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So What Is The Pope's Real Motive?
08-09-2013, 10:44 PM
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So What Is The Pope's Real Motive?
What about the Pope; why did he put all his gov Federal, State, Local and corporate employee’s at risk by creating the Apostolic Letter, ‘Motu Proprio’ effective Sept 1st, 2013.that removes legal immunity and liability from all governments, corporations, attorneys, police, judges and so on and those working for these corporations … A change of heart or a new FRONT….

……to bring in the NWO Basil III banks, and/or keeping people from looking further into the Vatican because its pretending to do what’s right; and at the same time keep their employee’s more faithful by removing their protection; while keeping people deceived in order to continue their murder, theft and slavery of the people with the same systems just a bit more ruthless after they get their world dictator in place?

Something smells here …If there was any honesty in the intent behind the Apostolic letter, WHY NOT restore law back to the highest law, to the people ‘harm no one‘ and go on all stations and explain how their corrupt systems beginning with the Vatican have kept mankind ignorant and enslaved, stealing everything from the people? ….. WHY NOT order all their employee’s to step down as they have been foreclosed on ….instead of ignoring this fact …that restores all the assets of all corporations back to the people including all the land and resources.

I’m sure all of us here have a seen a number of these doc’s they created to hide their corruption behind:
This report says: government, owner Archbishop Deric R. McCloud of Basilica Shrine, Michigan and 4th NE Street, Washington,DC”. And other info under the manta site links: as well as other searches on trademark/patents for the names U.S, United States and ect…

Inside the vaults of the Vatican Bank… The Institute of murder, slavery and theft…. Under whose orders, certainly not the Pope who… All of a sudden wants to appear how?

Apostolic Letter, ‘Motu Proprio’ in case anyone missed it…

All$enslaves, proud member of Realist News since Sep 2011.
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