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4/16/ 2012 President’s Obama Quietly Sneaks In Yet Another Executive Order
04-17-2012, 02:14 PM (This post was last modified: 04-17-2012 05:20 PM by People4People.)
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Exclamation 4/16/ 2012 President’s Obama Quietly Sneaks In Yet Another Executive Order
April 16, 2012

President Obama's Latest Presidential Executive Order.

While Americans focused their attention on the Colombian controversy involving U.S. Secret Service agents, prostitutes and excessive drinking, President Obama quietly signed his latest Presidential Executive Order.

President’s Decree Gives Federal Government The Ability To Shut Down Gas Production. The Obama administration is taking new steps to increase federal oversight of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a drilling method that has helped usher in a natural-gas boom but brought with it environmental concerns.

The Environmental Protection Agency is slated to unveil final oil-and-gas air pollution regulations next week that would cut smog-forming and toxic emissions from wells developed with fracking. Separately, the Interior Department will soon float rules for fracking on public lands.

While the President’s Executive Order aims to curtail the unsafe and environmentally dangerous practices of the fracking industry, it further expands government control over our lives through more centralization of power and bureaucracy.

Conclusion: He Who Makes The Rules Wins!!! Fracking Companies Will Now Start Putting Money Into Campaign Funds, To Ensure The Destruction Of The U.S. Water Supply Continues.

Control, Power, & Destruction Of Freedom!!!

People4People, proud member of Realist News since May 2011.
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