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Beam from the Sky takes Out Power Plant in Michigan Town
05-09-2016, 01:35 PM (This post was last modified: 05-09-2016 10:53 PM by Thinker.)
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Beam from the Sky takes Out Power Plant in Michigan Town
Power Plant explosion in Escanaba, Michigan accompanied by strange beam of light!

Lately strange things happen in the skies. We see a lot of strange unnatural fireballs, strange objects falling from the skies, flashing spheres and laser beams in space recorded by the ISS Live stream HD cam.

And now, Escanaba residents awoke Monday to find themselves without power after a mysterious explosion at a power plant in Escanaba, Michigan that has left much of the area in the dark.

According to Allnewspipeline, the explosion was accompanied by a strange light that one reader said "shot straight down from the heavens." While the local media attempted to explain away the light as an oncoming train, most readers weren't buying it.

Tesla Laser Weapon System (LaWS) (HD)

The U.S. Navy's Laser Weapon System, or LaWS, uses heat energy from lasers to disable or destroy targets fast, slow, stationary and moving targets. The system has successfully incinerated drones and other targets in tests shots, and is now operational aboard an amphibious transport dock, the USS Ponce.

The scalable weapon is designed to destroy threats for about 59-cents per shot, an amount that is exponentially lower that the hundreds of thousands or millions needed to fire an interceptor missile such as the Standard Missile-2, Klunder explained.

Military Army BBC Documentary 2015 | Inside Directed Energy Weapon | Weapon Documentaries - The Defense Department defines directed energy as a “weapon or system that uses directed energy to incapacitate, damage or destroy enemy equipment, facilities and/or personnel.” They require power levels of around 50 kilowatts or higher.

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