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Assad: Israel is Al-Qaeda's Air Force in Syria
01-28-2015, 01:21 PM
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Assad: Israel is Al-Qaeda's Air Force in Syria
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad interview with American Foreign Affairs magazine and publishing excerpts of its that will be presented in full on Monday have similar focus on Zionist main stream media. The all leading Israeli media on theirs headline put Assad viewpoint on collaboration between Israeli air force with Syria terrorists. Elad Benari on “Israel National News” wrote “Assad: Al-Qaeda Has an Air Force - the Israeli Air Force” and added “Syrian President accuses the IDF of conspiring with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.”
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday accused the Israel of conspiring with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Washington’s Terror Inc. has its marks all over Libya - (SOTT) “Human rights” or “democracy” have nothing to do with current wars of conquest except that these words are used as cover to hide institutionalized mass murder and theft. In fact, human rights and democracy are usually the first casualties of any invasion. The “West”, however, understands the value of these words to sell wars which invariably destroy “non-compliant” secular governments in favour of divisive fundamentalist regimes.

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