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6 airmen that either loaded or transported nuk missiles within a week were found dead
04-22-2015, 10:17 PM
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6 airmen that either loaded or transported nuk missiles within a week were found dead
Conspiracy to cover up false flag event? An Air Force bomber left North Dakota with six fully loaded nuclear cruise missiles but by the time the ground crew in Louisiana accounted for the nuclear weapons, that number of missiles was only five. Somewhere along the way south, apparently another stop was made and one of those missiles was dropped off and is now supposedly unaccounted for.

Implications of this added reality suggest another 9/11 possibility (only bigger) on another unsuspecting American city. The fact that the government’s always hyping up the possibility of another major terrorist attack only makes the lost nuke missile all the more plausible to be used against us at a later date. As is typical when the government gets caught red-handed, lower ranking individuals were immediately reprimanded, 70 personnel in all, 5 were officers including the Minot base commander.

Many of the key personnel involved suddenly and mysteriously began dying in “accidents or suicides” both prior and after the 29-30 August 2007 incident. Citizens for Legitimate Government claimed that six of the airmen that either loaded or transported the missiles within a week after the incident were found dead mostly from vehicle road accidents. It seems more likely that the USA crime cabal went on a serious killing spree designed to silence anyone who may have known about the covert operation, sending a clear message to others still alive to keep their mouth shut or wind up dead themselves.

Having served in three presidential administrations in both defense and military, as a career Washington insider, John Parsons Wheeler III became a Council on Foreign Relations member in October 2009. Also during his later years in public service, from 2005-2008 Wheeler worked as a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne who happened to be his West Point classmate along with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Mosely.

In June 2008 Wynne and Mosely became fall guys when they were both fired by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for the nuclear cruise missile scandal that took place the year before at Minot AFB in North Dakota and Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Because Wheeler was a close confidante of so many powerbrokers in both the Pentagon and the federal government, he was very likely aware of the alleged insane neocon plan to secretly launch an unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran.

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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