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NASA: January 12, 2014 Double Whammy Coming - Solar Particles Going Two Directions!
12-05-2013, 02:43 PM (This post was last modified: 12-05-2013 06:32 PM by People4People.)
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Exclamation NASA: January 12, 2014 Double Whammy Coming - Solar Particles Going Two Directions!
December 5, 2013

In August of 2013, NASA put out a video explaining comet ISON meteor shower that will hit Earth in 2014.

The timing will bring about martial law, and Obamacare and government shutdown on the 14th will move in another chaos and a feeling of being in the Middle East.

When daughters and wives get raped by soldiers, houses burned, and death all around, only then will the American people understand what their military has done all over the world!

The ISON Debris Trail and FEMA Region 3 CLUE

This video takes a second look at ISON, specifically when Earth passes through the debris field of ISON, later in January of 2014. After some observation and trial and error, found the geographic areas of the USA that will be aligned with the debris path from ISON which will be following behind it.

Would encourage anyone who is concerned with their area of the world and who wants to know what it looks like for where you are, suggest you use the link to the ISON viewer and take some time with looking at different areas of the world as it relates to ISON dates and or its debris field.

Feeing this is important information to share, for the more we know, the better we can be prepared for what could happen. Only showing you the findings, you can decide on your own what it means to you.

This video only shows you what I have found and how I found it. I do not attempt to explain it, other than to offer brief discussion on the matter.

It is important that we begin learning from what direction and in what regions of the world and the USA will be most effected by such ISON debris, because specific areas of the USA are aligned with the ISON path.

Governments know are know for more lies than truth, and when people really want to tell the truth like the Snowden, or Manning, or any other man/woman of the world they are persecuted much in the same manner as Christ.

One such man living this life and wanted as much as Edward Snoden, is the man FEMA hired to film 9/11. He knows the truth, and the truth could destroy all that is evil on planet Earth. He now is calling on the US government to stop the endless targeting of his family and life...for telling the truth!

9/11 was and inside job, and just like comet ISON world leaders are not going to tell the truth...because most have forgotten its meaning.

FEMA Videographer wants you to know what you should know about the lies Americans are being told and the bio-weapons in their back yard:

For New Yorkers...this footage may be sensitive and has never been seen, possibly opening old wounds, and closed minds.

People are being sacrificed everyday, and Americans aren't excluded!

No peace...

Friendship/Love/Respect for all living things...
People4People, proud member of Realist News since May 2011.
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