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"3" POTUS Without Congressional/Citizen Approval Commit TREASON For Secret Group!!!
02-09-2019, 06:29 PM (This post was last modified: 02-09-2019 06:31 PM by Thinker.)
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Secret Order Goes Underground & Emerges as Network Reading Societies/Think Tanks!!!
The order is the sanctuary of the Knights Templar, housing them inside their City State within Vatican City. One of the gifts to the American way of life from them was the Klu Klux Klan. The motto of the Order since 1099 is Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum - to defend the faith and to serve the poor. The Orders military function became one of the most advanced fighting and naval forces in the world. Their battles defending the island of Rhodes and later the island of Malta are legendary.

The Order constructed great fortresses at vulnerable points in the Kingdom of Jerusalem and launched its own military campaigns in the defense of Christendom. The Order became the first Western standing army and the first organization of chivalry, known as the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. It expanded its network of hospices for service to and defense of pilgrims along important routes of travel.

In 1291 the great fortress city Acre fell to Muslim forces, and after some 200 years in the Holy Land the Order was forced to leave.

Without lands, but universally recognized as sovereign, the Order was in exile until 1530, when it was given Malta by the Holy Roman Emperor. Valletta, the new capital, became a treasure house of art with its splendid baroque buildings: churches like the magnificent Conventual Church of St. John the Baptist, completed in 1577, and official buildings like the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Inns of the Knights. In 1761 the Public Library was opened in Valletta, in 1768 the University, and in 1786 the School of Mathematics and Nautical Sciences — all the work of the Order.

In 1798 Napoleon, ignoring the Order's internationally guaranteed neutrality vis-à-vis the Christian powers, had his fleet attack Malta on 12 June 1798. The Knights capitulated and their island-state fell to the French. Napoleon seized the treasures of the Order and forced its members to abandon the island.

Having lost most of its property during the Napoleonic conquest, in 1834 the Order established its headquarters in Rome, where it has remained ever since, and the present phase in the colorful history of the Order began.

The Knights of Malta all have diplomatic immunity. They can ship goods across borders without paying duty or undergoing customs checks.

The first U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican was William Wilson, a Knight of Malta.

Frank Shakespeare replaced William Wilson. Frank Shakespeare was a Knight of Malta,

William Casey was the Director of the CIA, a member of the CFR, a Knight of Malta. He was head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During the Nixon administration he was head of the Export-Import Bank. In the 1930's General Smedley Butler was recruited to help take over the White House. He was told that he was needed because of his general popularity with the military.

General Butler blew the whistle and named several prominent Americans as part of the plot. At the top of the list was

Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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02-10-2019, 01:51 PM (This post was last modified: 02-10-2019 02:12 PM by Thinker.)
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"3" POTUS Without Congressional/Citizen Approval Commit TREASON For Secret Group!!!
That "TREASON" changed the world and cultures that once were, to millions of displaced people, millions of missing children, and a world full of loveless people! The first sell out POTUS is in the lecture below, that also reveals those who have continued to sell out the citizens they say they love. That love? It love to hate, because when the citizens start looking into the history, actions, and accomplishments for the people they've done, MANY WON'T BE VOTED BACK IN!!!


For many, having a position in politics is just because of family name, not honor, accomplishment, or even caring. Many assume jobs/roles in government because its expected of them. When it comes to the history of the U.K and the U.S. if the people really knew the truth, they wouldn't be watching television, but the actions of those at the helm.

Funny how there seem to be more eyes and attention on a sitting POTUS, than ever in the history of the United States. To bad investigations for all politicians aren't running as deep as the are for Donald J. Trump and family. If they did, then those investigating wouldn't even be there!!!

Starting At The Bottom and Going Up!!!

3. Barrack "Whatshisname" Obama

Americans today are starting to wake-up to the fact that the news they watch on the big reversible flat screens is either "FAKE" or nothing about what is really happening in the world. If they had been told the "TRUTH," then they would have never allowed a man, who could never even prove he was American, bomb a NATION FULL OF INNOCENT, PEACEFUL, LAW ABIDING NATION!!!


Obama's first satanic drop of bombs on Libya, was the "Man-made-river" that was discovered while drilling for oil. An aquifer that would last with enough water for over two hundred years. Gaddafi, wasn't liked by many outside of his country, but the people LOVED him. His history will show that he was placed there, like many leaders in nations where the people are poor and suppressed. Gaddafi flipped, and chose to support the people and his country, instead of a slave to the system. He wanted the continent his nation sat on to become what it should have been long ago.


The plan first on Gaddafi's list was to "FEED" all of Africa with by moving the water from the manmade river all over Libya. For fifteen years the massive ducts were joined together moving water and greening the desert.

Gaddafi wanted his people to have everything and started making changes, similar to Donald J. Trump. A nation that wasn't very bright when he came into power, became a nation of people who went all over the world for education. It was paid for by the government, and that didn't make the rest of the gang happy. What other government paid to educate its people? Another proclamation Gaddafi made was that every citizen of Libya would be housed, before he housed his own parents, and we know how the streets of other wealthy leaders looked!!!


Everyone has the ability to change from good to evil, or the other way that makes a difference for "ALL." That's what Gaddafi chose to do and it angered those who didn't want to look bad for not stepping up to the plate for their citizens/slaves!!! Libya was the only nation where multiple tribes lived in relative peace, the people paid under fifty cents for a gallon of gas.

Before the U.S. bombs for satan dropped, millions of people from towns all around Libya, flocked to the streets to plead to the American people to stop the atrocity. To no avail, their voices weren't heard, because the mainstream "FAKE" news was spewing lies that made Americans think that Gaddafi was bad.

What history is showing the American people, and the world, is that Gaddafi was right in his last speech at the United Nations for No One! No one in the world saw any atrocities by Gaddafi to his people, not like they see on the people of Palestine, and yet their nation was DESTROYED!!!


Look at Libya today!!!

Ambassador Stevens???




By Obama aiding Al Qaeda in Libya, is he committing treason
British high treason over Libya? | Yahoo Answers
Benghazi BOMBSHELL Breaks About Obama & Hillary, This Means ...
Obama's Treasonous Shadow Exposed |
6 times Obama committed "treason" against the U.S. - The Horn ...
OBAMA TREASON | Traitors and Treason to the constitution
Obama's Treason: Even Worse Than We Thought | Frontpage Mag
Should Barack Hussein Obama be tried, convicted and hanged ...
War Powers Act Doesn't Apply for Libya, Obama Says - The New ...

Obama wasn't even American, so every law, bill, and executive order is null and void. All Trump needs is the passport, which would be a good eye-opener for Americans who need to see things to believe them.

Coming Up In 2nd Position:

George Bush

History is everything and its all been recorded. When your a politician or in a position of authority, its even scrutinized more. The Jr. was just an extension of the senior and really followed what daddy said to do. H.W. Bush didn't get his revenge on Saddam, until Jr. brothers, and the secret society that no one wants to talk about brought down the twin towers.




How meaningless is life outside the secret societies/infiltrators/imposters who sit in positions of power to assault, abuse, and enslave??? How much ice is on the heart of George Bush that causes many to shiver at the thought??? What was your reaction when you heard about the planes crashing into the towers??? Were you calm???

The POTUS is sitting in a classroom full of second graders and is told what happened, and he continues to sit without reaction???

What are the words the children with the pure hearts saying for the satanic ritual to happen???


Name of the book the kids are reading: "The PET GOAT!!!

Satan was in the White House, but "NOT" anymore, so who would be upset about it???

WATCH THE RITUAL THAT CHILDREN OF COLOR HELPED TO MAKE HAPPEN!!! Two governments, two sets of rules, not the same God's!!! A wake-up call to the people of the "GREATEST" nation in the world. Your 45th POTUS is kicking the agents of satan out, and if anyone has a problem with that, they can talk to the one who put him there!!!

The children are not going to be used for evil again!!! Who wants full term abortions??? Same group that made bank when the towers fell and the wars began!!!

Why does the 45th POTUS want to "DECLASSIFY IT ALL??" To show the American people just how much has been kept from them, and those who have been murdered to do so. Is there anyone who remembers WACO and the children sacrificed??? How about the Oklahoma City bombing. Great test to see if the mainstream media could pull off another murder for satan and cover-up. It worked, and Americans bought the stories of a little truck blowing up a whole building.




The first POTUS, that sold his soul to satan to begin the enslavement of world citizens, and the history around his words and actions are important. With mainstream media owned and operated by those who have not problem covering up murders, suppressing the truth, or defaming a sitting POTUS, WHAT WILL THE NEXT LIE BE ABOUT DONALD J. TRUMP???

How Did It All Begin???

To many organizations, to many hands in the cookie jar, no one counting the money!!! A great nation that was almost destroyed by a group/secret society, until our "Creator" stepped in. The first time an only son gave his life for the people, and now the world get Donald J. Trump. Not perfect, but knows now what the mission is and has been given what many will call a miracle, but its to open the eyes of the people.

So many have forgotten "Jesus," and how he wanted to save the world.

Many use the "WORD" to cash in on a rich and famous lifestyle, and those who use it for good. Now is the time to look to see which are the "TRUE LIVING HOUSES" of our "CREATOR" and which are there to serve satan. The awakening is coming and the closer it gets, the more one group is screaming to get Donald J. Trump out of office!

Who Fears The Secrets The POTUS Wants To Tell???

What they've done will send them straight to HELL!!!


Thinker, proud member of Realist News since Nov 2013.
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