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American Heroes Show on Nuclear War
02-15-2016, 02:01 AM
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American Heroes Show on Nuclear War
Hi everyone,

I’ve got an update on the show description, and we are still looking for people to be on the show.

Please read and check if you’re interested, or if anyone you know might be interested.

Our one hour doc on death by nuclear war might give you nightmares.

In case you're wondering, most people think things are just as bad today as they were back in the cold war, or worse.

And it looks like we might have a former secretary of defense on the show to confirm this; he's been telling us things are much worse than most people know.

Not only are most people unaware of how bad things really are, they also don’t know the first thing about what to do in the case of an event.

This is why we’ve got some civil defense guys showing us some things that can be done by anyone, but there’s one person we really need:

Someone who is building or has built a bunker recently and is willing to come on tv and tell us why, tell us the entire nightmare scenario we might be in for. You will be well-supported with terrifying visuals, and an equally terrifying scenario painted by former government officials and scientists who are able to speak to the realities behind the scenes of the situation regarding atomic weapons.

This is a chance to speak your peace in the name of the cause, to tell us why we’re in for it, what we can do, and how bad it might be, during and after.

All beliefs welcome.

If you have any questions, give me a call or shoot me an email.

Feel free to send this notice out to anyone who might fit the above description and who's willing to step forward and speak forthrightly on the matter of the potential disaster which may lie just ahead.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Bauer
CMJ Productions II
Researcher • Recherchiste
Tel: 514-489-5499
Fax: 514-907-6154
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