlimited debate. It is holding up Bitcoin, and will continue to be a problem in the future even when these solutions are implemented. If they don't figure out something, transaction fees will continue to rise which gives a huge leg up on not just Dash, but alt coins in general.

2. Treasury: Dash has separated its payouts into 3 categories: 45% goes to the miners, 45% goes to the masternodes, and 10% goes to the Treasury. This is where Dash can fund its projects that are voted on by the masternodes. This surely is a great way to go to constantly continue growth in Dash. An argument against this for Bitcoin is that people will be happy to invest money to continue the growth in Bitcoin so at the same time starting a new Bitcoin business and watching their it rise in price. A good idea may fall short on funds though, so having a treasury + people innovating on their own gives Dash the advantage.

3. Instant Send Feature: This helps stop double spending, and works as a credit card in real life where the confirmations can happen in seconds.

4. Private Send: In the wallet itself, there is a coin mixer that can mix your transactions up making you even more anonymous. This helps for people not wanting to mix their coins on a sketchy site. To me, it's not a deal breaker and I've heard that there is a wallet coming out that will have a Bitcoin mixer implemented into it as well.

5. Dash Evolution: This will probably pump the coin up to another all time high when it comes out. Dash is making it easier to use by having a PayPal look while being completely decentralized. This will make it look a lot friendlier to new users getting into cryptocurrency. Can Bitcoin do this one day? I'm sure it can, so Dash may have the lead but Bitcoin might steal its thunder.

Reasons for Bitcoin over Dash

1. Very Well Known: Even people who have no interest in cryptocurrency know the name "Bitcoin". It's become the Google of cryptocurrency. It's talked about in the news constantly, and can easily be found on google. If you look up Dash (not Dashcoin as Jsnip referred it to in the video because it's not called that) in the news, you will get a lot of "dash cam" videos or used as "took a dash to the finish line!". There is no denying that Bitcoin's name is far superior at the moment to every other crypto out there because of being first.

2. More Secure: It's been out in the trenches way longer than any other cryptocurrency has and no one has been able to succesfully attack it. It can't get any better than that. Dash still has sometime to grow more resilient and trustworthy just like Bitcoin has.

3. Founder is Anonymous: Probably didn't see this one coming, but this is a huge advantage. The creator of Bitcoin could've stuck around and helped out, but he would've probably have gotten arrested for competing against government fiat. If Dash ever gets incredibly popular, who knows what the government will do to the founder as he still plays a huge role in it and might create a huge crash.

4. Unbeatable Market Cap: Bitcoin has held strongly as #1 against a huge amount of competition. Even Ethereum will not be able to beat it, as there can be an unlimited supply of Ether which will inevitably decrease its value over time. Dash has a long way to go to touch Bitcoin's dominance.

(Last one is personal, but you may feel the same way)
5. The Logo: I find Bitcoin's logo much more appealing than Dash, but arguably this can change. I feel like it's a much more welcoming logo, and that may play a psychological role into buying it. Some may feel different though, making it look too childish of a currency to use. Either way, the Bitcoin logo is way more well known than Dash's logo.

Hopefully this helps crypto investors, and if there is anything major that I missed or wasn't clear on please let me know as I wrote this really late at night. lol

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