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ANOTHER British police pedophile cover up scandal in the UK...210 children victims.
05-02-2015, 09:53 PM (This post was last modified: 05-02-2015 09:55 PM by Thinker.)
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ANOTHER British police pedophile cover up scandal in the UK...210 children victims.
Child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the West Midlands had "significant similarities" with patterns of abuse in Rotherham, a report said. West Midlands Police's report said 210 young people had been identified as victims or at risk of CSE between January and June 2014. It was put together last year, but has just been released following a freedom of information request.

Last month, a separate report said the figures could actually be much higher. Led by Stephen Rimmer, a former Home Office director general, and commissioned by seven local authorities in Birmingham and the Black Country, as well as the police, it found up to 500 children could be at risk.

West Midlands Police's report said 210 young people had been identified as victims or at risk of CSE between January and June 2014.

Police protect the predators not the children - Police file on murdered four-year-old Joyce Cox 'must remain secret until 2040' - he cousin of a four-year-old girl murdered in the month that World War Two began has accused the Metropolitan Police of “a cover-up”, after a decision was made to close a crucial file on the case until 2040.

Joyce Cox was sexually assaulted and murdered in Cardiff when she was days short of her fifth birthday. She disappeared when her older brother Dennis, seven, lost track of her as they walked home from school for lunch. Joyce’s killer was never caught, although there were at least two suspects.

Ever since, members of her family have agonised about what happened. Recently, her cousin Terry Phillips, 71, not born at the time she was abducted and killed, has been using the Freedom of Information Act to find out what he can about the case.
Met holds file on Joyce's murder

Flashback 2013 - DEAR MR CAMERON, Take the Lead and Return Our Stolen Children Stolen Children of the UK (S.C.O.T.UK) protest, Downing Street 19-26 July 2013 - On behalf of the organisers of this week-long protest, David Jenkins (Cardiff) and Sam Edwards (Fraserburgh Scotland) we have prepared this dossier by way of urging you as first minister to take the lead in tackling a truly scandalous situation affecting far too many children and families in this country.

This very week you have been on air speaking about an issue of deep concern to you “not just as a politician but as a parent”, namely the issue of online child pornography which is poisoning young minds. In the same parental vein therefore, please attend to another equally pressing issue threatening children and family life in this country, namely the highly damaging and mostly totally unnecessary practice of local authorities seizing children from their parents and taking them into care. Imagine if it happened to you, Sam and your children!

Have the children already been sacrificed? Revealed: The Witches and Satanists practising their religion in the Midlands The West Midlands is home to 178 self-proclaimed Satanists, new census data has revealed. Another 95 people in the region, which includes Birmingham and the Black Country, say the religion they practice is witchcraft. And 11 people describe themselves as Thelemites – followers of the religion dreamed up by Midland magician Aleister Crowley, once dubbed the ‘wickedest man in the world’ who infamously practised ‘sex magick’ rituals.

The figures come from last year’s census and were published by the Office for National Statistics. They show that 3.3 million people across the West Midlands region – 60 per cent of the population – describe themselves as Christian. The second most popular religion is Islam, and 376,152 people (6.7 per cent of the population) say that they are Muslims. When it comes to Birmingham, however, that figure shoots up to 22 per cent. More than one in five people in the city are Muslims.

The official figures also reveal that 1.2 million people (22 per cent of the population) profess to have no religion at all. Most surprising, however, the statistics reveal the number of people who now subscribe to controversial beliefs.

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